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SwaSan: Am I Yours (Episode-8) (last part)

“What have we done sanskar? It should have never happened.” Swara was talking to him but he didn’t hear the word. He was laying there next to her.

She was staring at him and running his fingers gently on his face. Forehead, thick eyebrows, cute lashes, even cuter nose and those full lips. She wanted to remember everything. He was sleeping and snoring a little. She smiled.

“Goodbye sanskar. Have awonderful life. Take good care of yourself. I love you”.

She kissed his forehead and got up. She put onher clothes, grabbed the bags and left the house.

Three hours later Sanskar was walking around Ragini’s house looking for Swara. But deep down he knew she was not there. And he knew he may never see her again. What happened between them was the most beautiful thing. It will stay with him forever.

He finally realized that she was right. It was just not the right time for them. If they only had met few years earlier……..

Four years later Shankar was still living in Mumbai in his beloved house. Priya was still his wife. They had better and worse times but generally things were ok. Kids weregrowing up so quickly and he was so proud of them. Work, his family, friends. Everything as it should be.

A happy fulfilled man. But still he was waking up in the middle of the night whispering her name.

” Swara. My sweet Swara. I miss you so much Swara.”

Occasionally he visited Ragini’s and Laksh. Loved spending time in aplace where she used to live. And even she couldn’t keep the word she gave to her sister.

She was updating him on what was going on in her life. She was still single and working with kids. He hated the feelings inside. He was happy that she didn’t find anyone. It was wrong but he couldn’t do anything about his thinking.But Ragini kept one secret to herself.

“Ragini? Hello sis. How are you doing? Hon, I think it’s time. I think I could visit Mumbai again. I miss you so much. And the kids. Can we come?

“ Swara what kind of question is this? Of course you can. Anytime. I can’t wait to see you.”

Two weeks later Swara arrived in Mumbai. She loved the city and was so happy to be back. Even if only for a month. She felt at home.

Sanskar didn’t know Swara was coming. Ragini didn’t mention it to him. Somehow she hoped they would never meet.She was wrong.

He stopped the car in front of ragini’s house. He was about to knock on the door when he heard some noise coming from the garden. He followed the voices.

“sanskar will youstop annoying Max!! Leave this poor dog alone!!!”

He couldn’t believe his ears. It was Swara. And who was sanskar.

She didn’t know he was here. He didn’t know she was in Mumbai. What is going on here?He went into the house and looked at the garden through the porch window.

There she was. His Swara. Running after a little boy. Two maybe three years old. It was not ragini’s son.

“sanskar stop now. Have some mercy for your mom”

They boy turned around and lookedat the window straight at Sanskar.

“ I am sorry sanskar. I couldn’t tell you. She begged me not to tell you” he heard Raginis voicebehind his back.

“ Is this my…..my…..”

“Yes it’s your son. She gave him yourname. He is her whole world. I don’t know what you want to do now but he is everything she has got. Please remember”

Sanskar left the house. He was so confused. Didn’t know what to think. He had a son. How could she do that to him? She should have told him. Andthen what? What would he do? Tell his wife? Leave his wife? Leave Swara?

He came back to the house. Swara was in the kitchen talking to Ragiji. Hecould hear her crying.

“Swara?” He entered the kitchen

She looked at him and it was like 4 years ago. He felt the love even harder than before. He just took her in his arms and whispered in her ear.

“Swara, my Swara….Swars”

Her son was still in the garden playing with his toys. They both went there.

“ sanskar come here hon” she called him

Little boy ran towards them. Almost fell but sanskar managed to catch him.

“Hello handsome” he said and smiled.

Jr. grabbed his nose and squeezed hard“Ouch….now that’s a lovely welcome”

They started laughing. He kept his son in his arms. He looked like him, he even laughed like him.

“ Swara why didn’t you tell me about him?”

“ I couldn’t. He is apiece of you in mylife. He is my life. I can’t have you both but I have him. I live for him”

“Swara….” He didn’t know what to say anymore.

With the kid still in his arm she came to her and held her too. They stood there for what seemed like eternity. What a wonderful family they could have been.

Swara stayed in Mumbai longer than she expected. Sanskar bought a little apartament close to his house. She moved there with Jr. but she didn’t feel comfortable. She was a secret. Her son was a secret.

Sanskar once mentioned that he would move with them but she forbade him. So he visited as often as he could and paid all the bills.

Together they celebrated Jr’s third birthday. He was there for them as often as he could. She appreciated every single minute. Maybe her life will look like that till very end. They willbe together but not really together. She was tired of running and she decided to let things be.

Short after Jr’s fourth birthday Swara discovered a lump in her left br*ast.

Two weeks later she learnt that it was malignant. Hospitals, doctors, surgeries,chemos. Two years of solid fight. She wanted to live for her son. She was still young and had a future. She had Sanskar. The most devoted father in this world. And her secret lover.

“Maybe it’s a punishment for what I have done. You can’t build your own happiness when you stole it from others”.She had been fighting with it for over two years.

Short before Christmas she was so weak that she couldn’t walk. She spend most of the time in bed in her apartment.

sanskar gave up his work and was spending most of the time with her. He still hasn’t told priya about his second life.She was getting weaker and weaker. They knew the end was close.

On Christmas Day sanskar, Sara and Laksh were with her by her bed. Shortly before they came she was holding Jr. in her arms and telling him how much he loved him and that she will always be his mom. He cried and they had to take him to his grandma.

Later she was holding Sanskar’s hand and whispering

“ My boys…..I love you more than my life. My boys…you take good care of each other. I love you so much. Don’t you ever forget about it Mr. Kapoor.”He smiled and kissed her forhead.

Swara died three days after Christmas.

After her funeral sanskar told his wife everything. She was mad and so disappointed. But with time she forgave him. And with time she was treating Jr. as her own son.

Sanskar came back to work. The only cure that would heal his broken heart. Life’s so fragile. He has people to live for and take care of. He will live for his little son. He will live for Priya and their two children. He will live for his friends.



.So, that would be it girls. I wanted to thank you so much for reading it and your opinions. I know that I took it a little(Little???) over the top but that’s what i felt I should do.

I know u all don’t want the sad ending. I also don’t like the sad ending BUT it was required for the story.

Hope u will understand thats what I have decided plz do tell me if you don’t like it. Olz I wont fell bad give your response. I’m requesting all the readers to give their feedback I’m requesting silent readers too don’t be silent plz speak up its a last part.

And now the important news I’m going to write a new story in fb from today at 11pm.

“You Are Destiny” at “SwaSan-World of Fan fiction”

So kindly request those who have fb account plz do read my ff and support me.don’t forget at night 11 pm.

I got to know most of you want next update of Don’t and His Roma I’ll update it on this Sunday. Cz Saturday my exams will be end.

Love you a all thanx for reading and loving my story. Love you all.

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