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SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 7


Hi guys…. Sorry for late update but today z my cousin’s nikkah so we r bzy….


Ok lemme make u all one thing clear…

I had written my story of hate to love before saba’s ff on pages portraying some Muslim characters.Later Saba portrayed SwaSan in her story and I portrayed another characters on tellyupdates but my was a bit different than saba’s story.Now in my same story m portraying swasan.Its bcz Saba and mine’s story has been inspired from a novel that z why u might find a bit of similarity but its my own story and different as well….
So kindly stop asking the same question again and again….. It hurts as its my own work….hope u all understand it….. Thnk u

RECAP: swara’s family comes for first rasoi.AP comes to sanskar’s home and he behaves rudely.Sanskar makes love with swara again and she leaves herself on his mercy.


sanskar wakes up and sees swara still asleep
Sanskar:swara get up
She doesn’t move
Sanskar moves her and notices her burning fever.he gets tensed and calla doc
Doc examines her who is still unconscious and sighs.
Doc:Mr sanskar I asked u to stay away from her…why r u so eager to get close to her??if u want to kill her then do it once.Why kill her each second with such unbearable pain???
Sanskar feels guilty!!
Doc:maintain a distance for at least a week
Sanskar:when will she wake up?
Doc:she z weak and has back ache too.She needs healthy food.and plz stay away from her.
Sanskar:u may go

Sanskar looks at swara and kisses her forehead.Chanda is sitting beside swara.sanskar leaves
Chanda: What an animal u have become
Sanskar goes in lounge and sits on couch…His eyes fall on a magazine.he sees farmhouses pics on mags.
The voice of a girl echoes in his mind again
Voice:I want u to gift me a farmhouse after marriage
Boy’s sound: I will give everything to u
Girl:u have to
Both laugh then
He gets back to senses as he hears swara’s screams from room
Swara shouts:no plz don’t do this… Leave me
Chanda tries to calm down her.She hugs swara.
Chanda:swara beta calm down.m here.I am like ur mom.remember?its ok…relax
Swara stops crying
Chanda:r u ok?
Swara:hmm… Sanskar?
Chanda:don’t take his name…he did so wrong with u… I wish I could help u
Swara:it was written in my destiny.he is my husband and this fact cant be changed.I have to bear it
Sanskar hears it
Sanskar:what kind of girl is she??she rejected me.she has no lust for money…. I tortured her so badly still she is ready to bear it..m its means SHE was right
He calls akira
Sanskar: U were right
Akira:right what?
Sanskar:she is different
Akira: I told u
Sanskar: I cant forget how she hurt my ego
Akira: Did u so sth to her?
Sanskar: No
Akira: Don’t u lie… I know u well
Sanskar: I was just a bit harsh
Akira: U r so shameless
Sanskar: Whatever…. After two days there is a party of my contract completion…prepare for it
Akira: I will… Now get lost to her and take care of her
Sanskar smiles: Fine miss rude

He enters room and asks Chanda to feed her
AP comes from mandir and sanskar is irked to see her
AP:what happened to swara??
Sanskar:none of ur business
Chanda:she is ill
AP smiles: Don’t worry…. Sanskar’s love will cure her
Sanskar looks at her and she downs her eyes in fear
Sanskar:m going to office
AP: I will get milk for u swara
Chanda:dnt wrry doc asked him to maintain distance for a week
Swara: Finally a week holiday
Chanda smiles and AP brings milk
AP: So u guys had love marriage?I hope now he changes and yr love…
She sees swara’s tears
Swara:mom plz leave me alone
AP:but did I…
Chanda:mam plz come with me

They leave room and swara sobs.Chanda narrates sanskar’s behaviour towards swara and what she has bore and all about marriage…AP gets tensed
Ap:that girl changed my son.Its all her fault.I wish I could kill her
Chanda:wt abt u and ur family?
Ap remains silent
Chanda:sanskar was not like this at all… Think about the actual reason of this shade of his
She leaves to attend swara and so cries as she is at the loss of the answer of such deep question
AP goes to swara and begs in front of her to change Sanskar
AP:he was a nice and obedient son.M a working woman so couldn’t give him much time.chanda has brought him up but he was never rude to me.Every mother wanted a son like him but then sth happened and he changed completely.plz bring him back
AP cries badly.swara hugs her but AP doesn’t reveal the reason sanskar’s changed personality

At night sanskar comes to room and swara is lost
Swara gets alert and tries to stand but Sanskar signs her not to
Sanskar:its ok
Swara is already wearing her night dress
Sanskar comes after changing and sits on bed.swara sets her hair and sanskar holds her face
Sanskar:u r so pretty
He makes her lie and swara gets tensed and scared
She shuts her eyes as he leans closer.sanskar smiles and kisses her forehead
Sanskar:good night
Swara is surprised

He takes his sleeping pills and sleeps soon
Swara:what new game is this??
She reminisces AP pleading her to change Sanskar
Sanskar is lying straight.Swara slowly keeps her head on his chest and feels scared.she sleeps….


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