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SwaSan FF- Blood Bound Part 3

Hey everyone so I am back with part 3 and I am so happy in the response I received on part2. Thank you everyone for commenting also you might have a few questions after reading this part but hopefully in the next few parts to come I will clear all the confusion.

Make every misadventure an adventure.”
-Alana Siegel

‘Arrgghh what am I going to do now’ Swara muttered to herself and banged her head on the table. Her first poetry class was done and the evil teacher had already given them their first assignment and that was why she was sitting here in the library in her free time.

‘I am going to kill you for this Addy’ she muttered under her breath and started searching for a good poetry again. The Library was quite huge and extensive and the walls were painted in such a fun manner that it gave you a positive vibe that you must go to the Library which did not matter to Swara as she loved books, there were so many amazing books to read here she could spend her entire life here but the problem was poetry, well that was a subject which was beyond her and she wanted to pass this class with good marks as she always had that competitive spirit and never liked to fail.

Finally after an hour of not finding anything she gave up and was on the way to keep all the books back she banged into someone and dropped all her books.

“Can’t you see where you are going? Are you blind?”

She started saying in a hurried manner without even looking at the person she collided with and bent down to pick up her fallen books.

‘Ahm Ahm’ Sanskaar cleared his throat to make her look at him and also started helping her to collect her books.

She looked up and was totally lost in those blue eyes which called out to her on some deeper level she could not even comprehend, ‘why would she such a strong connection to a stranger’ she thought confused.

Sanskaar smirked and starting collecting her books one by one, her mouth fell open she was staring at him wide eyes and open mouth.

“Miss Bose, I think you need to look where you are going! Don’t you think so?!”

She closed her mouth quickly and gulped hard. This man within a matter of a day had infuriated her so much that no-one she stressed no-one in her life had ever managed to do so but him arrgghh he made her want to pull her hair off her head but then at this speed she was going to be bald soon.

Sanskaar had finished collecting all the books for her and while handing them over to her his fingers brushed over hers to which she felt shiver pass through her, he leaned a bit closer to her she could she intensity in his eyes changing from being amused he was staring at her with some intensity she could not even fantom. She could feel his breath fanning over her. It felt like any moment he could kiss her but why would he? ‘Snap out of it Swara he is your professor’ Her mind said and with quite difficulty she came back with a sarcastic reply,

“it is not me but you who needs to see where you are going PROFESSOR” he chuckled but moved back maybe rather a bit reluctantly too.

“What are you even doing here, in the poetry section of the library anyway?!”
She asked trying to make a last say in the matter but suddenly his pretty blue turned full black and he replied back harshly, “None of your concern.”

Swara stepped back, the fear in her eyes made him sigh softly and he replied gently, “Reading poetries is one of my favourite past time, Miss Bose I hope that answers your question”
She nodded quickly and left the section as fast as she could.

“Wohhoo Rajat, Kill it.. ” Ragini shouted at the top of her voice it was so loud Swara had to wonder if any breath of air was left in her lungs after that. Swara and Ragini had come to cheer for Rajat for his tennis practice but it was cold out here that they were freezing of their butts “Chill out Rags”

“No ways Swara come on he is our friend it is a friend’s duty to cheer for your friends”

“Yes sure Rags it is our duty to cheer for Sam even if is effing cold that we might die of hypothermia if we don’t get heat soon.” Swara exclaimed faking innocence and rolled her eyes making them both chuckle and Ragini sat back in a relaxing manner.

“Lets do some fun after Rajat finishes his practice” Ragini said suddenly clapping her hands in excitement. Swara raised her brows at her statement but agreed. When Ragini was in such a mood no-one says no to her or else she could be real mean but in a friendly way.

