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SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 25

Hey guys Heer here. Thanku for your support guys.

I am very happy seeing your interest in the story and it forces me to give updates fast.


So last episode link is :

Part 24

And here we go :

Ragini was rushed to ambulance along with Dadisa, Samistha and Shekhar.

‘Swara console lakshya and bring him in hospital. ‘ said Shekhar.

‘But ask him first how did all this happen. I will call police if ge had dome something. Only they two were in room. He could have saved my laado ‘ said Dadisa while sobbing.

‘This is not the time. My daughter is dying maa. Please we will get to know it afterwards ‘ said Samishtha and they all left.

Swara ran upto lakshya who was still lifeless. She shook him . ‘ Lakshya be brave please. ‘

Lakshya hugged him tightly and sobbed. Tears flew out his eyes . Swara rubeed hs back to console him.

‘ Lakshya gather courage. We have to go to hospital. Dadi Sa is suspecting you. You will have to face police. Just gather courage ‘ said Swara rubbing his back.

He clutched Swara more tightly only muttering , ‘ Why Ragini..why ‘.

‘Swara rush to hospi..’ said Sanskar as he entered the room but froze seeing the closeness of Swalak.

‘ Whats going on here Swara ‘ he asked.

Seeing Sanskar Swara stood atonce and hugged him. She aas acting all strong in front of Lakshya but seeing Sanskar she knew she can cry in the arms of her hero. She can go all weak in Sanskar’s arm and Sanskar will hold her. She hugged him and broke down in his arm.

‘My sister…sanskar.my Ragini..save her’ she could pnly utter this and her sobbing become harder.

Sanskar pulled her more closer to him and kissed her head , ‘ Relax shona , our Ragini will be allright. Just relax ‘

He made her sit on the chair and make her drink water.

Swara controlled herself and gestured Sanskar showing Lakshya in deep shock.

Sanskar patted Swara’s cheek and placing a kiss on her forhead he went to lakshya who muttering some random words.

Sanskar made him stand and hugged him.

‘ Ragini will be allright bro. Have courage. We all love her. She will survive the injury. I am your big bro and I had promised to myself that I will never let you shed a tear. Trust me lucky. Everything will be fine.’ said Sanskar hugging him.

Lakshya stared him with deep shock as Sanskar parted him. Sanskar made him drink water. Lakshya recovered from the situation but aas not able to make an eye contact with Sanskar.

Sanskar looked at Swara who was freakingly looking at the blood on floor and aas ready to pass out at any moment.

Sanskar rushed to her and cupped her face. He sat down so that their face reaches the same level , ‘ Look here Swara , in my eyes. Ragini will be all ok. I will use my every power to save her.’

Swara remains unaffected with tears flowing through her eyes.

Sanskar shook her but she didn’t responded.

He couldn’t see his Swara lifeless. He took tge extreme step forgetting the presence of someone else around. For him Swara was most important. He cannot let him go in shock. So forgetting everything he eent near to her .

He put his lips on her and slowly let them mingle into each other. He asked for entrance and as Swara allowed parting her teeth she started sobbing hard. Sanskar rubbed her back and calmed her by his kiss. Saara clutched him tightly and slowly parted the kiss.

‘ But how did all this happen ‘ said Swara sobbing.

‘ Its all due to me’ said Lakshya.
‘ She came down the fan saving me ‘ saying this he closed his eyes letting the tears flow.

‘ I am telling you both Ragini will be allright. Lets rush to hospital. ‘ said Sanskar clutching Swara’s hand and signalling lakshya to come.

Lakshya hugged Sanskar and said , ‘ Sorry bhai. You are all right na. ‘

‘ Lucky why are you saying sorry and what will happen to me’ said Sankar ruffling his hairs.

They all went to car. On their aay to hospital lakshya asked him , ‘ Bhai have you eaten that porridge’

‘ Yeah lucky I had and now don’t worry about anything. I know my little brother is in big tensions but trust me everything will be allright ‘ said Sanskar.

Lakshya nodded his head and went to deep thoughts. He came out of his thoughts as tha car halted in front of hospital.

Swara came out and rushed to the area where Ragini aas admitted as told by Shekhar.

‘ Bhai please get your body check up done ‘ said lakshya pleading to Sanskar.

‘Lakshya what has happened to you. Don’t panic. Lets go ‘ said sanskar and dragged him towards the hodpital.

‘ Maa..Ragini ‘ said Swara as see saw all her family members are sitting on the bench.

Samishtha only pointed in the direction not able to speak anything.

Swara followed her mother’s finger and saw ‘ Operation Theatre’

Her eyes welled up. She ran upto the door but Sanskar caught her and hugged her to calm down. She let the pain flow through her eyes in his arms.

‘What you did to my laado. I will call the police. Only you two were in the room ‘ said dadi cathching lakshya’s collar as soon as he entered the waiting area.

‘ I am sorry dadi ‘ said lakshya breaking in tears.

‘What sorry. My laado is battling with death and..’ dadi aas still shouting over lakshya when she was interuppted by a voice.

‘One minute dadi ji. Don’t torcher our lakshya. He cannot do anything. This may be a new trick of your laado and the reality is lakshya is torchered every single day from ahen your laado has been introduced to him. ‘ said  freaking Sujata who has just entered the hospital with Maheshwari family.

‘Keep quiet u both. This is not a battlefield. We are family amd we should stand with each other in this sensual moment not against ‘ said Dp.

He and Ram went to shekhar and consoled him. Annapurna consoled Samishtha.

Sujata stood beside dadi making faces and talked to herself , ‘ Don’t know what new game this girl is playing. ‘

In the meantime doctor came out of the OT.

‘ How is she. She will be allright na’ asked Lakshya approaching the doctor.

‘Her body is not responding to our treatment. We cannot say anything if she will be able to survive or n…’ doctor said but was stopped by Swara who was now grabbing the collar of doctor.

‘What do you mean by it. You have to save her damn it’ she said getting violent.

Sanskar pulled her and tried to control her but she jerked Sanskar and went inside the OT.

She sat near Ragini and clutcged her saying, ‘ Its all my mistake. I shouldn’t have done that with the rice . I never knew that this will be the effect. Please come back Ragini..please…’

She was dragged by nurses in the OT.

‘Don’t touch her this way ‘ said Sanskar getting near Swara.

He embraced her and said , ‘ Calm down baby. I have talked to best doctor of Mumbai . He will be here anytime soon. Our Ragini will be allright.’

‘Right now get strong and take care of ma , baba and dadi’ he added.

Swara looked at Sanskar and get assuredby the way his eyes were determine to do anything to save Ragini. She nodded in yes.

They both come out and Swara went to Samishtha and consoled her.

‘The doctor have arrived’said Sanskar while cutting the call.

All get a hope of Ragini being allright as the doctot assured them about it.

So guys how was it.
Well I want your views.
Do you want:
1. Ragini’s Death
2. Memory loss track
3. Simply Ragini get treated and survive. No memory loss.

Please share your views what you want to read.

Majority will be given preference and tell me fast because after reading your views I will work on next chapter.

Waiting for your comments ?

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