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Swasan – Accidently yours (intro)

Hi friends

I am a new to this and this is my first attempt. I am just presenting you the plot. If you like it will continue the story. And if you have any suggestions or questions plz let me know.
This story revolves around the family of Maheswari who is a very important person in the society and how he spends time and protects his family from various issues.
In a very rich family, there were 3 brothers and a daughter. The head of the family is Mr. Durga Prasad who is a very big shot in the society and has his own principles and rules. Annapurna who is a homemaker made sure her happiness lies within her family and family members.

Adarsh who is the elder son of the family takes care of his family business and a very obedient son to his father and values family principles. His wife Parinneta who is also an entrepreneur helps her husband in his business and a very talented person in singing and stitching.
Laksh second son for the family is doctor by profession and own his own hospital but takes care of his family business too. His wife ragini is also a doctor but feels that after marriage a girl responsibility is to take care of her husband and her children. Most of her friends are against her as she has a very old thought in the modern day society and calls her traditional. But she is very firm in her decision and does not bother about others. She is very self -confident person with a very modern thought.

The youngest son of the family is Sanskar. A typical younger son with love and mischief. A very care free person and does not worry about others and their thoughts. He has finished his M.B.A and helping his brother and father in their business.
Uttara is the only daughter. She has a lot of restriction and not allowed to talk or go out with her friends due to threat in her family. They also feel that if she falls in love her family’s reputation will be lost as they have a very bad past experience. To describe her life in short is like a bird in the golden cage.

Swara who is an orphan,a very soft spoken person. She is the only friend of Utaara. They also allow swara to be her friend because swara saved their lives from major accident and DP adopted her and she studies in the same college with Uttara and lives in the hostel managed by Maheswari. He thinks that swara is also like a member of her family.

Swara has very less friends and she is not exposed much to outside World. Her interests are playing piano and gardening. Her room is the most beautiful place for her and loves her loneliness. She has always longing for love and affection. But she also realizes that money is the most important for being to some friends. Swara and Uttra are very close friends and both hang out together and have most of the similarities.

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