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Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 3)

Hey guys!! Dreamy is back wid the next (3rd) episode of my ff.
I hope u guys njoy this epi as well.
If u guys have any questions just ask me through comments.
Pls silent readers don’t be silent. Ur silence is discouraging me.
Well let’s start the ff.

Scene 1 @ Gadodia Mansion
Ragini is sleeping peacefully when her phone rang. She picked it up cursing the caller.
Ragini: Whose dat idiot calling me at this time? It’s only 5:30 in the morning. (She picks up the call)
Ragini: Hello… Ragini here. Who’s there?
Person: Ragu… It’s me Sandhya.
Ragini: OMG… Sandhya. I thought u forgot me after marriage yaar. It’s been 6 months talking 2 u.
Sandhya: I know yaar. I was so busy wid my in laws n my job. I’m sry for not being in touch wid u.
Ragini: Arey chill yaar… I get it. Btw how’s ur married life??
Sandhya: Great yaar. Can we meet today if u r free??
Ragini: Actually… I’ve 2 go 2 ofc cuz my boss is so Khadus yaar. He scolds me for small things.
Sandhya: Hmm… What abt this Sunday afternoon??
Ragini: Awesome. Done.
Sandhya: k u can decide the place.
Ragini: Our fav café.
Sandhya: Done. Bye will see u Sunday. Take care Ragu.
Ragini: U too Sandy. Bye.
Ragini goes 2 take bath n gets ready for ofc. She wears a red salwar n applies a little make up. She goes to the hall n starts shouting.
Ragini: Mom… Where r u?? I’m gng 2 ofc. I’m getting late.
Sumi: Beta bf??
Ragini: Nahi mom… I’ll eat in ofc. Bye take care.


Scene 2 @ CBI ofc (9:00 AM)
Ragini goes 2 the ofc on her scooty. As soon as she reaches the ofc she goes 2 Vivek.
Vivek: Hi Ragini!! U need anything??
Ragini: Nothing Vivek. Is Laksh Sir here?
Vivek: No Ragini. He is in leave today cuz he has 2 attend some imp family function.
Ragini: Oh so even Sanskar Sir is in leave??
Vivek: No actually any one of them have 2 be here na… So Sanskar sir is here.
Ragini: k… btw Vivek u know anything abt Laksh Sir?? I mean abt his personal life??
Vivek: No yaar… I know nothing abt him. U know na ki he does not involve personal life wid professional.
Ragini: Ya ya… I know that very well. Anyways tq for the info. See u later.
Vivek: Yep.
Ragini goes straight to Sanskar’s cabin after talking 2 Vivek. She knocks the door n Sanskar asks her 2 come in. Sanskar is busy reading abt a case n was typing some info in2 the computer.
Sanskar: Hey Ragini. Come on in. What’s up??
Ragini: Sanskar… I just wanna talk 2 u abt… (she was finding words 2 tell him abt Laksh but couldn’t)
Sanskar: Kya hua Ragini?? Tell na…
Just then Sanskar’s phone starts ringing. He picks it up n puts it on speaker.
Person: Sanskar. Yaar why did u send me to this boring event?? U could’ve went there na… I would have been at ofc. Yaar kaha phasa diya mujhe.
Sanskar: Laksh!! Chill bro. U gotta njoy wid ur family sometimes man. It’s not work every time.
Ragini: Mr. Khadus doesn’t know anything except work… (Whispering so dat only Sanskar cud hear her)
Laksh: Ha yaar but I feel so lonely. U know na ki I’m not so social. If I was in ofc atleast I can spend time wid the people I know.
Ragini: Haa… He would spend all his time scolding me only. U did great Sanskar by sending Mr. Khadus 2 that event. (Whispering) (Sanskar asks her 2 stop it through signs)
Sanskar: I understand bro but have a lot 2 do abt the last case yaar. So sry. I’ll make it up for u ok?? How abt a treat??
Laksh: Acha… bribing haa?? Anyways done n haa my fav Pooran Poli. (He says dat wid much excitement)
Sanskar: Thik hai. K Laksh will talk later. I have lots 2 do.
Laksh: Carry on Sanskar. Bye n take care bro.
Sanskar: U too
Ragini was so confused. She was constantly staring the phone. Sanskar looks up at Ragini who was looking at the phone wid a confused n shocked face. Sanskar was confused 2 see Ragini like dat.
Sanskar: Ragini… Kya hua?? Why r u looking like dat??
Ragini: Nahi Sanskar… Nothing. I was just thinking ki Mr. Khadus can smile n be excited apart from being angry n scolding others.
Sanskar: Ha yaar… He’s only like that outside. In home he is like a child.
Ragini: I just can’t believe this.
Sanskar n Ragini talk like that for some time. Then Ragini goes back 2 work n is happy cuz Laksh is not here today. So she can work widout any tension.

