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SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 8

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RECAP: U all know?


sanskar wakes up and is surprised to see swara sleeping on his chest.He caresses her hair and without disturbing her gets up and leaves for office.
Akira comes to meet him
Sanskar:hey come in,,,all set for party?
Akira:yes I have sent invitations
Akira: Wt abt ur married life?
How z she now??
Sanskar:doc asked me to stay away from her for at least a week
Akira: Unbelievable….what the hell did u do to her??
Sanskar: I was out of control!! She insulted me so I took revenge on wedding night but the day before yesterday I couldn’t stop seeing her beauty!!!
Akira:really??beautiful than me too??

Sanskar smiles: Sorry to say but yes!!! She z an angelic beauty
Akira smiles
Sanskar:I dnt get it that how much I had tortured her but still she cant bear a word against me
Akira:I told u that she z different
Sanskar :no all r same
Akira:u will know soon
Akira:I dnt know
Sanskar:but I know
Sanskar: Do u think she will be able to bear the intimation pain again??
Akira: R u crazy?? She will die
Sanskar: So u will come with me tonight and pretend that we r gonna spend night together…we will see her reaction

Akira:she wont let it happen
Sanskar: as far as I know women they r selfish and to protect themselves or to fulfill their needs they can go to any extent… She wont like to go through the pain again as she z already suffering so she will allow u…. U remember HER??
Akira:why to talk abt past??
Sanskar:ok fine!!

Just then his pa brings someone
Sanskar: welcome doc
He is the same doc who treated swara
Doc:yes Mr sanskar
Sanskar: I remember u misbehaved with me

Akira gives sanskar “What the hell” look
Doc:no I was just warning….
Sanskar:warning??and that too to sanskar maheshwari???wts ur status?? M a business tycoon much more powerful than u…u want to lose ur job I think
Doc:no sir plz m sorry
Sanskar: u r a doc and I pay u .for treating me wife…not for scolding me,… Don’t u dare raise ur voice in front if me again… Get lost
Doc feels insulted and hurt and leaves from there
Akira: This is too much Sanskar

Sanskar:u know it well that if someone hurts my ego I dnt spare themselves
Sanskar:go and check further arrangements
Akira gets up angrily and stamps her foot on floor
Sanskar:thank u

Swara tries to make food
Chanda:don’t dare..u still need rest
Swara smiles at her care
Swara: I never felt this much weak
Chanda: Dnt wrry… Medicines will cure u
Swara: Wt abt
spiritual weakness?
Chanda gets silent
AP:u will get peace when u change him and get him out of his bitter past
Swara:plz tell me
AP:we r bound
Chanda:u will know when right time comes
Swara sighs and smiles as later Chanda and AP pamper her

Sanskar comes at night.AP is already asleep and Chanda is awoke for swara.swara is shocked to see Chanda with sanskar
Swara: You??
Swara: What r u doing here??
Sanskar: she z my friend
Swara:friend?? U helped me that night and I even told u what happened with me… I told u his name as well but u didn’t mention me that u r his friend
Akira sighs
Sanskar:doesn’t matter

He holds Akira by waist
Sanskar:lets go to my room
Swara: Sanskar …
Sanskar:what?? U r ill and cant bear anything so she z here for me to fulfill my need at night
Swara is stunned as he takes Akira into room

She stands there for 10 secs when AP’s pleads to change him echo in her ears.she looks at Chanda who folds her hands in front of her and signs her to go
Akira: She didn’t come…so r u gonna make love with me??
Sanskar:shut up Akira!! Have u gone nuts?? U know how sacred marriage is!!! I respect it and doesn’t matter how bad I am but I wnt betray my wife
Akira smiles
Akira:but by bringing me here u had made her think that u betrayed her
Sanskar: She could have stopped us

Akira: But she…
Just then door is knocked.Akira opens and smiles at swara
Sanskar: What r u doing here??
Swara:this is my room

Sanskar:but Akira z here for me so…
Swara:miss Akira… Kindly get out of our room right now
Sanskar is taken aback at her boldness
Akira: I don’t mind
She looks at sanskar and gives him a victorious look and smiles
She leaves and swara shuts the door
Sanskar:why did u do this??
Swara: M ur wife and only I have right on u
Sanskar: When one partner cant fulfill other partner’s need then outsiders have to help

Swara is shocked!!!

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