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swaragini unbelievable story episode 13


Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.
Episode 12 link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-unbelievable-story-episode-12/


Recap : plan A

After college

swaragini were going towards their car.

Sahil- hey rags. Sahil came there shouting.
Rag- hey sahil. How was ur day?
Sahil- you know each and every girl of my class were staring at me and that stupid megha she started flirting with me but u know right i’m already committed.
Rag- It’s so sweet of you sahil. Anything else to say?
Sahil – I just want ask you for a date.
Swara – What the..

Ragini – (squeezing swaras hand ) sure why not
Sahil – thank you Ragini . See you at xyz place at sharp 7. Bye Rags.
Rag – Bye.
Swara – what the hell r u doing ragini. Its not the part of the plan.
Rag –we need to go with the flow sissy when situation arrives, we need to make full use of it.
Swara calls sanlak and tells them the situation.

At palace

San- I think we need to consult a doctor.
Swalakrag- What?
San – I think ragini has gone mad totally.
Rag – Just shut up sanky I know what I am doing.
Swa- I’m not going to send you.
Lak – I’m with u Ragini but I will be coming with u and keep an eye on u.
Swasan – just shut up lucky.
Rag – I know lucky u will always stand by me.
San – I have other solution for it. No need for u to go Ragini.
Swa- what is it?
San – Anyone else can go in place of Ragini by changing their appearance. But who will go?
Swa – What’s there to think sanky, Lucky the great bodyguard of Ragini will go in her place.
Rag – Will u Lucky please please.
Lak – No no
Swa- yes
Lak- no
swa- no
lak- yes
swa- that’s like a good boy.
Rag – can’t u do that for ur best friend ?
Lak – okay but only for u Ragini

Finally the time has come
swara changed lucky into ragini.
Rag- This magic will stay only for 2 hours. Keep this blue tooth on always.
Sanky – We will keep an eye on u.
Swa- Be careful. Behave like Ragini not like lucky.
Luk – okays guys I will go first the u guys come.
Swaragsan – Good Luck.
Luk – thank u.

Lucky reached the place in disguise of ragini. He wore a purple pencil shirt and a white blouse. He
was not able to walk because of those high heels.
He saw the place looks like a place for a perfect proposal. This made him even more nervous.
He saw sahil waving and waved back. He placed his steps very intelligently planning not to fall
and behaving like everything is normal. He finally reached the table were sahil was waiting for him.

Sahil like a gentleman pulled the chair for him to sit. Lucky smiled at him and about to sit he tripped over and fell in sahil’s arms. Sahil was lost in his beauty and held him tightly.

Lucky’s pov:
Omg this bl**dy sahil is not leaving me and looking at me like i’m his prey and he is going to eat me now. What to do?

Precap: what happens at the date?

Sorry guys I know it’s very long time. I hardly get time to write.
Thanks for reading and please do comment.

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