Scene 3 @ USA (11:00 PM)
A pub was shown n there r so many people dancing n drinking. There Swara is sitting alone at the bar counter n is looking at her friends who r busy dancing wid their boyfriends.
Swara: Yaar… Why the hell did they bring me here?? I don’t like these kind of places. Chi… Disgusting.
Just then Harshini sees Swara whose mood is off n tells Manasa 2 come along wid her. They both go 2 Swara.
Harshini: Kya hua Swara?? R u alright?? Why aren’t u dancing?? Yaar enjoy karo na.
Swara: Kya njoy yaar. U guys know ki I hate these places n these things then why do u bring me here? I just don’t get along wid it.
Manasa: Chill Swara… K chalo we’ll go somewhere else.
Harshini: Haa… There are water falls near here. Shall we go.
Swara: Guys it’s 11:00 PM n u r talking abt gng 2 waterfalls. We have college tmrw yaar. Let’s go 2 our rooms guys.
Manasa: But Swara… It’s our last 2 weeks in college yaar n we gotta njoy these days.
Harshini: Ha Swara she’s right. We’ll bunk college tmrw n will njoy yaar.
Swara: No guys. If u want u can njoy but I’m gng 2 my room. Gud nyt.
And Swara goes from there before they could stop her. She calls a cab n goes in it. After reaching home she goes 2 change n gets freshen up. Then she goes 2 bed n when she’s abt 2 sleep her phone beeps. She checks her phone n there is a message. She opened it n it was from Ragini.
Ragini: Shona, Did I disturb u??
Swara: No Ladoo. Tell me what’s up?
Ragini: Nahi… I just wanna know Pooran poli’s recipe yaar.
Swara: What?? U r cooking?? My Ladoo is cooking?? I can’t believe this.
Ragini: Shona… don’t tease yaar. Just trying for the first time.
Swara: But why??
Ragini: Just like that yaar.
Swara: R u hiding something??
Ragini: No yaar. Nothing like that. Just doing it as it is someone’s fav.
Swara: Fav… It’s not the fav of anyone in our house. Ooh… so u r making this for someone special haa… (teases)
Ragini: No. Nothing like that. He is not anyone special. (Then Ragini tells everything abt Laksh 2 her)
Swara: What he hates girls?? Hmm… he is different haa. Unlike other boys. K Ladoo be careful wid him.
Ragini: Haa Shona. He always scolds me. Anyways I’ll be careful. Send me the recipe naa…
Swara: Acha wait a sec…
Swara types up the recipe and all the ingredients n sends it to Ragini.
Swara: R u dng it right now?
Ragini: No, I’m in ofc right now. Actually thinking 2 do it on some occasion n give it 2 him.
Swara: Hmm… Not bad.
Ragini: Thank u Shona. Luv u.
Swara: Luv u too Ladoo. After u r done making it just send me a pic. I wanna see my Ladoo’s first hand made dish yaar. Anyways All the Best for that.
Ragini: Thanks Shona. Gud nyt.
Swara: And Gud mrng for u.
Ragini: 
There Ragini keeps smiling thinking abt Laksh’s reaction on seeing Pooran Poli wid her. Here Swara goes 2 bed n sleeps peacefully.

