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Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 11)

Hello my dear readers. How r u all??
I know dat u guys r so angry on me for posting so late. But kya karu… I was so busy wid my studies.
I have internal assignments n so I’m full busy. I hope u guys accept my apology. Don’t bash me… pretty pls. K now let’s start the epi.

Scene 1 @ Stanford University

As soon as Sanskar hears Lexi scream he runs 2 the book shelves. After running for few seconds he reaches the last book shelf. There he found Lexi on floor unconscious. His heart started pounding.
Sanskar: Oh God!! Is she dead?? No no… I gotta check the pulse (In mind).
Thinking this he goes near her n sits on his knees. He slowly lifts her hand and checks her pulse hoping that he is wrong. Fortunately, he is wrong. Her pulse is normal. He heaved a sigh of relief. He lifted his head up feeling light. That is when he saw another person… a girl standing opposite 2 him. She seems tensed as well. She wanna know how Lexi is. But she is scared to ask the person in front of her. She somehow gathered courage n asked him.
Girl: How is she?? Is she alright?
Sanskar: Yeah… Fine. Who r u??

Girl: I’m a student here, Swara Gadodia.
Sanskar: Do u know wht has happened wid her??
Swara: No, actually I did not see. I was near the chairs. I came running as soon as I heard someone scream.
Sanskar gets doubtful. He thinks something.
Sanskar: Wht?? She came running after she heard the scream, but that’s not possible since she is more far compared 2 where I was. Still she reached before me. There’s something suspicious.
Swara: Excuse me…

Sanskar: Ha… yes. (Comes back 2 reality) Did u see any other person when u were cmg here??
Swara: Actually no but I have seen a person before the library was locked.
Sanskar: Ms. Swara Gadodia… u r under arrest.
Those words of Sanskar blasted her emotions. The emotions she was controlling till now, the fear, the anger, the urge 2 get out of that damn place, all have piled up like a volcano ready to erupt. And his words did that. The volcano in her has erupted.
Swara: Wht?? How can u arrest me?? Why?? On wht charges?? Do u think law is ur wife dat u can use it for ur convenience and then throw it when u don’t need it. No mister. Even I’m a student of law n I know abt charges. U cannot arrest me just like dat without warrant n proof. How da… (she was cut off by Sanskar)
Sanskar: U r under arrest cuz u r suspected of being involved in an offence that is classified as a cognizable crime. And I can arrest widout warrant on my suspicion.
Swara: And wht is ur suspicion?? Wht did I do 2 make u suspect me??
Sanskar: How did u come running so fast when u r more far compared 2 me?? And why didn’t u check her if u came first??
Swara: Firstly I came here first cuz I ran as fast as I could without a second thought and secondly I couldn’t check cuz I was so shocked at the sight of her lying on floor unconscious. When I was back in my senses u came. So I didn’t dare touch her.
Sanskar: Oh… That was a nice explanation or may be an excuse but I gotta arrest u on suspicion charges.
Swara: Wht?? U r misusing the law. I will not spare u.
Sanskar: open threat haa…
Swara: Ha… And (cut off by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Shut up. Just shut up. I don’t have time for all dis.
Saying dis he calls other officers.

Sanskar: Hey officers… Any clue or progress??
Officers: Nope
Sanskar: K… can u send 2 people 2 the li… (he was cut off by another officer)
Officer: We got him.
Sanskar: Wht?? (He literally screamed)
Officer: We r putting him in the car.
Sanskar: K that’s great… take him 2 the car n keep an eye on him. And can 2 officers come 2 the library??
Officers: Sure.
After a while 2 officers come 2 the library n take Lexi 2 the hospital. Sanskar arrests Swara n takes her wid him 2 the station.

Scene 2 @ Outside CBI ofc

Ragini turns back n gets shocked. There is a dog standing opposite 2 her. She is so scared of dogs. Once when she was small a dog bit her n that’s when she decided 2 stay far from dogs. The dog is seeing Ragini only. Ragini is trying her best 2 walk away widout the dog’s notice but no its a tough nut 2 crack. She does not know wht 2 do. She bends down and takes a stone which is on the road 2 throw at the dog. She throws it n the dog goes 2 get it. Ragini heaves a sigh of relief but the dog comes running 2 her agn wid the stone in its mouth.
Ragini: Oh God!! I’m stuck. Wht’s dis? Pls someone help me… (In her mind)
Just then a person comes n whistles n the dog leaves the place. Ragini could not see his face as it is dark. He comes more into the light n that’s when she sees him n gets surprised.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… Aap??
Laksh: Haa… Actually I don’t know ki Ms. Gadodia ko kutto se dar lagta hain.
Ragini: Wo… oo main dar nahi rahi thi… I was just playing with it.
Laksh: Oh really… Okay. Excuse accepted.
Ragini: Excuse nahi hain… sacchi (wid a pout face)

Laksh: Okay… I believe u. Btw why r u still here? Is everything okay??
Ragini: Oh… I was abt 2 go but my tire got punctured.
Laksh: Wht?? Ur tire got punctured?? (He smiles slightly)
Ragini: Sir… I mean my scooty’s tire got punctured. (She also smiles softly)
Laksh: K… never mind. Come I’ll drop u off.
Ragini: No Sir… It’s okay. Will go by auto.
Laksh: No Ms. Gadodia… It’s okay. Come on let’s go.
Ragini goes 2 Laksh’s car. She keeps looking at Laksh for the joke he has cracked when they were talking a few minutes back.
Ragini: This Khadus can crack jokes haa?? Impressive.
Laksh opens the car door for her n she gets in2 the car. He also gets in n they drive off 2 their homes.

