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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-1)

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Sanskar is sitting in his office after a while his assistant amar came..

Amar: sir u have to go Mumbai for a meeting with SG interprizes

Sankar: if im not wrong it’s the company of shekhar gadodia na?? which is running by his daughter swara gadodia??

Amar: u r right sir but from last 10 months it is running by suraj and sahil gadodia brother and nephew of shekhar gadodia

Sankar: but why?? I’ve heard that swara gadodia is a very talented and a young business women she solves all the problem related to business very effectively

Amar: u r saying right sir but from last 10 months we only heard that shekar’s with his wife and daughter goes to abroad by giving their business to his brother

Sanskar: strangee anyways fix my meeting and do let me know about the time of my flight

Amar: okay sir

Sanskar after listening about shekhar’s family feel strange and somewhere pain in his heart but he didn’t realize it and starts doing his pending work

Next day sanskar landed in Mumbai from dehli… when he steps out from airport he feel sudden pain in his heart like someone is in pain but he ignore it…

Ooooo look who camee the youngest business tycoon mr sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrr meheswarii a voice came from right side of sanskarr he turns to right and saw a young man around his age is looking at him with a death glare..

Sanskar: luckyyy my frnddd how r u?? by saying this he goes to him and hugs him
(yes the boy is laksh gupta another business man of Mumbai and best frnd of sanskar and also married)

Lucky: abbay hattt by saying this he jerks sanskar and give him a punch on his stomach

Sanskar: ooouccchhh luck what is this yar?? U r giving this type of treatment to your guest??

Lucky: im giving u only one punch once u get into the home then look what iss waiting for uu

Sanskar: aaaayyyy bhagwaan bachaaa layyyy

Lucky: shut up and let’s goo

Sanky nodes and both goes towards the car… while going they stop on the traffic signal… sanskar iss viewing outside suddenly he saw a girl going inside the nearby mall limping with a lady… lady is modern but she is having a very proudy and attitude look while the girl is looking like her maid but sanskar feels that something is fishy because he can easily guess that the girl is actually not a maid because she is having such a cute innocent and beautiful face even in messy and dirty cloths she is looking like a snow white sanskar is far from them but he guess that the girl is having tears but before he can thought any further the signal opens…

Finally they reached laksh house both got down and get in the house but sanskar become shocked for a moment but came in senses after hearing the giggling sound of laksh and a lady…

Sankar shouts in fake anger raguuuuuuuuuuu (yes the lady is ragini laksh gupta wife of laksh and also a business women and handling business with laksh)

Ragini: what ragu han??? This is your punishment for coming after 6 months and that for only business meeting not for us…. But u should be thankful to mee that I didn’t mix clr in the water… yess sanskar become shocked because raguu put full bucket of water on sanky…

Sanskar: maaf kr day mairi maaa u r my frnd naa plzzzzz he said with a puppy face

Ragini melts on seeing his face and said okay but this is the last time otherwise next time there will be a cow dung..

Sanskarr nooooooo promise I will come next time early okay?? Now plzz do let me change my dress

Ragini and laksh said okay dear go and get change we will wait for u

Sanky nodes and goes towards the guest room..

Laksh and sanskar are best frnds from childhood but lucky family shifts to abroad but after completing studies both raglak came to india for their business…. Ragini and sanskar shares a good bond due to laksha infact sanskar is a rakhi brother of sanskar

After 20 mins sanskar came down trio starts talking with eachother but sanky notice that ragini is somewhere lost

Sanky: ragu what happened why are u silent??

Ragu: nothing sanky I was just thinking about my frnd shona

Sanskar: shona?? Who is she?? And what happened to her??

Ragu: I don’t know sanky from last 10 months I didn’t talked to her infact lucky also tried to talk to her at home but she and his family were nowhere to be found…

Sanskar: this is strange raguu u know there is also one businessman here in Mumbai who also gone to abroad from last 10 months my assistant told me

Lucky: if im not wrong u r talking about shekhar gadodia and his family

Sanskar: im right but how do u that im talking about him?? Oohh sorry how foolish im obviously u know about them after all u both lives in the same city

Ragu: sanky shekhar’s uncle daughter swara is only my frnd shona her nick name is shonaa

Sanskar: what?? Then how u don’t know about her??

Ragu: from last 10 months we both are trying to contact with her or uncle aunty but failed only we saw her uncle and couzn sahil in office and home both

Sanskar:: may bee they don’t want to talk with anyone

Lucky: its impossible sanky because shona is that type of girl who didn’t remain silent for a second if she will not talk to ragu once a day being a youngest business women she is too childish and pure hearted that nobody believes that she is a business women but when it comes to business she becomes a lioness she didn’t tolerate one single mistake or fraud.. u know sanky she even cares for her employees like her family… one day there is a meeting going on in her company the meeting is off investors … but one of the investor tries to defame her company by putting robbery blame on one of her employee.. she cuts all the relation with that investor and also slaps him several time by trying to degrade her employee and shows all the investor the video in which the respective investor is putting some money in the employee table

Sanky: woo amazing person she is I hope that I will get a chance to meet her

Ragu: I just hope we can met her soon

Sanskarr is eating pasta suddenly he starts coughing he takes the water but while taking water he saw a picture behind ragini

In this picture ragini is standing with another girl both were laying on the grass like the girls head is on ragini’s stomach and both are laughing

Sanskar: ragu who is in that pic with you? He points toward the picture

Ragu turns and saw the picture and said sanky she is shona

Sanskar nodes but suddenly something strike in his mind he got up and goes toward the pic he looks at swara like he is remembering something suddenly he shouts omgggggg

Raglak starled on hearing his shouts and both goes toward him and said sanky what happened why r u shouting??

Sanskar:: lucky I have seen shona I mean swara today itself

Ragu: what?? Sanky where u saw her?? Please tell mee I want to meet her please tell mee

Sanky calm down raguu and he told them the seen infront of the mall where he saw a lady and a girl (yes the girl is swara)

Sanky: but why she is in the maid’s getup??

Raglak who become shocked on hearing this said we don’t know about this sanky

Ragini: but u told that she is limping??

Sanky: yess and it is clearly seen that she is having difficulty in walking

Ragini: but sanksar swara is having no problem infact she is an athlete in her clg

Sanky: what? That’s mean that something fishy suddenly he remember the lady and he said ragu do u have any picture of her mother??

Ragu: yes but why??

Sanky: I want to confirm that the lady is her mother or not

Ragu nodes and brings the photo of sumi

Sanky saw and said noo that lady is not swara’s mother

Trio starts thinking that what will be the reason behind swara’s condition

The screen freezes on trio worried face…..

precap: raglak telling sanky about swara and may be swara’s entry

but im not sure but i will make swara’s proper entry in 3rd part till then keep reading and supporting

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