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swasan : gangster and a simple girl (shot-3) (last part)

thankuu soo much guys for liking this storyy and here is the last part of this stoy i hope u will like it too please doo comment ?

shot 2




A boy of 8 yrs is playing in a garden with other children that garden is off innocent soul orphanage…

It is the evening time… boy’s ball goes outside the garden he goes to pick up the ball suddenly he heard the voice of a crying he goes towards the source and found a small baby is crying in the coat which is outside the orphanage… the boy tries to pick the baby but failed he put hand on the baby’s forehead on feeling boy’s touch the baby stop’s crying.. boy hurriedly goes inside the orphanage and tells about the baby to the caretaker of orphanage ganga maa..

Ganga maa on hearing boy immediately goes out and saw the baby who is again crying… the boy again put his hand on her forehead and the baby stops crying… ganga maa smile on seeing the boys contection with the baby and said..sanskar u can come with the baby it seems that baby likes u… ( yes the 8 yrs old boy is sanskar)

Sanskar said: its my baby I will take care of him..

Ganga ma got to know that the baby is girl that’s why she said sanskar: the baby is girl not a boy

Sanskar: okay okay but she is mine okay???

Ganga maa nodes with a smile and said okay now come the baby is Hungry we will give her milk

Sanskar: why milk why not food??

Ganga maa: because sanskar baby is small naa that’s why

Sanskar: okay

Ganga maa (GM): took the baby inside and said in mind I don’t know why anybody leaves this innocent soul outside the orphanage…

Like dis days passes and sanskar took good care of the baby with the help of gm…

Ganga maa name the baby as swara…. But sanskar always calls her kitty because he always said that she is just like a cute kitty… and he didn’t allowed anybody to calls her kitty…

Like sanskar swara is also starts calling him kittu… they both calls each other kitty and kittu… that’s why they forget each other original name because in orphanage all people calls them shona and sanky….

Like this 8 yrs have been passed now swara is of 8 yrs and sanky is off 16 yrs…sanky is a very serious boy but only for his kitty he is a naughty boy… sanky didn’t like people who fought with each other but for his kitty he can go to any extent… he is very possessive for his kitty…

Kitty is also very close to her kittu… she didn’t sleep if her kittu didn’t met her and said good night to her..

One day sanky came back from school he saw ganga maa is very much tensed he goes to her and said ganga maa why r u tensed what happened??

Sanky is 16 yrs old that why he can easily understand … soo ganga maa told him that some builder is forcing her to vacant the orphanage…

Sanky: don’t worry ganga maa nothing will happened

Gm.: nodes with a smile

Sanky goes to her kitty who is playing… on seeing sanky kitty runs and hugs her

Kitty: kittu u camee u know I missed u soo much why u r late today??

Sanky: kitty there is matches going on na soo we have to practice till late..

Kitty: okay but don’t get soo much late okayyyy

Sanky: okay my kittyyy

One day kitty is sitting with ganga maa

Kitty: ganga maa what name we will use in future kitty or shona??

Ganga ma: noo shona u will use your original name swara in future for studies kitty and shona is your nick names

Kitty: okayyy then what will be kittu’s name??

Sanky from behind : sanskar

Kitty: oooo but I like only your name kittu

Sanky: smiles and said u no need to call me sanskar im always your kittu

Kitty happily nodes and hugs him

One day kitty and kittu sitting in the garden

Kitty: kittu if I will lost how can u find me??

Kittu: what non senses u r talking about kitty??

Kitty: please na kittu tell mee she said with a puppy face

Kittu: I will recognize u with your birth mark which u have on your elbow

Kitty: ooooooooooooo

Like this 2 week passed ganga maa is worried because builder is continuously threatening her she is very much worried for the children…

One day sanky has to goo for late night match practice… he also didn’t say good night to swara…

Swara is waiting for him… soo she goes out to chck where is he.. while sanky is playing in the play ground with his frnds for cricket competition….

In the mean while that builder who is threatening ganga maa put fire on the orphanage… everyone is sleeping that’s why they didn’t got up on time sooo all with ganga maa and children burnt alive… no one came to help them

Sanky came back at 1 am from practice and he saw the orphanage on fire… he become shocked and numb.. later he remember his kitty.. he shouts kittyyyyyy.. gangaaa maaaa but nobody answer’s

He starts crying miserably….

That day sanky promised himself that he will take revenge from that builder due to which he lost his kitty and ganga maa

Past ends…..


Swara: what??? U become like this for me?? Why??

Sanskar: I will tell u later first u tell mee that how u got saved that day? And if u were saved then why didn’t u came to me??

