Note for raglak fans, I know from 3 to 4 episode I didn’t gave good raglak scene but from today episode raglak love story will run parallel to swasan love story and it will be good
One more thing I didn’t gave raglak part because of two reasons one is due to I was hurry to end this track and other reason I will tell tomorrow because today i am too too busy and I just took time to go to bathroom to bath so in bathroom I am submitting this article and sorry for delay
Today episode will also have so many spelling mistake because you all know very well I don’t get time and I write everything in hurry

episode starts with sanky coming out of swara room where he hears a sound SO OUR WORK IS SUCCESFULL MY FREIND……………..
sanky while closing the door gives a fake smile, where his eyes fall on that person, he shows other room to person to talk


in room
sanky closes the door, and just turns his face with a proud smile, yes work is done now
neha- very good sanky that’s good boy
sanky sees moves towards window and sees outside.
neha- wow i don’t know this much early swara will ready to become your freinds
sanky- sees her from his corner of eyes, its whole credit goes to lucky
neha- how
sanky- lucky by mistake made her cloth dirty so she came in room and everything happened
neha- very good and no one knows also that it was your plan of having intimate with swara first time that day in indore

sanky- angrily just close your mouth
neha- ok, no one is hearing now but what next
sanky slightly smile just wait and watch, now i will not leave that laksh
neha- good
sanky- ok bye by saying this he moves outside the place while thinking you don’t know neha for what purpose i am doing all this things,
he moces outside the place and dials ragini number

ragini- so after many days you called me
sanky- yes but now within this month we have tp proceed to our plan ragini
ragini- yes sanky i also think to go for it
sanky- so best of luck, just find a good time and proceed it
ragini- yes my freind
call ends
other side
my life had become fun, what that blackmailer says that i have to do, i can’t do anything of my own wish, but don’t know what will happen next from these years i always
tried to not to give divorce but i think giving divorce is correct work because if i don’t give her divorce that blackmailer always gives pain to her in any way and here
also due to me her life had become fun, so it is batter to give her divorce and give her freedom from all these tention of life which i gave, i know in starting she will
be broken but after somedays she will be independent and will live her future life happily, i think this is best option for swara but don’t know what is next.
he wipes his tears which was flowing from his eyes, lucky thinks now its time to go with my plan

like this life of all 4 going on swara starts spending good time with sanky but they never intimated at this time, swara shares her all problems and worries to sanky
where he always helps her and acts as good freind of swara, there bonding also increased in this time, but as there bonding increased swara care and support for lucky
had decreased, everytime, in night she used to wait for him but now a days she stopped doing this, she started feeling little uncomfertable with lucky, if bychance he
touched her but she always jerked it, many time guilt occupied inside her but slowly slowly it also dissapeared, now a days she did not forget many her wifery works for
lucky but she used to do that work but now not from heart but as responsibility as a wife, there conversation also decreased it automatically increased distance between
swalak, many times swara also tried to talk to lucky but he did’nt talked much, so in this way there life became formal which was easily understood by each other,

inside there heart both takes out each other fault, while lucky was also busy with ragini freindship, he also stoped caring about her, he also became formal.
both condition was same, they were living like strangers but till swara one heart craved for lucky, sometimes she cared but many times she did not cared about her.
swara used to tell everytihning happened of her whole day to sanky but still she did not opened up to say about her past and sanky also never asked to her in this way
some days passed

BUT one day was very bad in swara’s life, she was seating in her room and saw in tv headlines that laksh maheshwari divorced swara maheshawari, and married to ragini roy,
she saw both coming out of temple and smiling towards media, but swara was freezed at her place, she also don’t know what that media people showing but she was freezed
not able to understand, tears were brimming from her eyes of helplessness, just than she feels a jerk sound on her shoulder and found that raglak was standing near her
where ragini was in bridal attire, and lucky wore sherwani.
swara comes out of senses, she angrily goes near lucky, she was about to slap him, ragini holds her hand says angrily don’t dare to raise hand on my hubby, you characterless

swara shouts don’t dare to raise finger on my character miss ragini, swara shouts you are not my ragini, you are not my ragini.

