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SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 24

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So last episode link is :

Part 23

And here goes the next part:

‘Seeing you drinking water , I remember the main part of my story darling. Lets continue ‘ said Lakshya pulling Ragini by hairs so that she face him now while she was craving for more water as she felt suffocation to go lessen as the tiny droplets of water touched her throat.

‘Well the day came and our engagement happened. Till bhai was busy in spending time with my Swara I bribed the priest that dadisa has chosen for the well being of our marriage and do you know baby why Swara was not able to keep the fast ‘ saying this he jerked Ragini and laughed like a maniac.

Well I learnt it from you , ‘ Every thing is fair in love ‘ saying this he once again jerked Ragini pressing her cheeks.

Ragini in unbearable pain held her stomach that has started to feel the burning sensation. She forced her body towards the water to have some but again lakshya pulled her mercilessly.

‘Water..yeah..it was the water that the priest gave to Swara mixed with something that her bp went down amd her loverboy came ahead to keep the fast just as I wanted’ said Lakshya with an angry grin,  ‘ afterall he had to pay for loving my girl .’

‘And there comes the finale ‘ saying this lakshya stood up and went towards the gate to unlock it.

‘You must be wondering why I unlocked the gate, well till now Sanskar’s condition will also have worsened and might doctor have come too and they will be searching for you in no time but you will have to die but not before you come to know what made your condition like this. ‘ saying this lakshya went towards Ragini,  halting in mid way such that he was just down the fan that was swinging on its own ready to fall down any moment while lakshya was anaware of it.

‘So take my secret to your grave and listen the rice were poisoned. And i made you eat that with love similarly Swara will have fed Sanskar and he will die soon. Bless us a happy married life Ragini’ saying this he started laughing.

Ragini felt her stomach burned up in sensation she clutched it hard and in extreme pain looked up feeling helpless. Her eyes reached the fan that was falling right over lakshya with loose lighting wires containg current.  An unknown power embraced her. She crawled upto lakshya who was busy dreaming her future with Swara with his face up and eyes closed.

Fan was about a inch aaay from lakshya. She cried with her all might , ‘ Lakshhhhhhh’ and pushed him towards the wall and tried to crawl backside to be saved but due to the effect of poison she felt her body lifeless and numb and the fan with electrical wires hit her causing blood to flow out everywhere.

Lakshya stood froze. It didn’t took a while to understand him that she has sacrificed her life to save him even after he was on the urge to give her a painful  death.

His limbs felt motionless. He stood numb and could only mutter , ‘ why..Ragini..why ‘.

Swara, dadisa , samishtha and shekhar came up and were shocked to see the scene in front of them.

Swara switched off the main switch and ran towards Ragini and took her out from the fan. Her had was badly hurt and drained in blood.

Tears welled up in Swara’s eyes while pleading Ragini to get up.

Ragini opened her eyes and took Swara’s  hand in her hand , ‘ Don..don’t..let…Sanshh..karr..eathh..aahh..the…porri..dge…’

Saying this and leaving Swara in a confused state she closed her eyes. Till the then dadi sa and samishtha sat near her crying hard. Shekhar called the ambulance.

As Ragini was carried in the ambulance Swara pondered over her last words. ‘ Don’t let Sanskar eat that porridge.’

But why she said that thought Swara , ‘ Did she come to know about the rice. But how’ swara went in deep thought as whole family rushed to hospital she stayed back to come with lakshya.

Lakshya fall on ground lifeless muttering only , ‘ why..Ragini..why’

This is all.

Do comments and let me know are you liking it or not.

Tell me what you think of Ragini now. Is she paying for her sins or she is the victim.

What you guys think??

Tonss of love and thanku :))

Next part on way ?

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