Swara: kittu that day I was waiting for u because u didn’t said good night to mee soo I go out in search of u I heard u talking to gangama for match practice soo I came out from orphanage but I don’t know that where were u practicing soo I starts crying and calling uu because I forgot the way.. I was walking on the road crying and hit by a car…

When I woke up I found my self in the house there i met shekhar paa and sumi maa they take care of mee and next day when we will came to my orphanage we found it all burnt I cried a lot because I thought u also dead… after that shekhar pa and sumi maa take care of mee they gave me their surname gadodia.. but when I was 17 they also died in a car accident soo from last 5 yrs I was living alone…

Sanskar hugs her tightly after listening this and said: soory kitty I was not able to find u that day I thought that u also left me alone..

That’s why I promised my self that I will punish that builder soo after struggling for 5 yrss.. I make a gang off my own.. and I took the revenge from that builder because he burnt many other orphanage like ours…

And now me and my gang is punishing those culprits who is doing wrong with the poor people.. people my though us as ruthless man with in reality I was taking revenge from all those people who killed innocent people just for the sake of money and greed

Swara: I know.. I know that my kittu will never doo injustice with anyone I knowww she said while crying and hugs him more tightly but she is feeling dizziness because she is still weak

Sanskar sees her state and said: kitty u just take rest we will talk later…

Swara: noo kittu please don’t leave me againnn she said in a faint voice..

Sanskar lay her down and said kitty I will be always there for u I will nevr leave u again u just please take rest.. he pats her head and swara sleep due to weakness.. sanskar tries to free himself but swara is gripping his hand tightly.. soo sanskar sat beside her…

After sometime sanskar frees himself and goes out…

Outside arjun is whistling..

Sanskar: what???

Arjun: soo finally kitttu meets her kitty he said with a wink (arjun knows the complete past of sanky)

Sanky: yess

Arjun: soooooo what next??

Sanky: what next??

Arjun: aarghhh arrey mairay budhu gangster will u tell her about your love??

Sanky: I don’t know arjun its true when I though I lost her that day I realized my love towards her… this is the reason I never saw towards any girl but I don’t know ether she feels the same for me or not.. because that time she was just 8 yrs old…

Soo what if im only 8 yrs old that time swara’s voice came from behind

Sanky and arjun turns and saw her standing with a angry face

Sanky: kitty u r still weak please goo and take rest

Swara: nooooo

Sanskar: kitty please naa

Swara: nooo and what u r saying that I was kid that time that’s why I will not love u??

Sanky saw her with a shocked face and said: it meansss

Swara: it means that I also loves u kitty I know I was small that time but with the passing time I start realizing my love towards u I always missed your care toward mee… u r the first one u took care of when when u were only 8 yrs old.. how can I forgot that love of your toward me??

Sanky with tears hugs her tightly and said I love u kittyyyy… I love u sooo muchhh

Swara: I luv u too kitttuuu

Arjun with emotional voice and I love u bothhhh

Swasan laughs on seeing him and trio share a group hug…

After 6 yrss…

Arjun is running behind a 5 yrs child…..

Arjun breathing heavily: please raj my little devil stop and drink the milkkk please naaaa

Raj: nooo chachuu I will nott u didn’t gave my choco

Arjun: abby yrr I will gave u later but please drink the milk otherwise your papa will eat me alive if he came to know and I will also complain him that u trouble me alott

Raj with a pout: too bad chachuu I will tell chichi that u r blackmailing meeee

Who is blackmailing me my champ?? A voice camee

Raj: chachiiiii and he runs towards her and hugs her from her legss

Raj: chachi look na chachu is not giving me my choco and also trying to give me milk

Arjun: arohii your champ is just a devil he make me run throughout the house I don’t know how swara bhabi controls him…

Arohi arjun’s wife and six month pregnant…

Arohi: arjun u r such a dumb head u know??? Don’t u dare to call my champ a devil and give me the glass I will make him drink arohi make raj drink the milk

In the meantime swasan came down swara is holding 1.5 yrs old girl khushi

Sanskar: arjun I will not able to tackle with raj what will u doo when your child come??

Arjun: my child will be with her bari maa he said with a wink and took khushi from swara’s lap

Swara: arjun u r such a kidd I don’t know how will arohi deal with 2 kids

Arohi: forget it dii I stop hoping from this 6 feet kidd she daid with a sad pout looking at arjun

While arjun gave her a death glare

Swasan laughs on seeing them while raj is playing with khushii

Like this the story came to an end I hope guys u will like itt please doo tell mee  <3

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