“Let me call Kavya and then we three can go scout the area around our campus. She nodded and Ragini left quickly to call Kavya but her mind was still in the library and she way she had behaved at the close proximity to him. Why had she reacted in such a manner never in her life had she had such a reaction to a guy before. He brought out the worst in her and her rudeness just a way to hide her feelings or attraction whatever you could call it. She tried to ignore the erratic beating of her heart and also tried to focus on her upcoming scouting with Ragini and Kavya.

They met Kavya near the entrance to the jungle. Swara so excited that you could literally see her burst however she tried to contain herself as this was a nice opportunity to really scout the area so that she could report back to Addy if she saw something weird or suspicious.

They were 20 minutes into the jungle and were talking on all random things. “So Swara what brings you to this University” Kavya inquired. Swara so did not want to lie to her new friends but having no option she told the lie she had prepared for.

“Umm.. While still I badly wanted to pursue Literature but I don’t know one day suddenly I felt like majoring in Commerce and Poetry” She shrugged but she also noticed weird expressions in Kavya’s face but ignored it.

“So Ragini how many boyfriends have you had?” Kavya asked Ragini all the while smirking at her. ‘Dude this girl is so weird’ thought Swara silently but the surprising thing was Ragini’s blush which crept up her cheeks at Kavya’s question.

“One” Ragini replied blushing hard and her cheeks turned as red as Kavya’s blood red lipstick.

“Haaww Ragini you dint even tell me you have a boyfriend” Swara fake pouted and crossed her arks angrily. Seeing Ragini’s fallen face she could not control and burst out in fits of giggles, Kavya and Ragini joined her too.

Swara heard a whoosh from behind her but she could not tell her new friends about it. She needed to go and check out the place from where that sound came. So she bent and faked tying her shoe lace. Kavya and Ragini without noticing her went ahead. She ran back to the place where she had heard the sound but could see nothing. Suddenly she heard another whoosh and she quickly jerked her head in that direction but could only catch a look of thick black long hair. She started to scream but before she could she was pushed from behind and her head hit a big stone lying there on the ground.

Hearing Swara’s shout Kavya and Ragini rushed back to her and saw her half unconscious on the ground.
“Ragini quickly call Lucky, She is bleeding a lot” Kavya all but screamed. In a matter of few seconds Swara could feel two more shadows hovering over her.

“What the hell happened over here?” A voice boomed Swara knew the voice but could not place it. She tried to open her eyes. “Sshh don’t strain yourself Swara, I will take you back home” Swara could even understand what was being said but his voice soothed her. It was like her heart knew she was safe as long as she was with him. She could not bear the pain anymore and slipped into unconsciousness.

Sanskaar quickly picked her up in his arms in bridal style and all four of then rushed back to his home. His home was the safest option right now because him taking her back to her dorm would raise many eyebrows along with questions ‘No, it was safer for Swara to be at his home right now’ he thought. He quickly placed her on his bed, cleaned her wounds and bandaged them and left her to rest.

It was a little while later that Swara started to gain her consciousness. She could some screaming and shouting. So she tried to strain her ears to listen to the conversation.

“Whose crazy idea was to freaking roam in the jungle?” Sanskaar all but shouted.

“It was my idea but believe she I thought she was out of the picture or else I would have never suggested Swara we go there.” She said quietly.

“Yes, we thought us being with her would protect her but when she slipped from our guard and went back, we seriously don’t know” said Kavya.

“Both of you being there surely did not protect her” he shouted angrily. “Everything I have done till now for her safety and we could have lost her today because you both did not think” He continued.

Laksh Sensed Swara trying to listen in to their conversation so he tried to pacify Sanskaar. “She is awake Sanskaar came down” he placed his hand on his shoulder. “I think you should leave before she sees you” he said so lightly so that Swara could not hear him.

Sanskaar tried to calm himself. He could have lost her today but luckily she was safe and awake but he had to leave before she saw him or else everything he had done till now would be wasted and so nodding he left Swara in Laksh’s care because right he could not trust Ragini and Kavya to keep Swara safe from that witch.

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