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Swaragini Forced marriage

Part one

Sanskar is about to have his pleasure one more time with that rmndom hot girl lying beneath him but the same time his I-phone start beeping indicating some one is there to disturb him, but he ignored.

But person who called him is hell bent on spoiling his “MOMENT” and call him one more time which spoil his mood and he get down and pick up his phone and speak in irritating anger filed voice

Sanskar : What mom why are you calling me again and again, I am busy and will be home soon.

Without giving any chance to reply to his reply he disconnect call and get up from bad adjust him self in his black 3 piece Armani suit.

But seems like girl in his bad is not happy with his movment so she seductively look at him and exposing her body she speak

Girl : Honey

Sanskar ignore her invitation and hand over her few bundles of notes and leave from there without even looking at her.

Girl : Sanskar Maheswari you bl**dy casanova and womaniser, You played with fire, you used Kavita in your bad leave without giving any heed to my invitation and you’ve to pay for this on future.

Later she got up from bad get dressed and leave form there.

Precap: As soon as Sanskar enter in his home his mother hugged him and start showring love but from back his father interrupt moment and speak Sanskar I need a favour from you young man.

Hope you all get now that this ff is for SwaSan.

And thank you so much guys for your comments.☺☺☺☺☺???

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