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SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection) Episode 12

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The episodes starts with Swara murmuring.


“ Swara! Why don’t you study? Last time you got good marks but this time…..! What will you tell Suji maa. That you failed… Huh?” Swara murmurs angrily and sadly to herself.

“ Swara, come here beta” Teacher calls Swara.

“ Yes ma’am?” Swara asks.

“ Swara, did you understand the chapter which I explained?” Teacher asks Swara.

“ Umm… Yes ma’am I understood but the question answers … I didn’t learn them” Swara tells sadly.

“ Okay beta, don’t worry. This marks will nit be added to your report card. But from next time, come well pre pared.” Teacher tells Swara with a smily face.

“ Okay ma’am. Thank you.” Swara tells with her head down.

“ God bless you!” Teacher blesses her.

“ Sharma ma’am isn’t a hitler. I was wrong. I shouldn’t say that type of things about her. Suji maa is correct, we shouldn’t say that type of things about her teacher. I’m sorry ma’am. ” Swara wonders.

“ Chalo students. Close your tiffins. Recess is over.” Teacher tells while closing her tiffin.

The day passes like this. It’s time for children to go back home. Swara reaches home.

“ Suji maa, I’m sorry, I didn’t score full marks. In fact, I scored very less marks. I’m sorry.” Swara tells with a crying face.

“ Don’t cry Swara. Nothing happens. I am sure you will do well next time. I’m sure.” Sujata tells with a happy face.

Screen freezes on happy face of Swara.

Precap- A surprise test yet again.

I’m sorry. I cannot show RagSanLak today. I’m extremely sorry. And I can’t keep my promise of meeting RagLak. I’ll show it later. Please everyone by clicking the link I gave,you can read all previous parts. Please I request everyone to comment. I’m thinking to take a leap quickly. I updated two episodes today as I will be irregular. Thank you for your support. Take care

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