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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 10

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Episode 9


lucky – you can’t fool us miss ragini gadodia…
kavya – this girl is ragini gadodia then she would be Swara gadodia
kavitha – you are trying to fool us know I am not going to leave them saying she try to catch ragini’s hand but one hand stopped her…… it’s Karthik
Karthik (in loud tone) – don’t you dare kavitha just stay away from them
sanky – enough Karthik you can’t talk to her like that
Karthik – come on Sanskar how ever we talk their will be a problem anyways we are not involving in any of your matters so don’t involve my sisters in these stuff. it’s between us so let it be us don’t go personal.
yuvi (winking at his gang) – k we will let them go but I always had a dought incase everyone hear are having this dought I suppose……

kavitha – come on yuvi we are letting them go can’t they clear your dought I think it should not be a big deal for them
kavya – ha I to want to know what is your dought yaar yuvi
Karthik is angry but controlling him self not to create any further problem ….
yuvi – Karthik as your Sisters, Swara and ragini are not real Sisters I mean to say one father but two mothers who is illegitimate one….
by listening to yuvi, Karthik can’t control his anger and held yuvi’s caller
Karthik – don’t you dare yuvi talk about my sisters otherwise I won’t think twice to harm you
kunj and dhruv are holding Karthik to stop him hitting yuvi..
kavitha – sanky, lucky help him yaar Karthik will hit him

lucky is moving forward to stop Karthik and yuvi from getting into fight…..
but lucky was stopped by sanky…
sanky – no lucky wait this time yuvi is wrong by looking at Swaragini (this time both are in the verge of crying)
lucky – come on bro I know he should have not told like that but he is our friend….
lucky frees yuvi from clutches of Karthik…

lucky – Karthik sorry for what just happened, we will not bother them anymore so you leave this matter hear itself….
Karthik (angry) – this is first and last warning never ever try to talk about my Sisters like that…
Karthik leaves along with Swaragini and his gang…
lucky (to other students) – now everything is over what are you watching is their any show going on
everyone leave even dare devils….

at hot dazzlers Hall…
Karthik is angry and walking hear and their…. nobody dare to talk to him..
ragini goes near swara and sighs her to go near Karthik….
Swara goes to Karthik and put her hand on his shoulder…
swara (to Karthik) – bai I am thinking you should undergo makeover
all look at her surprised….
Karthik – what??

swara – ha see its been two years you joined clg and now you are in third year still you don’t have any girl friend. so by make over you may get one
all laughs along with Karthik…
Karthik – you know how to lite up my mood and hugs her….
soumya – thank God everything back to normal… Karthik introduce us to your sisters
Karthik – you already know them what is their to introduce

soumya – but this is first time we met na
Karthik – k shona and ragu this is kunj, dhruv, soumya and shradda (pointing towards them respectively) and guys this is shona and ragu I mean Swara and ragini
dhruv – Swaragini that sounds good
kunj – and ragini your are smart the way you handle the situation
swara – ha actually I was also in shock when ragu agreed doing it but when I saw bai I got relieved..
Karthik went near ragini…
Karthik – ragu are you fine

ragini – ha bai and hugged him
Karthik understood that ragini is still upset with what had happened… but thought to keep quite because by taking about it will make her still upset
shradda – k guys I think we should go for our classes already we missed few classes
Karthik (to Swaragini) – ha come I will drop you to your class
Swara -it’s k bai we will go
Karthik – are you sure

swara – 100 percent
Karthik – k anything urgent call me
Swara – k
all leave to their respective classes…

in corridor…
swara thinks Oh no my mobile is with that chipkali kavitha what to do now…
ragini – swara what happened
swara – Nothing ragu see we are infront of our class you go inside I will come just know
ragini – where are you going
Swara – I will come and say

at dare devils….
yuvi – this is not fare yaar sanky you took their side in front of everyone
sanky – you already know guys I won’t all these shit but never stopped you in doing anything but this time you crossed the limit
kavitha – sanky please don’t talk that typical dude
kavya – come on leave it you know him na they why you two are making it a issue
lucky (teasingly) – exactly guys bai is the ideal one in our gang we should walk in his path
sanky – lucky stop teasing me k
yuvi – but I had a dought
sanky – now what dought you have
yuvi – how do lucky know those girls are gododia’s
lucky (hesitates) – wo…. wo few days back I saw gododia’s family photo in a magazine
yuvi – k
sanky – and when you started reading magazine
lucky – bai why you are investigating me by the way I am not reading that magazine just by chance I saw it…
kavya – k guys come lets go to class its already very late…

in corridor…
swara see sahil and go to him…
swara – hi sahil right
sahil – ha are you k after what happened

swara – ya I am fine and Thanks
sahil – why are you saying thanks I should say sorry that I couldn’t help you
Swara – don’t be soon you atleast tried…
sahil – k then friends
swara – of course friends… bye see you soon
sahil – bye

sahil pov
sorry dear I can’t help you but I will make sure you be Happy… Happy with me
pov ends

in class….
as soon as ragini enters the class…
all starts gossiping about her being a illegitimate child of shekar Gadodia….
one boy – I think she is illegitimate child because swara’s mother is staying with her father only….
BY listening to them ragini get emotional and runs out of classroom…

ragini is seen crying…
ragini – maa if anyone will say anything to me I don’t care but if anyone will point a finger against you I can’t take it maa….
while she is crying remembering her mother Suddenly she is hit by a paper ball…. ragini thinks who thrown it… and opens and read it…
in the Letter ….
people are to say, they say what they like or what they think to be right although it is wrong….
it depends on us either we take it seriously and cry or let it go…
I know you are thinking who is this stupid involving in my personal life… but I am stupid so I am saying this… don’t let anyone bother you when you know you are never wrong…. stop crying and keep smiling….

a smile appear on ragini’s face by reading the Letter….
who is this person and looks around for but couldn’t not find him….
who ever it is he is right I should not be effected by all these if maa is with me she would have said exactly what he said…..
she then takes a paper and writes on it…. I don’t know who you are but Thanks for lightening my mood….to Mr. Mystery man with a smily☺
she leaves that paper their it self hoping he may read it…..

ragini thinks is the person in the mall and who wrote Letter are same or its just my illusion… and leaves for her class

we can see a person taking the paper left by ragini and reading it…..smiles by thinking mystery man
but his face is not revealed….

precap – swara trying to get her phone back … ragini and her mystery man… SomeOne is in love with Karthik, who? are sahil intentions are Good??

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