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Swaragini – Royal Love episode 30


Hello friends sinin are Sarah here after a long time..guys haven you all read the 29th part..maybe not..if you can’t find it in tu then search it in Google… And guys we have made rituals imaginely… No offense..


The whole durgapur is rejoicing in happiness.. Today is the beginning of wedding of swaragini.. The whole kingdom is decorated as a new bride.
Swaragini are standing near the main gate.
Divyanshri : swara..ragini you both are ready na..get in to the cart..we have reach there before evening
Royal priest took their arti. The whole Royal family is going to chand mahal for the roka and sagai of swaragini.
Royal priest : bari kumari..choti kumari you are going as the princesses of durgapur.. But you would return as the daughter in law of mahismati.
Swaragini brushes
Riya : guys…I am getting inside first..
Ritu : have I came floating on water… I will sit first !
Dafsi and mica : hello we are also here !
Yashasvi : barikumari sit..
Swara : no yashu..we both will ride on horses.. You all go on carts.
Divyanshri, Riya ,Ritu, dafsi, mica,Jwala, Sarah,sinin,yashasvi, simin,Lisa,Sanji, Arshi get insides their respective carts. Swara and ragini rides on their horse..virat and badal.
Swaragini were on leading this time. Whole subjects came to see their princesses going to chand mahal.
Swara ragini waves their hand. They remember their happy moments with durgapur.

Same in Mahismati.. Sanskar laksh are leading. All people came to see their prince who are going to bring their brides. All people are praying for their happiness…. Except one pair of eyes..which are continuously staring sanskar with red eyed..which are filled with hatred.

It’s evening
Swaragini have reached their destinations. It is a place which is known for it’s special construction with moonlight… The whole place looks illustrated in moon light..the palace is also decorated with flowers.
Royal priest took their arti.
Royal priest : Rani Annapurna ! Only half an hour is left for auspicious time..we need to do the pavitra snan of both swaragini.
Annapurna : girls..hurry up..Swara and ragini change into this and come.
Jwala and Arshi took Swara and ragini respectively

Yashasvi and Sarah are sleeping due to tiredness.
Divyanshri is helping Annapurna in making arrangements.. A big room decorated with white flowers and white clothes.. Two places are arranged for swaragini which is divided by a curtain.
Other girls are bringing swara and ragini….they are wearing white sari without any blouse.. Their hairs are opened with a little curl.
They both made them sit..
Riya arshi Lisa Sanji dafsi are with ragini while rest are with swara.
Annapurna : first pour milk..
Jwala and Arshi respectively pours milk on swaragini
A maid comes runningly
“Rani ma..the grooms have come..they have started their pavitra snan..”
Swaragini blushes..right now they are the most happiest persons of the world !
All girls : oooooooo….they have come…..isn’t it..
Annapurna : girls stop it..finish the rituals.. Brides can meet their brides only after this..
Girls : ooooo..hurry up..
Then they apply honey.. Specially bought for the brides..which will increase their glow…then again milk..then apply a mixture of butter and lotus flower …again milk..and at last the pure water of gangaa…
They are wrapped with a white cloth..
Annapurna : guys go to…arre rani sumi !
Rani sumo has come to give shagun to her daughter in laws….
Swaragini touches her feet..
Sumo : be happy..I’m so happy to have you both as my daughters.. Wear this..its our tradition.. And your would be husbands have chosen this for you..
Swaragini smiles
The girls took them to her room..they are surrounded by a white cloth which girls are holding..
At the same time sanskar and laksh passes from other corridor which can be seen from this one..simin notices and winks at swaragini… They both try to see but others stop them teasingly
Sanskar turns sensing pari and they were gone.

Sawariya sawariya..
Sawariya sawariya…

Laksh had chosen a royal blue embroidery lehenga with stone ornaments.
Ragini wears it she was looking soon pretty.. Hayy me mar java !

Sanskar had chosen a silver and white combined lehenga with pearl ornaments..hay..?
They both had done light make-up.. Annapurna and sumi comes..they are so happy the see them..they applied kaala teeka and last a ghungat..covering their half face till nose..

The court is decorated with flowers and clothes…different guest have came… Many people have come to entertain the couples..
Sanskar is wearing a silver sherwani and laksh a golden sherwani chosen by swaragini .

Sanskar and laksh are sitting on their throne.. Sanskar is damm irritated but covers it with a fake smile..he is feeling damm disgusted to do all this,
But its only revenge on his mind, he promises park every night in his dream about taking revenge of her death… But she only cries looking at sanskar.. It hurts him a lot..on dream..

(Guys don’t be sad..we all are also wearing the best lehenga of our favourite color and ornaments… Our hairs are tied in a bun..and yashu have only open hair ??)

Swaragini are bought.. They sit opposite to sanskar and laksh.. Ragini looks at laksh they have a sweet cute eye lock…break by girls..
Swara looks at sanskar who was looking at everywhere except her..she looks at him happily after this distance…

Girls took their respective place which is one upstairs..to get a perfect view of swaragini !?

Roka ceremony begins..

Not soon soon..guys I will finish wedding in four five chappies..but next one is most important don’t miss that or u won’t understand my plot..and all please comment to encourage us..

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