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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-2)

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part 1


Scene starts with sanky discussing about swara with raglak….

Sanky: guys I think we have to make a plan for finding the secret behind all this

Laksh: ya sanky u r right I think there is something very serious behind all this.. like shekhar uncle and his fmily suddenly disappearec and now u saw swara

Ragini: guys I think we have to hire private detective for this

Sanky: I’m having a frnd who is running a detective agency I think he can help us…

Sanky: ragini is swara is your childhood frnd??

After listening this both raglak passes a smile to each other

Sanky gave them a confuse look and said why u both are smiling

Ragini: actually sanky we knows swara only from last 4 yrs.. but in these 4 yrs she became soo close to both of uss that we both thought her as our family

Sanky: wooww soo please tell mee naa how u met swara??

Laksh: I’ll tell u… by saying this laksh starts tellying sanky about their relation with swara how they met her…

4 yrs before:

Ragini and laksh completed their studies in india laksh is in second last yr of mba and ragini is in 1st yr of mba… while swara is their junior but she was a very bright student soo that’s why she complete her mba at the age of 21 when she met raglak she is in last yr of bba…

One day swara is going through a corridor at that time raglak and swara don’t know eachother… soo swara is going to corridor when she saw laksh is standing behind the pillar and seeing somewhere.. because swara is a very naughty girl she goes and stand behind him and saw in the direction where he was seeing…

Laksh is seeing ragini laughing with her frnds..

U luv her na?? a voice from behind came on which laksh startled and turn behind and saw that swara is standing their with a naughty smile

Lucky: aaa…mmm……

Swara: what aaa…mmmmm.. haann??

Lucky: gave her a sheepish smile and nodes his head in yes

Swara: she is very pretty why don’t u go and ask her??

Lucky: nooo what if she denied??

Swara: but if u don’t ask her then how u came to know about that whether she luvs u or not??

Lucky: u r saying right but im afraid he said with a puppy face

Swara: I have an idea what if a ask her indirectly??

Laksh: ya its great but why r u helping me??

Swara: becauseeeeeeee I’ve heard that dou pyaar krnay walo k millanay say humay apna pyar krna wala bhi jaldi mil jata she said all with a wink

Laksh: hahahahahha then I just pray that u also got your lover soon

Swara: yes yesss but I’ve a condition

Laksh: what condition??

Swara: u have to give me 2 biggggggggggggg dairy milk silk

Laksh: hahahahhaha okay I’ll give u not 2 infact 3 bigggggggggggggggggg silk okay??

Swara jumps in happiness and said thanku thankuuu

Swara: know I’ll goo to her but first u tell me your name??

Laksh: im laksh gupta u can also call me lucky

Swara: and im swara u can call me shonaa by saying this both shake hand with each other and swara runs towards raginiii but came back and said lucky u don’t tell me her name??

Laksh: oo sorry her name is raginii

Swara: ragini nice name okay see u soon byee by saying this she runs like a bullet train

Laksh laughs on seeing her antics

Swara: raginii ragini raginiiiii

Ragini turns and saw a cute girl is calling her like a an impatient person.. she smiles on seeing her behavior and said im ragini what u want??

Swara: ummm I want to talk to u can u plz come with me?? But before ragini answer swara grabs her hand and took her to side

Ragini: areey areeeyy wait wait

Swara: no noo noo wait plzz come naaa

Ragini on seeing her cuteness didn’t felt any anger

Ragini: okay okay calm down

Swara: okiiii

Ragini: now tell me what u want??

Swara: do u love laksh???

Laksh who is also listening swarag talk beat her head on seeing swara’s impatient behavior and talk to himself… this girl naa will become my death

Ragini: who shocked after listen swara’s sudden question didn’t reply

Swara who is eagerly waiting for her answer jerks her and said tell mee na do u love laksh

Ragini came in her senses and said why u asking this?? She asked her by hiding her smile because she is laughing inside on seeing swara’s behavior

Swara: because he luvs u naaa

Laksh eyes popped up on listening this he cursed swara under his breath

Raginii starts laughing and said by pulling swara cheeks u r soo cutee the way u r asking me the question is looking like u r a judge of some court where seedhi baat no bakwasss

Swara: plzz naa tell mee naaa

Ragini said with a shy smile yes I also luv him

Swara jumps in happiness and hugs her tightly and said lucky u can come outtt

Raglak both become shocked after listening thiss

Laksh came out and said shona what is this yar?? Is this a way to ask someone?? And how do u know that im hiding here

Swara: heheheheheh because I saw u chasing meee

Ragini: lucky u idiot don’t u tell me before that u luv me??

Laksh sorry raguu butt today shona helped me out

Ragini: but from where shona came??

Swara: I tell u hi im swara u can also call me shonaaa I saw lucky hiding behind the pillar and seeing u then I asked him about his luv u accepted then I came to u for asking u also accepted soo I combine the 2 luv birds simpleeeee

Raglak seeing her with wide open eyes because she told all this in one breath

Ragini: swara I mean shona plz yar take a breath u told all this in one breath

Swara: hehehehehehehe its my childhood problem but ragini u also have to give me 2 bigggggggg silk okay??

Laksh: oyeeee what u doo with soo many silk??

Swara: simpleeeee I’ll eat themmm heheheheheh

Raglak laugh on seeing her antics and trio hug each otherrr

Like this trio become frnds swara is younger to both that’s why both pamper her alott.. but swara is not only childish she is very mature in many matterss…. She is the one who talked with both the families because both raglak are feeling shy… she is the one who done all the preparation of their wedding…

Past ends

Sanky is laughing on listening all thiss…

Sanky: what a girl yr she is?? By listening all this nobody believes that she is a business women

Ragini smiles and said yes even we didn’t believed but when we saw her during office meetings we both didn’t slept for 2 nights in shock

Sanky: hahahahahaha

Laksh: sanky when u r going to contact with your detective frnd???

Sanky: I’ll talk to him by tonight

Raglak nodes and like this trio goes to their respective rooms

Sanky on bed laying and thinking about swara’s antics and a smile appeared on his face but suddenly he remembers her outside the mall he becomes sad

Sanky: I don’t know what is happening to mee I didn’t met u before but whenever I imagine your state infront of the mall I felt sudden pain in my heart I just hope that we will find u soon

Sanky calls his detective frnd

Sanky: hello karan

Karan: hii sanky hw r u dude??

Sanky: im fine yar actually I need your help

Karan: ya tell mee

Sanky: told him about everything

Karan: dude I’ll help uu sure but u have to wait for 2 days because im little bzy but till than u try to talk with office empolyees

Sanky: yaa its nice idea I’m going tomorrow for a meeting their I’ll try to talk with some employees

Karan: great and I’ll try to end my work soon and I’ll join u in few dayss but u need any help do let me know I’ll guide u

Sanky: kay thanks dude and be here soon

Karan: suree

Both bids byee

Sanky: swara we will rescue soon and your family also

By saying thiss he lay down and slept

To be continued…

Precap: sanky asking the employees…planning of rescue mission and swara’s pov
guyss give me ideas for swara’s rescue mission ?

guys please tell how’s the episode ?

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