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SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 13)

Hai frnds
Recap :mystery revealed to sid
Next episode
Swara : kkk bhai but I want to share this with sanskar
Sid don’t know anything
Sid :but y sanskar
Ragini :bhai shona marriage is with sanskar
Sid : really I am so happy shona
Shona I will call you as angel only
Swara :y bhai

Sid :i don’t want you to remember ur past
Swara smiled vth teary eyes
Sid :angel did u like sanskar
Swara became quite
Ragini :bhai she loves varun jiju
Sid :rago I will agree with that but varun will be happy by seeing her like this
Swara :bhai what is happiness I don’t know till I met varun because till 10 years of varun lived in his Nani home that’s y he is different from maholtra
Sid also sad but to boost up her
Sid : Kk I agree varun only send sanskar to u to remove ur loneliness
Swara : Kk bhai call him now only
Sid :angel listen to me once


Ragini :shona
Swara :kkk say bhai
Sid : u can say truth to sanskar but tomorrow not no Kk
Swara unwillingly agreed

Sanskar is resting in sofa
Some one gave him water
He shocked by seeing the person
Sanskar :papa what are you doing
Next some one gave him coffee
Sanskar again shocked

Sanskar :chachu
Next some one got snacks for him
Sanskar :bhai what I this
Just then Laksh enterd home he don’t know about this
Laksh :arey waah what I am seeing
Sanskar :ma chachi di where are you all shouting
Laksh :bhai u did nt understand till now they want something from you so they buttering you
Sanskar :what

Adrash :lucky your intelligent yaar
Sanskar :papa chachu don’t embrass me please I feeling guilt
Dp : sanskar don’t say like that
Sanskar :kk papa say what you want
RP :sanskar u have to marry
Sanskar :what

Laksh :congrats bhai
Sanskar ??
Sanskar :papa y suddenly di should Marry first
Adrash :for that only and bride is swara by listening name he stopped Questioning
Laksh : papa don’t worry bhai will agree to marriage
AP Sujtha uttara from kitchen came to hall and said what really I am so happy all said in union
Sanskar also smiled
Adrash : arey whaa I don’t that sanskar also blush

He became quiet
Adrash : lucky how did you know that sanskar will agree
Laksh : I decided by listening name because bhai likes or loves I don’t know but bhai like her company very much I observed when we went for dinner date
All : Hooo so all stared tease him just then his phone ringed
Sanskar keep phone silent by seeing name
Uttara : I think uttara is calling

Laksh : yess
RP :oye don’t dare to tease my son sanskar go talk to her
Sanskar went to his room
Sanskar lifted her call
Sanskar : hello swara
Swara :hai sanskar
Sanskar : swara r u happy with this marriage

Swara : sanskar I want to talk to you before saying anything to family will u meet me tomorrow sanskar happily
Sanskar : kkk swara I will respect your decision
Swara : Kk bye
Sanskar :kk bye
Sanskar is happy while swara is in dilemma
Kkk bye frnds

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