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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 12

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Episode 11


Sahil: Tiredly, Man I am dam tired I can’t take it anymore, tomorrow first thing is to find out who did this and to bash them.
Dadi: Aree sahil, y to take tension let it go, who will do wantedly . Both would have drunk the wrong drink.
Sanskar gives a confused look at dadi. Y is dadi not angry instead supporting too much, did she do anything. Sahil gets a call and leaves. Uttara and Swara are sitting.
San: Dadi, did you do anything y I m feeling that something is fishy better to tell the truth than to regret.

Dadi: In a proud feel, yes of course your guess is right. I only spiked their drink so what and gives him a stare, I did not have any other option.
San: Dadi unbelievable, seriously. He holds dadis neck with both his hands; need to kill you for your mischief. Confusingly wait a minute y did u spike Uttara’s drink.
Dadi: If I have a buddu grandson like u, I shd do all these stuff. If I din’t spike her drink, she will be with Swara not u.
Sanskar smiles seriously you are the best dadi I love u and kiss her. Sahil arrives.
Sah: Aree yar, still the guests are there we can’t take them inside now what to do.
Dadi: Dnt worry take them to the guest room, I will take care of rest of the things.
Sah: I have to kill the person who did this in angry tone. Dadi and Sanskar winks at each other.


Sanhil makes them to lie on their respective beds.
Sahil: Yar only 2 pillows are there is it ok, or should I go and get.
San: It’s ok chill just a night right no issues you also sleep good night. Sahil: you too bro.
Sanskar had no option but to share the bed with swara. Sanskar holds swara’s hand and dozes off.

In the morning Uttara wakes up first with super headache and holds her head. She sees around and wakes Swara. Swara who is fast asleep did not get up. Uttara calls her by shaking, swara wakes up and she too has head ache.

She is shocked to see Sanskar sleeping beside her, holding her hand. She tries to take her hand from him, he too wakes up. Sanhil gives them a deadly glare.
Sahil: Why did u take booze in the party? U guys are not used to that right.

Swautt: Booze noooooooo we just took juice.
Sahil: Seriously you took juice.
Swara: Ahh my head is aching badly. Someone knocks the door.
Sahil opens the door.
Dadi: I bought lemon juice for u both, doesn’t know what you girls are up to. Dadi innocently asks them Can’t u differentiate between juice and booze?

Sanskar gives her a blank look. Sanskar to himself how can you do this dadi so perfectly. Dadi asks them to freshen up and come as it is time to leave. Sahil and Uttara leave to their room.
Swa: In a pleading tone. Sanskar I swear holds her neck, I seriously thought it was juice. I am sorry for what all happened yesterday.
Sank: Thinks for a moment, mmmmm well in that case will u accept my apology.
Swara: happily nods yes. San: I believe u I m sure there must be some misunderstanding so take it light no issues. No one knows about it except dadi. Go and freshen up we have to leave.
Maheswari family is ready to leave. SG asks them to have breakfast and leave but DP denies as they some important meeting. AP adds today Parnish are also coming so we have to leave. Swara forgets her wallet and goes to take that.

DP: Y is Swara still not showing up.
SG: If swara and Uttara are together, they both forget the time and chat for hours.
DP: San you pick up Swara and dadi. I am leaving. AP says she will also come with him. DP & AP leaves.
Sanskar jerks a moment and remembers Swara’s word:” Manav tried to hurt me”. He immediately leaves. Dadi follows him.

Manv: Holding swara tightly, I suffered because of u. Now you have to answer me. Y dnt u believe me I am telling the truth. There is someone who is trying to hurt you badly. At the same time someone is protecting you.
Swara: Whatever just leave me, u r hurting me. She shouts just leave me.
Manv: Yells at her, are you stupid dnt you get the hint of what I m telling. There is something fishy abtur past. It is because of you I suffered but I can’t tell you right now.
Swara: trying to get away from his grip, OOO just shut up and leave me. I don’t want to hear anything from you.

Manv: Angrily pushes her and she falls, then your wish u stupid. Sanskar shouts thats enough Manav.
Sanskar lifts Swara, before she could hold her dress he holds her hand. Swara is looking Sanskar as she never expected this and continuously staring at him.
San: Manav that’s it don’t even try to get near my wife. This time I am leaving you because you are Sahil’s brother or else whatever you did on wedding I wouldn’t have spared you.
He takes swara and about to leave.
Manav: Are you sure Sansar, even If I did not do anything, the marriage would have stopped. So first of all everyone stop seeing me as if I did something wrong. Sanskar is at peak of anger, closes his fist but swara presses his arm and says no.
Manav: If you have any doubt why don’t you clarify with your father that will be a better idea right.

A tight slap on Manav’ face. Swasan turns and see dadi slapped him.
Dadi: Dnt even try to badmouth my son. If you say anything against him you dnt know me so better stay away. Manav is shocked to see this anger side of dadi. Sanskar asks dadi to leave him. Swasan and dadi leaves.
Dadi turns and yes if I see next time you with Swara that will be end of ur life . You have no idea about my friend Kakali and her broom treatment so better stay away from my children.
San: In a concerned tone, are you ok Swara.
Swa: Simply nods. Sank understands that she is hurt and stares at Manav.
Manav to himself I am not telling lies. I can see that guy’s anger and concern for Swara and the way he treated me for insulting her during the wedding booom. I am sure one day u guys will believe me for sure.


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