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Swaragini ff/os analysis

Heya people! This is Tanya! Now a days analysis is very rare so I thought to do an analysis.
All the writers here are amazing and are doing excellent job. Writing one article is her hard task and they are writing series of articles!!! Woah!
Need to be applauded.
My fav writer on TU is Jyotii. But I love Meher,Anjali, Kritika,Anu(a virtual character),Dafsi,SreeHarini,Sethhoty,Vini,Jwala,Divyansri,Azure.

Lets talk abt few ffs.
1.The Rain,TheSpring,TheAutumn-IO don’t know where to start about this ff.
Those who have not read it please read it.. this is only of 20 chaps. I bet
you wil love it. This is about a girl who fought a lot to get true love in her life.


2.Kuch iss tarah-The season 1 was superb. It had everything which a
ficyions needs be it emotions,comedy,romance,mysteryetc. Season2.. I love
Swasanspa’s bonding changed everything and Adiraj. avni is also interesting and raglak too.

3.Love behind the lust-I don’t know why but I love this ff very much.
Something is there in this ff which attracts me towards it. The way Sparsh understood that Swara is not his real mother but still his love did not lowed down.
Few ffs which I love-
1.Swaragini! For You( Friendship and love based fiction. I am waiting for swasan to marry and Raglak to fall in love)
2.Rahul:Mama Lavanya:Papa( A pure Raglak ff which I love the most)
3.His love or lust. ( It started with Sanskar’s lust towards Swara but now it’s a truly love wala ff)
4.Give me your hand to hold.( Well AS I don’t know from where to start…. It’s a superb ff)
5.Yeh dooriyan( Finally Swasan are married n now Swara is calling Sanskar not Sanskar sir….)
6.Pride vs prejusice( As usual a marvelous piece of writing…..)
7.Hidden beast.( Welll m in love with this ff.. I have read it on fb too)
8.Heartless Sanskar and helpless Swara( When it started I was so excited to read it. Its superb)
9.Bcz I luvd her( I luv this ff.. A lovely ff. But don’t know why the writer is not uploading it)
10.Raglak Second love( Well I read few raglak ffs but I love this raglak ff the most among all the raglak ffs)
11.MR Maheswari and I( I don’t want to say anything. This is something higher than my comment)
12.Yellow Rose( A complete different theme n its theme is so attractive)
13.Raglak:Love me like you do ( I luv its tiltle…. Luv to read this ff)
14.Entangled love( Love is really complicated in this ff….. )
15.Tu meri mannnat.( I started reading it recently and its amazing)
Ffs which have end
1.Path to happiness
2.Raglak that nyt changed my lyf
3.Red string of fate
4.Journey from revenge to love

A few OS:
1.Sang hoon tere(Swasan) by Sanvi
2.The marriage that changed everything(Swaragini): Jyotii
3.Money is not everything(swasan) by Shann
4.Only for you(Raglak) by divya
5.Journey of two hearts(Ragsan) by Jyotii
6.The photographer(Raglak) by Astra
7. A helping hand(Raglak) by anjali
8.Marriage love trust(Raglak) by Saanvi
9.Luring attraction(Raglak)by Shonali
10.Pani Puri(Ragsan) by Megha
11.A second chance(Swasan by Meher
12.The story which remained incomplete(Swasan) by Jyotii
13.Life beyond death(Ragsan) By Meher


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