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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 3 )

Episode 3

Ragini:” anyways shona .. Are u ready for today’s singing competition in CCA period..we both have to shows them the power of swaragni ”

Swara becomes silent ……ragini shakes her

Swara:” woh …Actually ragini I’m not in mood of singing… “.

Ragini:” Y what happened shona?”?

Swara:(cross her fingers)” u know yesterday kavita di went back to her collage.. I m missing her .and if I’m not happy then how can I participate in any event. “?

Ragini :” oh it’s OK shona… But u can come to cheer us ”

Swara:”ragini woh.. I ….(just then nagesh sir comes)

Nagesh :” students I will be on leave on 31..so today I m taking Amar sir’s lecture “.

All students:” (oh shit)?

Ragini:” Oh God this Cobra (nagesh) …?is unbearable.. I can’t tolerate him for 2 lectures”.

Ragini and her group is in music room . ready for their performance..

Ragini:” Kavya where is swara . she doesn’t come yet”.

Kavya:” she is in activity room”.

Ragini: ” Y ? She should be with us ..to cheers for us “.

Kavya:” U don’t know ragu she is participating in GK Quez”

Ragini(shocks): ” what ????????”

In Activity Room …..

Swara looks towards sanskar..?

Swara(monologues )” yeah finally day come .today I choose my sanku as my partner in event and we both will win this contest as I prepared very hard for this kavita di also helped me learning GK. After winning this contest my sanku will become my friend then.. Slowly he starts falling for me ?(shona blushes).. Oh God I can’t wait for that moments”.

Announcement: ” good afternoon students. Event will start with in 15min till then U select your partner one boy and a girl . and listen those who have no partner can’t able to register..so go and select your partner.. All the best to u all”
Swara becomes happy she moves towards sanskar but suddenly another girl comes towards sanskar
Girl :” sanskar would u mind if I become your partner ”

Sanskar :” OK sure Bhawna “.
Swara becomes sad?? :” I hate this girl this Bhawna. She always came between me and my sanku.. Oh God Y U always do this to me.. U love that Bhawna more than me . me and sanku is in different sections but That Bhawna got admission in my sanku’s section.?

Boy:” hey . still finding a partner ”

Swara:” what .. What do u mean sahil”.

Sahil :” nothing. I mean u are searching for a partner. Then if u won’t mind u can choose me .. Only few seats left .. Choice is yours ”
Swara has no choice: ” OK ?”
Events starts all plays very well but our shona is feeling jealous by seeing her sanku with other girl. At the end of event.. All are waiting for results.

Announcement: ” OK students now we are declaring the result .All are tense..3rd position is secured by swara and sahil…..(all claps)…2nd position is secured by Prateek and priya…and the first position is secured by none other than sanskar and Bhawna.. All shouts woooh ..yeah.. Sanskar becomes happy and receive his price with Bhawna..

Swara is happy for sanskar… All sanskar friends are congratulating him..

Sahil:” congratulations sanky .. U again win”?

Prateek: ” it’s cheeting yarr”.

Rajat:” what ?” ..

Prateek: ” guys if two solemate will participate together then they will surely win..”

Rajat(confused):” who solemate… About whom u are talking ”

Sahil(smiles):” offo rajat ..it’s our sanky and his bhawnu … ”

Sanky(angry)?:” nonsense huh how can we solemate … ”

Rajat :” u r right they are solemates , she always becomes his partner In most of the events ..”

Sanky:” woh guys she asked me & I ‘

Prateek :” and your wishes come true.. And u both look great together.. U r topper of our class and she is second topper..that’s mean”

Sanskar:” that’s means what??”

Sahil:” that’s means after your marriage u will dominate …I m waiting that moment when two bookworms becomes one??? . Bhawna+ Sanskar = bhawsan”.

Rajat and Prateek (laughs)??:” waooooooooooooooo nice bhawsan hehehe

Sahil:”Bhabhi ji will surely like this combination of their names . I’m right sanky”.

Swara is listening all this fumes ?with anger? as well as jealousy…she tores her her wining certificate..
Sanskar:” enough guys u are crossing the limits this is tooooooooooooo much.. If anyone of U say anything I will forget that u are my friends ”

Rajat:” Ya U will forgets us only remember your Bhawna “?
All laughs???

Sanskar becomes iretated and leaves …
Our shona still standing their ..jealous and unhappy she can bear that anyone join his sanku name with any girl .Just then ragini and kavya comes there..

Ragini(hugs shona):” congratulations shona .. If U were going to participating in GK event then U can inform me . we would also came to cheer up .but when did U started liking GK.. ?

Swara:” woh ..I..I”

Sahil:” ragini that’s not fair U are only congratulating swara even I was also his partner ..”

Kavya:” congratulations sahil.. What if ragini forget I’m here na”.

Ragini:” congratulations sahil (she looks towards swara) shona let’s go to home’.
Swara nodes . they leaves ..

Swara is returning towards home.. She is talking to herself( bhawsan yuk chii .. It’s not looking nice I like SwaSan ya it’s great ?. But what is this Kishan ji, U don’t love me U show your love, blessing to that Bhawna .?..seriously I don’t like her?..I know shouldn’t say bad about anyone but U tell her to stay away from my sanku .please God ji give me a chance to talk my sanku please send your Angel?..who help me in complete my wish. Just then swara collides with a little boy and he fell down .

Swara:” aww sorry I didn’t see u”
Boy starts crying: ” U are Very bad . U try to kill me “.

Swara?:” kill… Why would I’ll kill u are so sweet na”

Boy:” because today’s is my birthday and my Grandpa will gift me ActiomKamen Robot and U want that robot .. I will tell my dad about your evil intension ‘

Swara:” no no please don’t call your parents …”

Boy:”OK.. then give a chocolate .”

Swara:” what chocolate?”

Boy:” ya only then I will forgive U for your sin (swara goes to shop to buy chocolate she buys a perk.) Hey I don’t want this cheap 5rupee chocolate . since your sin is big then U have to pay high for it I Want dairy milk silk it’s yummy na ??”.

Swara:”hawwwwwwww?? U are too clever”.she buys chocolate and give him just then
someone shouts .

Man:?” Cheeku what are U doing ? ”

Boy (cheeku) afraid:” Dad “?

Man to swara:” beta I’m sorry my son is too mischievous.. ”

Swara(smiles):” No uncle .. Your son is too cute and naughty “.

Man:” so nice of u . cheeku give chocolate to her”

Swara:” no no uncle it’s his gift ..”.

Man:” U are the daughter of shekhar gadodia .actually I’m the son of R.K.Sharma ..I’m coming from your house “.

Swara:” U are talking about the sharma uncle who is deaf ……Ooops sorry uncle ?”.

Man:” it’s OK . let’s go cheeku “.

Cheeku kisses on shona’s cheeks :” thanku di ?”.
Swara smiles and leaves for her house…

Precap: swasan first meeting..?

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