guys today part i wrote in hurry and it is little short, by the way yesterday night i came from my relative place
one more thing i think people really did not liked last part because i thought many people will like it but its ok it is your wish but guys i am pleading you, if anything you
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IN REAL LIFE- swara i like most than sanky than lucky than ragini
IN SERIAL- both swasan sometime swara and sometime sanky but only 0.01% more sometime i like sanky than swara than ragini than lucky
there reason i will tell tomorrow because today i am in hurry
guys please don’t bash me and don’t do descussion about this thing i only told my point, i know everyone hve different point so for it please don’t correct me also
sorry if any fan hurted
episode starts with sanky shocked face to see swara confession
swara can see hurt face of sanky, she could not believe that what she told to him, she was feeling so disgusted of herself but there was still one thing in mind, does he have
any business intention with her.
sanky controles his emotions while speaking, swara i know in this field everyone thinks of its profit, but if i really wanted to take your profit swara, i would had clicked pics
of our nudity and may had blackmailed you that we got intimated and in this way i would had taken so much profit from your side, i would had become rich person of this mumbai, swara
was listening his whole convo, with heavy heart of guilt inside her, she was understanding the fault she did and she understood sanky point because he is correct, he would had taken
chance but he never did it, sanky can see some confusion in her face, now he just places his hand on her face, continues with cold voice, i think you don’t know to judge correct
person swara. as he completes this words he frees swara from his arms, wear his shots, started moving towards window. swara with guilt holds his hand but he firmly jerk her hands and
moves window side,
A man asks a farmer near a field, “Sorry sir, would you mind if I crossed your field instead of going around it? You see, I have to catch the 4:23 train.”

The farmer says, “Sure, go right ahead. And if my bull sees you, you’ll even catch the 4:11 one.”

he was seeing outside the window continuesly without blinking his eyes there was deep silence inside him as he wants to calm himself by seeing natural beauty which makes his heart to
relax, he senses body wetness in his back which was due to swara tears which makes him to come in senses, his eyes fall on his chest where swara has wraped her hand on his chest still
back hugging him which makes sanky little shocked so he turns to see but swara did not allowed to make him turm but sanky uses his force and gently he turns and cups swara face which
only shows tears of guilt which was contnuesly flowing from her eyes,

where he can see her regret in her face, swara still seing him continuely tears were briming from her eyes, she nodded in negativity as she is saying sorry that she did not did this thing intentionaly which makes sanky restless he immediatly gives bone crushing hug to swara to calm her from her guilt slowly he pated her back and caresses her hair to make her calm, after some time of there hug sanky breakes hug gently, now he sees swara face which was little relaxed but still there was guilt which is occupied, sanky takes water and made her drink, now swara could speak anything but before this sanky puts hand on her lips, swara please don’t say anything.

swara did not responded which sanky made her sit on chair while swara was only seeing his activity, now he feels little relaxation from swara side, he stands and shows rainy clouds to swara both eyes fall on warm clouds of rainy which was giving there black shadow on earth to make it cool before thundering and rainy, after seeing its beauty sanky opens his mouth, swara are you seeing these clouds by averting his fixed gaze from cloud to swara, she just nods to make clear way that swara is listning what he want to say, so again he fixes his face on clouds, again in warm voice, swara do you know these clouds of rain may sometimes comes in winter or summer season also, swara whisper yes while controling her emotiones.

Mother, “How was school today, Patrick?”

Patrick, “It was really great mum! Today we made explosives!”

Mother, “Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow?”

Patrick, “What school?”

sanky got his point now he comes towards her places his hand on her shoulder and lean towards her whisper, did your trust on this rainy season dissapeared by seeing raining in other season,
swara did’t understand his word but in flow she nods in negativity but thinks why he is asking this silly question, sanky sees layer of confusion also came in her face replacing the guilt,
sanky- so your trust of rainy season did not fade away even if sometimes this rain occurs in other season also, swara again nods yes but still confused
sanky- than why you don’t trust me
swara got more confusion she is not able to understand what is going in sanky mind
sanky- i know you are confused, now he sits on his knees infront of sitting swara directly seeing in her eyes both eyes were red, one is due to guilt and other is due to hurt, he interwinds
his finger with her fingers opens his mouth while playing with her fingers, swara the people of this world is like rainy cloud only to whom we like whose character is good but some are like those

clouds which rains in other season but still you have respect and trust on rainy clouds that they are good even if exceptions, but why you don’t trust me swara, i know there are mainy people who
are not good like exceptional clouds, so due to them we will forget to trust people swara, we will only thinks of that exceptional people only, or we will make our mind that only these type of exceptional people are there in this world forgetting about the high percentage of people like clouds of rainy season swara, now he sees her directly in her eyes, says
why swara if you can trust this clouds than why can’t you trust people. swara get shocked by his words, now she totaly understoon her fault and mistake which she is doing from many days,
swara don’t know what to do, she just hugs him tightly and cries vigorously, i am sorry sanky. i am sorry. i didn’t meant to hurt you, please don’t break freindship with me sanky still crying
swara was saying in pleading voice while sanky relaxes herself make her sit comfertable after there long lasting hug, sanky says,swara i can understand your situation, i know in your life
you mate with many bad people all wanted your money and wealth but just try to give one chance to me, i will make your life good, i really wanted to help you, swara still crying nods in agreement

, yes sanky i want to give second chance in our freindship, please i am sorry, sanky closes her lips by his finger, please don’t say anything swara,

When my wife starts to sing I always go out and do some garden work so our neighbors can see there’s no domestic violence going on.


you are not at fault,
swara removes his finger says do you know sanky from my childhood only i never got love and to those people i loved they never loved me, all only wanted to take my advantage only, no one think
about my life what i want, my likes my dislikes, i trusted many people but i only got onething that is BETRAYEL, i am very rich of this mumbai but most poor person of this world in terms of love
and family, i don’t have anyone in this wrold who cares for me, i only mate with those people in my life who are like those clouds which only rains in other season but still i trusted them but what
they did, everyone completes there work and leave me like joker, i am just joker only who don’t have anything in this world, i am just alive without sole sanky, from small age of my life, i only saw

onething just profit and betrayel, tears were also brimming from sanky eyes he again hugs swara by seeing her crave for love, but swara tears never stopped because of thinking about the black incidense
of her life which only gives and refresh her pain but today she was blurting out infront of sanky first time so that she can peacefully makes her heart light so that she can feel litle good by telling her
suppressed emotiones to him, both were hugging each other, swara slowly gots calm tears were flowing from her eyes, after 15 minutes sanky feels no reaction from swara, he gently tries to see her and found

she slept on his shoulder only, sanky gently takes her in his arms and lays her on the bad while covering with badsheet to her, he wears his clothes, today swara slept without any affect of pills peacefully
because she thinks that she found correct person who can think about her worries and who cares her, today she blurt out very small part of her heart but felt reLAxed because this is first time she is decreasing
the high weight of her heart which was placed inside her from years and it always pierce in her heart like needle
sanky after sleeping swara moves out of the room, just he opens his door he found one person voicE, SO OUR WORK IS SUCCESFULL MY FREIND……………….

PRECAP- high voltage drama, and pakka story will take leap, may be swasan marriage
how was part, guys i think people did not liked yesterday revealtion of lucky positive because there was very less response i think you all guyd did not lked that part
AND you all wanted swasan marriage it will happen soon and i will take before mariage part in summary which i wanted to show
good day

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