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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani – kahani ab tak

hi guys….
sorry for being late I am busy with my clg work but now I am free from now I will try to update regularly both my ff….
I want to share with you all that finally I am a engineering graduate, two days back I received my degree in communication engineering (same as my favorite tejasswi prakash wayangankar)…..
this part is a quick recap on all the previous episodes for the readers who wanted it especially Aasthu hope you like it….

Link for previous episodes
Previous Episodes

story till now…..
the love story of a girl which is left incomplete in her last birth will be completed in this birth.. but will thinks go smoothly or the same situations repeat are to be seen.
the plot revolves around ragini….
she get weird dreams and flashes about which she want to know.none of her family knows about it, they even don’t know about her childhood . daughter of shekar Gadodia and janki(both are separated due to some reasons). she is introvert girl. janki died Before 7 years after that she came to leave with gadodia family . but she thinks janki death is not natural and want to know who is behind it.. she loves her family but still not able to mingle with them. she had not accepted shekar and sharmista till now and calls them mr and miss Gadodia.
ragini is always being encouraged and helped with few letters from a man whom she thinks as her mystery man.
swara, Karthik and swayam are her siblings loves all of them… she is close to her badi maa sunaina (sis of janki) and swayam.
swara is guitarist and Karthik is racer.
viplav (ex employee of gododia’s) attack on Karthik to take revenge from gododia’s but he is saved by his frnd kunj. but they
don’t now that someone is behind viplav.
sahil is son of that person who want revenge on gododia’s. she joined in Swaragini and Karthik clg and become frnd of Swara he want to swara for their revenge but also love Swara.
in clg their will be rivalry between two groups dare devils and hot dazzlers .
Laksh, Sanskar, kavitha, kavya and yuvi are dare devils. Karthik, kunj, sowmya, shradda and dhruv are hot dazzlers.
dare devils do ragging of swaragini on their first day of clg but they were out of it by their smartness.after that their was a talk of ragini being the illegitimate child of shekar gadodia but ragini handles everything thing with support of her siblings and her mystery man.
swara has a huge crush on one of the maheshwari brothers. Laksh and Sanskar are maheshwari brothers. sanskar is over protective about Laksh but when ragini fought with Laksh inorder to save Swara, Sanskar not opposed ragini by which we can know that he had soft corner for her.
riya childhood friend of swara loves Karthik but affraid to tell him, where as Karthik is unaware of it.
soon ragini and kunj becomes friends.
maheshwari’s and gododia’s become business partners.
swara challenges dare devils when she come to know that they are planning against ragini.

will Swaragini prove themselves??
swara’s crush and ragini’s mystery man is different or same ??
will Karthik come to know about riya’ s feelings??
will ragini accept shekar??
what is ragini’s childhood and her past life, both are related or different??
will ragini come to know about her past life??

if anyone has a dought that why the title is Swaragini, If everything is about ragini then I want to clear it out swara is also lead but her character takes a shape after few episodes…..
many want to know about pairs but I want to clear it out may be pairs will or will not be as you expected.. I can’t promise.. you will be clear about pairs once I tell you what happened to ragini in her last birth…

thank u everyone for the wonderful support…..

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