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Swasan- Beauty & Beast (episode-14)

Hii guys finally I’m back sorry for not replying but from now I give ??? .Thaaankewwww sooooo much for commenting it really means a lot ?????????? loveeee u all
Ap become mad day by day her madness become more hyper now she give medicine to sanskar in every 4 hrs .so that he Dont become normal ??. She only taking revenge from sanskar because dp reject her and marry janki (sanskar ‘s mom). After janki death Dp worried for sanky then he married Ap only for sanskar sanskar only 2 years old when Dp and Ap got married .Ap tortures sanskar soo much she Dont give food on time ,slaps hard, if giving food then add spice more she do fully control on sanskar .she know he was so small that he Dont say this to anyone . She makes sanskar sleeps earlier in empty room so that she spent time with dp. She never allow sanky to come between her room in night . After this torturing segment she changed her style ,yeah when sanskar going to school @3and half yrr old she Dont allow him to study in home she always make him busy in TV but sanskar brain is sooo strong that he learn each n everything in just one read or we can he learned things just listen at once so naturally he don’t need to read @night
Ap knows if she now slap or beat him he starting hate her so she plays cheap tricks and making distances between father and son but sanky love dp and dp also.This irritate Ap then she gets idea and she says she also wants baby firstly dp shocked but she starts acting and finally dp agree . After 2 months Ap become pregnant now she act as mood swing and grabs Dp attention now dp give full time to Ap .when dp goes to sanky he either sleeps or playing with toys this tricks Dont effect sanky because he was so small to understand these tricks and by god grace he had power to understand situations .
Ap asked dramatically to sanky that he feels bad na that dp Dont give time to him sanky says no even he happy that dad spent time with his Lil bro/sis .Ap gets shocked
Time passes like this with this sanskar and Ap bonds makes strong but in Dp and Sanky distances takes places but not from heart .
When sanky was in 6 standard Ap fully creates misunderstanding between them now both ignore each other may be this plan worked but she Dont understand how sanky gets high marks after not getting study she gets another cheap idea now both(dp and Ap) doing love making without locks its cheap trick by Ap so that sanky hormones gets awake and he also wants this .
Ap makes sounds louder so that sanky listen but her sounds charged Dp .He starts hard romance this make more sounds .finally sanskar sees them doing love making but no negativity come in his mind he even smiles that
they both love each other .
Ap again pregnant so she busy in her baby and sanky in his study .But after giving birth she become mad because of Dp will power yeah Dp distribute his property to his son in this way
50% goes to sanky
50%goes to lucky and adarsh
(She ap has two sons Lucky and Adarsh)
She wants full property for her children.
But it seems difficult for her because after graduating sanskar give one presentation to BOD after that presentation he become Promoting director and only Dp stops him for making director .Ap has no power After 18 dp makes sanky director with just 10% shares
Finally Ap gets idea to kill sanskar with drug medicine .The medicine kill person slowly as it seems like natural death but sanky not die with this medicine she give this to to approx 2,years .she shocked that y he don’t die but one incident makes her happy .
Ap sits on sofa and thinking how she kill sanky but her thought dustruved by sanky behavior .sanky directly goes to bar (in their house bar is make) and starts drinking alcohol which surprised Ap . She goes near and ask what happens but he say who r u ?????

Precap – how Ap gets to know that sanky facing dual personality prob and sanky torture swara ??


*******IMPORTANT NOTE*********
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Story content some how romantic comedy hoga if anyone prob with ahem ahem don’t send req .

And guys I think u should know the reason how sanky become beast so I write this hope u forgive my mistakes ???

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