Scene 3 @ USA – Police Station

A girl n a guy gets off the police car. The girl has handcuffs n is very angry. She is trying 2 free her hands. The guy is adamant on leaving her. He wanna leave no stone unturned in this case – be that handling an angry bird like her or the ruthless criminal himself. They entered the station. He put her in the interrogation room n went 2 his cabin. He wants 2 take care of several things before he get 2 interrogate her. After completing all his imp stuff he goes 2 the interrogation room where the girl is. He sits opposite 2 her.
Guy: So Ms. Gadodia… why did u try 2 harm Ms. Lexi.
Swara: How many times shud I tell u?? I DID NOT HARM HER!! (Almost shouting)
Guy: Shouting is not allowed Ms. Gadodia. Pls be in ur limits. This is a police station not ur home.

Swara: Who gave u a police job?? U don’t even know the way 2 treat suspects. U r treating me as if I’m guilty. Mr. Maheshwari… I want 2 talk 2 my lawyer. I know abt Habeas Corpus n I’m not gonna open my mouth until my lawyer comes. Anything I may tell u now… u might change it in ur favor n put an innocent like me behind bars. I’ll not tolerate dis.
Sanskar: Oh…Stop there. That’s a long speech Ms. Gadodia. I’m gonna wait till ur lawyer comes but remember one thing even I’ll not tolerate a criminal being on loose. Mind that!!
Swara: Let’s see Mr. Maheshwari. If I’m wrong or ur so called police brain.
Swara gives an angry glare to Sanskar n Sanskar goes from there. He goes 2 another officer.
Sanskar: Officer… the girl needs a lawyer.
Officer: Sure, I’m on it.

Sanskar: Thanks!! Btw how’s Lexi?? Any progress in her health.
Officer: Nope… She is not conscious yet. Looks like it’s a strong blow.
Sanskar: Hmm… K I’m gonna get dat damn criminal down 2 interrogation.
Officer: (chuckles) U seem so pissed off wid dat girl…
Sanskar: Sure am… (leaves the place)

Scene 4 @ Gadodia Mansion

A woman is roaming here n there. She seems really tensed. She has a phone in her hand. She is trying 2 call someone. But the person is not lifting the call.
Woman: Where r u Shekar?? Pls pick up the phone damn it.
She keeps on looking at the time and calling Shekar. Just then she hears a car sound outside n goes 2 check. There is a car n a handsome young man got out of it. He went n opened the door of the passenger seat n there came a girl. She gazed at the boy after getting out of the car.
Girl: Laksh Sir… thank u!!

Laksh: No problem Ms. Gadodia. I think it’s late. I’ll make a move.
Ragini: Sir pls… U came till here so why don’t u come in. It’s the first time.
Laksh: No no… that’s just fine. Will come some other time.
Ragini: Okay… Bye Sir.
Laksh: Bye Ms. Gadodia… See u later.
Ragini: Yep.
Laksh leaves the place in his car. Ragini comes inside n sees her mom tensed.

Ragini: Mom… What’s wrong? U seem tensed.
Sumi: Ladoo… Ur papa didn’t come home till now. It’s never been dis late.
Ragini: Don’t worry mom… He’ll come. I’ll call him.

Sumi: I tried Ladoo but it’s not getting connected.
Ragini: Let me try once.
Ragini calls her papa and this time it is ringing but he is not picking it up.
Ragini: Mom… may be he’s driving. He’s not picking up.
Just when they were talking like dis someone comes from back n closes Sumi’s eyes. Ragini gets a smile seeing the person. Sumi touches the person’s hands.
Sumi: Shekar… Where were u?? U know how much tensed I was??

Shekar: I’m sry baba… Traffic jam. u know abt Mumbai na… (wid a pout face)
Sumi: Ha ha… Tum kabhi nahi sudroge. Hamesha baccho jaisi harkate karte rahoge…
Ragini: Mom… U know why? Kyunki papa bhi bacche hi hain… Isliye.
They all burst out laughing n have some sweet family moments but they all r missing Swara.

So guys done wid dis epi. I hope u guys like dis epi n mainly Swasan’s meet.
Once again sry if I didn’t satisfy u all or if u r expecting a longer part from me!!
Kya karu… busy hoon. But I’ll try my best 2 post as soon as possible.
And thank u so much for ur love n time.

I love u all… Dreamy.

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