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SWASAN – A love story (Introduction)

Hello guys, I used to read fan fictions but now i have decided to write mine. So here’s the introduction and prologue of my story. Pardon me for mistakes. Hope you like it !
INTRODUCTION : Sanskar Maheshwari : Age 28. A business tycoon. He is very rude towards everyone. He never smiles. He is not very articulate. Everyone in his office are afraid of him . He is an orphan and his best friend and cousin is laksh. Swara Bose : Age 22. A beautiful and charming bubbly girl. She is a bit short temper. Complete opposite to sanskar. He is very talkative. She is apparently orphan but have a father ( i will explain it later).

There is a stormy night. Winds are blowing. The roads are deserted. No one could be seen anywhere except a man and a girl. The night is filled with darkness. A mandir is seen nearby. The bells of the mandir are ringing due to wind. And a man is seen dragging a girl towards the mandir.
Sanskar : Today you have to become mine willingly or not. You are only mine .
Swara (crying) : Leave me please. I hate you.


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