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Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Teaser 1)

Hi guys!! It’s me Dreamy. I know u guys are waiting for the next epi but I’m so busy wid my studies.

So only gng 2 post a small teaser of what’s gonna happen in the next epi.
I hope u guys will keep showering ur love on my ff.
And if u have any questions on any epi of the ff… just ask me in the comments.
Thanks a lot for ur response guys. I’m so thrilled 2 get such lovely comments on my first ff.
K now let’s start.


Scene 1 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini is pacing here n there not knowing wht 2 wear for the anniversary. Her entire wardrobe is on her bed right now. Just then Sumi enters Ragini’s room.
Sumi: Ladoo… what’s this?? Entire wardrobe is on ur bed only.
Ragini: Maa… I’m not able 2 decide which dress 2 wear for the event. Pls help me na… (wid a pout face)
Sumi: Haa… Ek minute.

Sumi looks at all the clothes for some time n puts some clothes on Ragini to check how they r looking on her.
Sumi: Ladoo…u look pretty in everything. But I think this pink dress will really suit on u. Everyone will be flat on u.
Ragini: Mom… Aap bhi na (wid little angry face). K I’ll go get ready. It’s getting late.
Sumi: hmm…
Sumi leaves the room. After some time Ragini comes out wearing a panther pink Georgette Salwar suit. She is looking breath taking in that dress.

Scene 2 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar n Laksh r getting ready for the event. They r also confused on what 2 wear. They try 2 take each other’s help n starts gng 2 each other’s rooms. But they collide in the middle of the hallway.
Sanskar: Yaar Laksh. I need ur help man.
Laksh: Me too Sanskar.
Laksh n Sanskar: Don’t know what 2 wear.
They both burst out laughing as they said the same words at the same time. They then helps each other n goes 2 get ready. Laksh comes out wearing a white shirt with an orange suit n Sanskar wears a grey shirt. They are looking dashing in those outfits. After wishing their family they both leave for the event.

Scene 3 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini is packing the Pooran Poli she made in a box. Sumi helps her in packing it as it is getting late.
Ragini: I hope Laksh Sir likes this Pooran Poli. Mom r u sure ki it is good?? (wid a worried look)
Sumi: Ha Ladoo… It’s so yummy n ur Laksh Sir will like it for sure. I promise.
Ragini: Tq mom. Acha… I’ll go now, otherwise I’ll get late n Laksh sir might scold me there also. ?
Saying this she laughs n goes from there. Sumi also laughs n thinks some thing.
Sumi: I hope Laksh n Ladoo’s friendship begins soon. I can’t see my Ladoo crying daily.

Scene 4 @ USA

Swara’s friends come to her room 2 study. They study, have lot of fun n what nots. After they r done wid studying they think 2 watch some movie.
Harshini: Swara… We will watch some movie as we r done studying.
Manasa: Haa Swara pls.
Swara: k done.
They clean up everything n sit on the couch n put some horror movie. They are watching it so seriously. They r so involved in the movie. Then they hear a loud scratching noise from the room.
Manasa: Swara… did u hear anything?? ? (scared)
Swara: Ha yaar… I heard some noise coming from the room. Let’s go check.
Harshini: R u mad?? What if there is something or someone?? No I’m so scared.
They gets scared n sits silently. After some time they hear another sound. This time it is more loud. After gathering some courage they all go to the room n see a shadow on the window. They get shocked.

So what u guys think…
Will Ragini give the Pooran Poli 2 Laksh?? Will he like it?? Will he scold her??
And who’s the person at the window of Swara’s room?? Is he the same person who followed her earlier?? What does he need from Swara?? What will happen when they come face 2 face??
Keep guessing till I post the next epi. I know ki I’ve put so much suspense. But how can there be surprise widout suspense. So just njoy the suspense as well.

So guys here is the teaser. I think it is a little big for a teaser, but I know u guys wanna know wht’s gonna happen next. So here, njoy this till I post the next epi. Thank u for liking my ff.

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