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Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 7)

Hi guys thank for ur support and suggestions. A very big thanks you to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.

Sanskar: So we are friends can we sleep now, after all these dramas I have to sleep in a rustic tone.
Swara: smiles and nods.
Sanskar: I will sleep on the couch; you can sleep on the bed in a hesitating tone.
Swara: Understands his hesitating tone. Dnt worry you can sleep in your bed, I can sleep on couch. I know you can’t sleep with your bed and pillow and smiles.
Sanskar: Oh really who told I can sleep on couch also, you dnt know abt me and smirks.
Swara: Is it with eyes wide open, ok thn u sleep on the couch, I have no issues in a sarcastic tone.
Sanskar; thinks for a while, no no, we ll have this challenge after sometime today I m tired so I ll sleep on the bed and lies on bed.
Swara smiles and sleeps on the couch.


Next day morning, both sanskar and swara are sleeping peacefully, just thn ragini i knocks the door. Both are fast asleep and did not attend the door. This time ragini bangs the door, thn sanskar wakes up
Sanskar: What the hell man, why they r waking me so early, he sees swara sleeping peacefully and goes to attend the door.
Ragini: Hi gm r u guys still sleeping and makes faces.
Sanskar: Babhs seriously, what s your problem, y did u wake me so early , lies on the bed again.
Ragini: Today Swara has to do pooja so I came to wake her up. Just thn laksh call ragini. Ragini asks sanskar to wake Swara and send to pooja.

Sanskar tries to wake Swara but she is fast asleep. She goes close to her and wakes her up. Swara slowly opens her eyes screams at seeing sanskar. Sanskar too scream.
Sanskar: Why did you scream in a frustrated voice?
Swara: Seriously, you scared the hell out of me. Is this the way to wake someone.
Sanskar: Hello madam I did not do phd on waking someone so plz stop all your speech, you have some pooja ragini bhabi told.

Swara: Oh shit, aunty told yesterday, I totally forgot, anyways thank u. Sanskar again lies on bed. Swara asks for towel and he asks to search in cupboard. When she opened everything fell as it was clumsy and everything was scatterd. Sanskar bursts out in laughter after seeing this.
Swara: Y is dust bin in your room and makes eww reaction.
Sanskar: I dnt have the habit of organizing things, I just dump or my mom will do.
Swara: But, but hesitates.
Sanskar: If u want,you can arrange I dnt mind u know and smiles. Swara makes faces and goes to get ready.
All r ready for the pooja. Swara cmes down and gets the blessing of elders and greets good morning uncle and aunty.
AP: Swara dnt you dnt you dare do this mistake again in angry tone.
Swara: Aunty im sorry, today I m late but I promise from tmr I will be on time.
AP: holds her hand and tells I m nt ur aunty any more, you can call me mom, this was your mistake and pulls her cheek.
Swara: Gets tears in her eyes and hugs AP. Yes mom, both AP and Swara are very happy. I waited for so many years to call mom, finally today my wish is fulfilled and broadens her smile.
AP: I know, u will not miss you mom, anymore. I will be the worlds best mom for you.

All perform pooja without sanskar as he does not believe in all these rituals and pooja. All of them go to dining table to have bf. Sanskar cmes and joins them. Raglak leaves to hospital. DP and sanskar leave to Office. AP asks Swara to take rest, but she hesitates and wanted to learn to do work. But AP forcefully sends her to room.

Swara goes to room and see all the fallen stuff and dis organized things. Shen thn plans to clean the room as she has to arrange her clothes too. She cleans the room, makes proper shelves for everything, dusts the whole room, and hangs beautiful wind chimes near the balcony, for the beautiful sound. She has transformed the whole room into a beautiful place.

AP calls Swara nd tells her that Dadi is cmg today and she is shocked to hear that. She thinks Dadi is good at heart, but if I make any mistakes, she will tear me into pieces and smirks. Ragini cmes crying home.
Swara: Bhabi r u fine, what happened, y r u crying. Ap asks Swara to bring water for Ragini.
AP: what happened ragini y r us crying in a tensed tone.

Ragini: My mom had a severe attack now admitted in hospital. Both are shocked to hear this and console her. Laksh cmes and tells Ragini that flights tickets are arranged as they have already US visa. Their flight is in next 5 hrs and packs her things as they have to leave in 2 hrs.
Sanskar cmes and Laksh about document and flight details so that he can print it for them and drop them in airport. Swara and Ragini packs things while Swara is lost in her thoughts.
Ragini : Swara, you ok where have you lost.

Swara: Bhabi, you r leaving suddenly and dadi is cmg I dnt knw what will happens and looks down sadly.
Ragini : I know, but the situation is like that Mom is alone there na.
Swara: Even I m…… in a sad tone.

Ragini: feels bad and hugs her. Ouff o no madam now you have your mom, dad, and above all sanskar. He will help will dnt worry and hugs her. Sanskar listen to their conversation from outside.
Sanskar: Are you ready, its time we have to leave now.
Swara: I will bring the Prasad and holy rope which mom gave and leaves.
Ragini: Sanskar I wanted to tell you sme thing . Ya tell me bhabi. Sanska I know the circumstance of ur marriage, but dnt leave swara in difficult times and try to help her in need. She is really worried about Dadi. Dadi likes Swara but dnt knw how will her reaction will be when she cmes to know that she is your wife.
Sanskar: Bhabi you dnt worry abt her I will takes care of everything and smiles. You take care of aunt and I will keep posted.
In d evening everyone is waiting for Dadi ( Parvathi Maheswari). She enters like a lioness and all seek blessing from. Swara gets her blessing and sees her mangalsutra. And asks her O you are married. AP tells sher she is Sanskar’ wife. Sanskar enters the house.


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