Scene 4 @ Event
It’s the engagement ceremony of some relatives of Maheshwari family. The environment is so playful n joyous wid all the guests and children. There a guy was standing all alone at a corner. It is Laksh. He is constantly checking his phone. He is surfing on the web 2 find something abt the politician accused in corruption case. Just then a friend of his comes there.
Naveen: Laksh… What a pleasant surprise?? I didn’t expect u here as u don’t come 2 any parties n stuff na…
Laksh: Haa… Sanskar forced me. Otherwise I would’ve been in ofc.
Naveen: He did a great job. Atleast u came here that’s enough. Shall we go 2 the newly engaged n wish them?
Laksh: Sure bro. Let’s go.
They both go 2 the couple n wish them good luck for their marriage n came back.
Laksh: Yaar… Why do people marry?? Marriage is not bringing happiness 2 life but it is bringing a huge weight on ur head… wife. I hate marriages, love n all stuff yaar.
Naveen: Acha… Will u not love or marry anyone?
Laksh: Love n me. No way. Laksh’s name is not for marriage n love.
Naveen: Let’s see bro. When u find the perfect n ideal girl who understands n loves u more than anyone u’ll start luving her for sure bro.
Laksh: Let’s see Naveen.
They keep on talking n when they are talking Laksh gets a call. He sees the caller ID n it displays Ms. Irritation. He picks up the call wid much hesitation.
Laksh: Hello… Laksh Maheshwari speaking.
Person: Hello Laksh Sir. Actually I’ve 2 discuss something abt the case.
Laksh: Ha tell.
Person: Sir, actually I was dng research abt the politician n found some articles which may be very helpful for our case.
Laksh: And what r those??
Person: Sir they r abt his good nature n abt his donations 2 various charities n organisations.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia, how do u think that they would be useful for our case.
Yes guys it is Ragini who called Laksh n Laksh saved her number as Ms. Irritation.
Ragini: Sir they r useful cuz the person who can donate so much money n who can do these many good deeds cannot use money 2 buy the votes. This can be a supporting evidence for our theory.
Laksh: Hmm… K do one thing. Send the links of the articles 2 me n I’ll check them once.
Ragini: K sir.
Laksh: K.
Ragini: Bye Sir. Njoy the engagement ceremony sir. Have a nice day.
Laksh: Hmm… (He hangs the call). Then thinks something.
Laksh: Yaar… how does she know ki I’m in an engagement ceremony? I didn’t tell anyone in ofc. So who can inform her? Sanskar ke bache, how dare u?? U know na I don’t tell anyone abt my personal life then how can u share dis wid her?? Just wait. I’ll tell u once I come back home. Then he gets a text from Ms. Irritation. He checks it n finds an article in it. He opens n reads the article n finds it 2 be very useful evidence. He thinks in his mind…
Laksh: Ms. Irritation is right. This article is indeed very useful. She has some brains after all. Not bad.
Then he comes 2 his senses n thinks…
Laksh: What r u thinking Laksh?? How can u praise a girl?? That too Ms. Irritation ko? Nahi.
When he was deep in thoughts someone called him from behind. It was Uttara. She goes 2 him n drags him 4 lunch.

Scene 5 @ CBI ofc
Ragini is working on the case. Suddenly she thinks abt the phone call between Laksh n her. She thinks…
Ragini: Mr. Khadus didn’t scold me for calling him out of ofc hours. How’s this possible?? Is he changing?? And the conversation he had wid Sanskar, he was just like a small child. She thinks abt the entire conversation n starts smiling.
Ragini: Arey Ladoo… What’s wrong wid u?? Why r u smiling thinking abt him? Crazy girl. Now go back 2 ur work.
She again starts working on the case. Someone knocks the door.
Ragini: Come on in.
Vivek: Hey Ragini… Here take it.
Ragini: What’s dis Vivek??
Vivek: Invitation Card.
Ragini: Invitation card?? Kiska?
Vivek: Our ofc anniversary yaar… @ Sunday evening.
Ragini: Oh wow… cool. Will come for sure.
Vivek: Hmm… Me too. I can’t believe that it has been 1 year since I joined.
Ragini: Oh yeah… true. It’s on the same day right?? Sunday?
Vivek: Yep
Ragini: Congrats Vivek.
Vivek: Thanks!!
They talk for some time n Vivek leaves the cabin. Ragini thinks to make Pooran Poli on the occasion of Anniversary n smiles.

So guys done wid the 3rd epi as well. I hope u guys r njoying the track. Pls tell me if u like the track. Or else I’ll try changing it. Any ideas or any scenes u guys want me 2 add just tell me in the comments. N if u have any questions just ask me in the comments. Thank u guys for reading my ff.
With lots of love, Dreamy.

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