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Hi guys! I’m Anshupriya.
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Thanks a ton 2 all those who commented. Guys since my exams have started I might not be able 2 giv u daily updates so forgive me.
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Dark room Contd.
She luckily got a can of chilli powder which she threw on his eyes n escaped but sm goons spotted her n ran after her.
She was running in her max speed she saw a signboard showing “main city road 30km”.
Just then a car was coming she didn’t notice it n bashed with it she fell became unconscious.
In car….. (Yes guys) Sanskar was their.
He came out hurriedly n saw a girl lying unconscious bleeding hairs loose n dirty clothes.
He immediately took his jacket n covered her.
Then he noticed that she was his lady luv he lifted her in arms went in car n told driver 2 reach d nearest Hosp at earliest.
He patted her cheeks


She bcame conscious
Swara- Sanskar….. Put d SD card in his pocket n again became unconscious.
He saw dat n touched his pocket.
Sanskar- Doc… Doc.
Doc- Move d patient 2 OT ward.
After smtime
She needs blood immediately but v don’t have that blood in our bank.
Sanskar- Which blood GRP.
Doc- O+.
Sanskar- I m also O+. I can donate her blood. U can take mine.
He was laid on adjacent bed 2 Swara n saw nurse dressing her wounds.
He was feeling ache in his heart.
Doc took his blood n after smtime came n asked him 2 sign sm papers after that he went near Swara n was staring her wid luv.

It was 12:30.
He called home n said that he’ll come 2morrow mrng n called his PA vishal told him 2 reach hosp. By 5:00am sharp. (Guys u may imagine Vishal Singh of SNS).
Nurse came n gav her purse dat she found in her pocket.
He took it.
Nurse went. He opened it n saw her photo in which she was looking vry prtty got her identity card.
He saw her home no. But thought not to call as everyone must b sleeping.

It was 2:00.
He sat on d chair n slept.
Suddenly Swara jerked n wok up n shouted- Leave me pls….
He 2 wok up n came near her.
She hugged him.
He was surprised but reciprocate it n then made her sleep.
She slept holding his hands.
He also sat on bed n slept.

*Precap: Thinking*

Guys ur valuable comments r wholeheartedly welcomed n plz 4giv me 4 d mistakes. R u all liking d storyline.
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