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SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 13

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The episode starts with Swaragini getting surprised.


“Suji maa,you aren’t unhappy with me?” Surprised Swaragini asks.

“Nahi mera baccha. Why would I be angry with my daughter?” Sujata asks.

“Ma, I scored very less marks and yes,you were correct. We shouldn’t say that type of things about our teachers. She didn’t scolded me today,in fact she encouraged me.” Swara tells happily.

“Uff,Ma beti drama started yet again. You both should be actress.” Lakshaya tells with a cute pout.

“Seriously Lakshaya. Thank u so much. So Ma,from tomorrow we both will go for shooting. What do you say?” Swara asks Sujata by winking at her and giving a pose.

“Oh yes,Thank u Lucky.”Sujata tells while winking at both SwaLak.

Screen shifts to RagSan. Both are happy and reaches home.

“Maa, today teacher took a surprise test and I won again by full marks.” Both say in a union and are surprised.

“your teacher too took a surprise test?” Both again say in a union.

“Yes,she took!” Both tells.

“I am proud beta,now go get freshen up And finish your food.” AP tells both of them.

“okay mom” RagSan tells.

“Mom,I will need to go meet my friend today. She’ll meet me with one of her friend. Can I go?” Ragini asks.

“Okay beta,be careful” AP tells Ragini.

“Maa,I too need to go and meet my friend.” Sanskar tells.

“Oh Okay,you can!” AP allows them.

They finish their luch and goes to meet their friends.

“Priyanka,who’s your new friend? You told me that you’ll bring someone here to meet me.” Ragini tells her friend Priyanka.

“Oh yes,here he is. Lucky!” Priyanka calls lakshaya.

“Oh,you’re Ragini?” Lakshaya asks Ragini.

“Yes I am,and you’re Lakshaya?” Ragini asks him.

“Yes I am. You can call me Lucky.” Lakshaya tells her.

They talk and return home. SwaSan also talks and return home.

Precap- Most awaited time… LEAP…

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