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SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 23

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‘ That day when I came to know that Swara loves Sanskar , well I was hiding behind the curtain of your room. I was literally shattered and I planned it that day. Well I had not planned it that extreme but you all ruined it.’ said lakshya and pressed Ragini’s cheeks.

‘ Remember that video. I had sent it ‘ said lakshya aith a smirk.

Flashback starts

Lakhsya came behind the curtain as SwaRagini went inside to get dressed.

‘ I can not bear this. My Saara cannot love Sanskar. He is the villian and I am her hero I will kill Sanskar ‘ said Lakshya to himself as he left to the venue.

He was thinking ways to remove Sanskar from his way jyst thenhe heard someone saying , ‘ Theft is not possible in this hotel. Each and every corner of this hotel along with poolside is equipped with cctv cameras. .’

‘ I will not kill Sanskar but I will create situations like this that you will have to marry me Swara. But first of all I have to act all innocent and win trust of you all and also show some fake love to that b***c.’ thought Lakshya with a smirk.

Then he went to Sanskar . Sanskar was standing outside the hall seeing SwaRagini going to marriage hall, thinking of a way to get Swara out of her memory drama. Lakshya came there and said ‘ bro,  i have a plan ‘.
‘ A plan !! For what??’ Asked sanskar.

‘ bhai,  don’t act like this. I know everything how they both got united and proved u mad ,u know i have understood that something is fishy when they sent me here in the evening before them , saying ti look arrangements for the wedding and then Swara came here  and was arranging some boards. I was searching for you but before i could tell u anything this happened. Bro if they both can get united.  Why can’t we? Bhai i have a plan and i asuure u after using this plan they will never ever prank on anyone.  And yes you will get your Swara back too.
‘ Lucky , you love Swara right. I am sorry yr. I don’t want to snatch your love..’ Sanskar said but lakshya interuppted him saying , ‘ bro Swara loves you. My love is one sided and also i don’t deserve her. I left her at that time when she needed me the most. And in love what matters is happiness of your partner. And she is happy with you’ said lakshya with tears in his eyes.
Sanskar hugged him and said , ‘ when my little lucky became sp big. I always thought to give everything to my little bro but today my bro is sacrificing his love for me ‘
‘ Bro she is your love. Now listen to my plan’;said lakshya.

He told him his plan that you call Swara in the launge and i will stab you . Seeing you dying she will surely break down and will aceept her mistake.
‘ Lucky is it right to give her this much pain. I will not be able to bear her tears . I am thinking that i will sing a song for her in the hall and apologise her ‘ said Sanskar.

‘ Sanky bro do you know Swara’s stubbornness.  She will make you suffer more. Rather i got a more brilliant idea. Mixing our ideas together.  First you sing for her and then my anger is justified to kill you ‘;said lakshya laughing.

Sanskar said , ‘ i know she will get sad but let’s try it once. May be her drama ends and lucky give a chance to Ragini if you can. She loves u truly and true love is hard to find.’

‘ Bro first your mission and then i will think about myself. Now mission starts bro and yes don’t get melted by seeing her tears. If they can be SwaRagini, we can also be SanLak ‘ said Lakshya laughing.

‘ Ok lets give them a taste of their own medicine’ winked Sanskar.

I really want to kill you Sanskar thought lakshya while he hugged him.

Flashback Ends

‘You know Ragini I did all this to prove myself good’ said lakshya as he sat beside Ragini who was in a state of disbelief holding her throat to save herself from choking.

‘ I just wanted to be the one sacrificing his love so that Swara trusts me. Sanskar trusts me . Remember like yoy did before’ he cupped Ragini’s face and then threw her with a jerk.  Tears flew out of her eyes.
‘Lakk..lakshh..pl..ease…sp…spare..Sans…kaahh…rr..pl..easee..Swahh..raa..lov..ess..him..pleahh..sto..pphh..aahh..him..fr..ohmm..eati..ng th..att..porrii…dgee.’ said Ragini with great difficulty.

‘ Aww baby wants to do good deeds befor dying . But what about the sins you have committed b***c ‘ saying this Lakhya twisted her face amd she winched in pain.

‘You know what Ragini that day when I stabbed Sanskar, I wished the knife aas for real. I wanted to kill that bastard for eyeing my Swara. I stabbed him several times and it was for real. No prank. I really wanted to stab him till death but as I told you before I wanted to be the hero not the villian.’ said lakshya laughing hard.

‘You know Ragini’ said Lakshya placing hand over his cheek , ‘ When Swara slapped me here , I felt blessed to get her touch. I loved it and never aanted it to stop afterall my love was touching me ‘ said Lakshya rubbing his face in a psycho state.

Ragini trembled in pain and she felt hard to breathe. She took a deep breath and pleadingly looked at Lakshya.

‘Relax baby. Its the beginning and it is nothing compared to thr pain you gave me. You will feel hard to breathe but not die because death will not be that easy to you. So ahem..lets continue.’ Lakshya patted her cheeks and Ragini jerked his hand moving her face.

‘ So now the b***c doesnot want me to touch her. Me too don’t want to touch you ‘ saying this he spat on the floor.

‘Now listen, I was the one who took the videos from thr hotel and sent it to our home as I knee bade papa will not let his family name at stake amd eventually will get me married to Swara. But what you did again you spoiled my plan and your mother stopped my roka with Swara. And then once again I felt detached but got with an idea in my brilliant brain. I once again played sith the video and changed it to again become hero of my Swara but the fact bothered me that how come you all ne so foolish that you never thought once how was I able to get all the setup to change and mislead the video eventually when we had just arrived from Jaiput. None of you doubted me once that I might be the one who has mislead the previous videos and at that moment I was assured you all trust me like hell’ saying this he grabbed the bottle of water and drank it.

Ragini carved for water and forwarded her hand to get some.

‘ Baby wants water hmm. ‘ said lakshya and forwarded bottle towards her but instead of giving ot to her he threw the water on floor.

‘ Drink it b***c ‘ said he pointing towards the water an floor and tossed the bottle on opposite direction.

Ragini who needed water badly at that suffocating condition licked the water along her tears that flew down the ground.

‘ Seeing you drinking water , I remember the main part of my story darling. Lets continue ‘ said Lakshya pulling Ragini by hairs so that she face him now while she was craving for more aater as she felt suffocation to go lessen as the tiny droplets of water touched her throat.

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