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Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 8)

Hi guys thank you for your suggestion and support. Thnk you to my silent readers. I hopoe you enjoy this episode.
Dadi enters like a lioness and seek blessing from. Swara gets her blessing , Dadi sees her mangalsutra.
Dadi : Swara you are married, how come no one informed me abt it and looks at DP, AP. Sanskar enters, seeks her blessing and both hug.
Sanskar: Dadi Swara is my wife we got married along with Uttara and Sahil. Everythig happened suddenly that’s why maa papa could not inform you.

Dadi was taken aback by Sanskar’s word. She did not show any reaction and calls AP& DP to room as she want to discuss with them. Swara is standing in full tension while holding her dresss tightly. While sanskar as usual cool and composed. AP asks Swara to make the dining table ready for dinner and she leaves. Sanskar goes to his room.
Sanskar goes to his room, surprised by the new look of his room. He has never seen his room so beautifully organized. He hears the sound of wind chimes and goes near to it and touches it with a smile in his face. Swara enters. He could sense the tension in her.
Sanskar: Wooooow SwaraI never knew my room can be this beautiful, by the way good job an and smiles. How did you do this.
Swara: Nothing special, when I was in hostel, the only place I spent my most of time was in room. Whenever I feel bored I used clan the room, organize, and decorate it with different things and try to do some crazy stuff, after all it was like a family me and gives a sad smile.
Sanskar: Lisening to her sad tone, composes himself madam but here you are not alone, I m also there. Swara gives a gaze at him, I mean mom, dad , Raglak, I and now Dadi also joined smirks.
Swara: OOO dadi, Sanskar I m really worried and tensed about dadi, how will she react on hearing this, will she accept me with a sad face.
Sanskar: I know dadi likes you, don’t’ worry mom and dad will convince her . Go and get everything ready for dinner, will be back in 10 minutes after changing my dress.


DP: Tells her the flashback. Mom I know all this will shocking to you, but when the situation was like that what do u expect me to do. Dadi does not say anything and goes to Sanskar’s room. She likes the organized room of Sanskar . She sees a pillow and blanket on the couch, the other pillow and blanket on the bed.
AP sees this from behind. Maa they need time, for now they are like good friends.
Dadi: Stop kidding, they are married now no more friend in angry voice. AP but they both does not love each other. Dadi tells her to stop and do whatever she says. AP just nods. Dadi tells her plan( naughty dadi) mmmm. AP gets a broad smile and hugs her.
Dadi pushes her back , what are u dng and makes faces. Sorry maa and smiles,lets go to dinner.

All are in the dinning table waiting for sanskar. Dadi asks Swara to call Sanskar, when she is about to leave he comes down and joins them. Dadi says Swara that you are daughter in law of this house , whatever reasons may be , Sanskar married you. Be ready for ur daughter in law duties. Swara happily nods.
Swara’s sits next to sanskar and start to have her food. Swara I heard from AP that you did not do any ritual so we ll start from tmr. Sanskar you take off tmr.
Sanskar: But dadi, tmr I have meeting and I cant take off just like that.
Dadi: just do what I say and he nods mumbling. Did you say anything he gives a fake smile, noooo dadi no. Swara tmr first you will do your rasoi rasam, you have prepare any dish. Hearing this swara coughs and spills her food.
Sanskar sitting beside her starts laughing. Dadi asks Sanskar to give water. Swara drinks water but still coughs. When Swara was about to tell something, AP stops her and tells that ‘s a good idea mom , tmr is also auspicious day. Swara could nt say anything and finishes her food. All leave to their respective room.
Sanskar: What happened swara , why are you so tensed in a mocking tone.
Swara: I dnt know to cook anything, I never been to kitchen. Kaka brings food for me in hostel. They never allowed me in kitchen fearing papa. What will I do now.
Sanskar: Do you want anyhelp I can hep you in a teasing tone.
Swara: gets angry noooooo thank you. I can manage and she opens her laptop and search for recepies. Sanskar falls asleep. Sanskar wakes up and sees swara sitting in the follor and laptop on the couch. He sess the time and its 2A.M . He call her but she did not respond. He goes near to her and sleep her sleeping in the laptop and smiles, this girl is really pagal.
He closes her laptop, lifts her and makes her sleep in the couch and covers her with the blanket.

Next day morning, swara wakes up and gets ready hurrley. Sanskar wakes up and wishes her luck .She smiles and leave.
Swara goes to kitchen and makes the dish. AP asks is the dish ready, she says yes . Dadi aks her to bring sanskar. AP , Dadi tastes the dish and tells no bad and both smirks. Dadi adds salt, andliile more of chilli powder to the dish.
All are gathered in the table, Dadi asks Swara to serve first to Sanskar and appreciates her making for little and not more as it not good it will go waste. Swara serves sanskar, he taste one spoon, neither he could swallow nor throw out. He sees swara’s eager face and tells food is awesome. Swara becomes super happy. Dadi asks swara to serve for everyone. Swara happily takesto serve but sanskar takes it from her and has the whole thing.
Dadi in teasing tone, OOOOO the food is so good that s y you did not gives us, atleast u shoud have given us for tasting, and she takes half spoon and she prasises Swara. Sanskar is taken aback. Sanskar mind voice( I should have given everything to dadi )
AP asks Swara to cook every day, Sanskar get shock nooooooooo maaaaaaaa.
AP: Y sanskar you love her food right.
Sanskar: ya ma its good not good as yours and smirks. Swara finds smething fishy and goes to kitchen.She taste the food and spits out.
Swara: Goe to room and hands over a glass of milk to him. Sanskar I am sorry, I made such a bad food but you save me while tears roling on her eyes. He gets up and wipes her tears. OO Madammm don’t be so emotional its ok. I know how much hard work u put in and does not want it to go waste.
His phone rings , he attends the calls and looks very tensed. Swara asks is everything ok, but he rushes to his office. Swara is tensed.
In the evening Sanskar cmes to room and was very upset and sad. Swara starts shooting her questions, sanskar in a low tone please leave me alone for some time Swara. Dut to Swara’s curiosity she keeps on going with their questions.
Sanskar gets up in anger and shouts at her in anger. Can you stay quiet for some time, why are interfering in my life. I told to shut up cant u get the hint of it and blasts at her in anger. Swara its hurting me sanskar. Sanskar composes himself leaves her and pushes everything on the floor on table.
Swara quietly leaves to balcony with tears rolling down continuously. She thn gets call from uttar.
Uttara: Is bai ok Swara. Swara says yes and y suddenly. Uttara explains that one of the biggest project Shail and Sanskar was working has been lost. One of the employees did it for money. It was bhai and Sahil dreams and now everything is shattered and cries. Swar understands y sansakr was so angry .
She tells Uttara that still it do not fail. We can make this happen. Uttara asks how but wee. Swara gives courage to her and tells that we are also Management students we can’t leave Sanskar and Sahil to get shattered in this way. They both agree and start the work.
Swara goes to uttara room , both discuss and compete the work by 6 o clock and send it to Sahil. Sanskar wakes up and feels bad and guilty as Swara is not in the room . I should ask sorry to Swara it was my fault, she was caring to me and I hurt her.
Sahil calls him and asks to cme to his office immediately. Sanskar understands and leave to office informing AP.


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