ragini- in strict voice, neither i was your ragini and nor i am your ragini got it.
swara- i never thought that you will go for such low level ragini, the girl who sacrifices everything for other happily, today breaking someone relation
ragini grabes swara finger which she raised towards her and says we don’t get anything swara from these useless sacrifices, so it is better to live selfish only.
swara jerks her hand, don’t dare to touch me by your impure hand ragini, i hate you i hate you, you made my life hell.
swara goes infron of lucky and holds his collar, shouts why you did this with me, why you did lucky
lucky in stern voice because i can’t live with characterless girl.
swara was taken a back by his statement, she confusingly whisper characterless girl???
lucky- so you are pure girl, he smiles and throws some normal hugging pics of her and sanky and shouts now see your goodness swara

swara got second shock, that how her and sanky pic came.
ragini- so miss characterfull girl, should i tell you how i got these pics so listen this recording, in recording it was only shown that sanky says to ragini that today we should
proceed to our plan.
after recording swara eyes became wet, she thinks all those good and bad things happened between her and sanky, she thinks her happy days and intimate scene with sanky and last about
there emotional talk where he says i am not among those people who are bad,
swara shouts i am again betrayed.
ragini- you are like this only swara, no one can love you just go from my house.
swara still crying, she was feeling pain in her heart today she was betrayed by all these 3 important person of her life.
swara makes herself strong and shouts, i will not go from here, you will go from here ragini because whole maheshwari empire is on my name.
lucky smiles, oh god how much duffer you are swara, i know you will talk this useless matter so i called advocate for it, so sir please come and tell everything.
advocate says that every property of swara name is given to lucky and both swalak got divorced.
swara was shocked at her place she don’t know what to say, she was numb that today she don’t have anything in her life.
ragini comes near her so my best freind swara live your life happily
swara in shock whisper you double crossed me.
ragini- wow now you got to know, yes swara i double crossed you, you poor girl blindly beliving me that i am helping you to find real culprit of your father murder case and also about
your secret mission of getting information about sanlak, but really you are very poor girl swara, i only took information with you and just helped sanlak to complete our mission but really
you are so dumbo fully blind in wifery thought of lucky and freindship world of me and sanky, but we all played our trick swara.

what you think all those things happened in your life was just coincidense,
she moves towards swara and whisper no no there was no coincidense, that was preplanned everything by me and sanky but you fully came in our trap and now face its consequenses,
she smilingly ask in her ears, so did you like this other seasson rainy clouds.
swara shockingly sees ragini face.
ragini- don’t open you mouth much, some mosquito will come inside it.
where lucky was seeing everything with teary eyes because he is helpless of saving swara and his sister uttara, he can’t do anything.
ragini holds swara hand and throws her out of house, don’t dare to enter in my and lucky life again.

swara was just seeing everything with teary eyes.
ragini was about to go but again turns and says i forgot to tall you onething, your hubby don’t have hormonal problem he was just acting with you.
swara don’t show any expression because this shock is very less infront of all those shockes given to her by all three.
just than ragini sees sanky coming towards them, he comes very near to swaragini,
ragini- so my crime partener sanky came.
just than swasan hear a slap sound where they saw one person tightly slapped ragini and she falled on ground.
all 4 swasan and raglak shocked to see that person
person shouts how dare you ragini…………………………………………………………..
episode end on shocked face of swaraglaksan

PRECAP- pakka swasan marriage, more drama
oh god today you all guys thinking to kill me from your hands, if you don’t like todays part than just read next episode you will get to know everything soon,
if you don’t like you can criticise me but i know till now you all are in shock.
i know many ragini fans will think to kill me so for it just wait for 2 more episodes you will get to know everything soon

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