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SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 14

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The episode starts with a lady coming in a girl’s room.

“Swara,Chalo time for you to wake up. You will be late for collage.” The lady who came in a girls romm says.

Yes,the girl is Swara.

“Maa,I woke up. See’” Swara tells while waking up.

“And I need to go to Lucky’s room to wake him. Uff.. He is 20 years and still needs me for waking up.” Sujata tells while hitting her forehead.

“Okay Maa,u can go.” Swara tells while winking at her.

Sujata then storms off to Lucky’s room who wake him up and pours a bucket full of water to him.

“Auchhh!!!! ” Lucky shouts.

Screen shifts to RagSan who are sleeping. By hearing the voice of alarm they both wake up and get ready.

“Wow Ragu,you look gorgeous today!! ” AP tells.

“Thank you maa!” Ragini tells happily.

They both leave for collage and Ragini bumps into a boy.

“Auchhh!!” The boy and Ragini shouts.

“I’m Sorry.” Both say in a union.

Precap- The boy is revealed.

Pardon me for my mistake as I am writing in my IPad who came back to life yesterday. I can’t promise to give long updates

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