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SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 22

Hey guys Heer here. Telly updates didn’t include the links of previous chapters.

So in this new chapter I am giving links along with new part of story.



So here is next part. Read it and give your feedback ?

‘ Here it is baby ‘ Swara said as she put the porridge on the plate and touched Sanskar’s face in awe.

Laksh coughed to gain there attention and said , ‘ Well i am taking Ragini to her room. I want to feed her there.’

Ragini hung her head shying and the voices of SwaSan who were teasing them.

Lakshya took her helding her by hand and on his other hand he was holding porridge.

Ragini’s Room :

Lakshya made Ragini sit on the bed and closed the door beside him.

‘Lakshya don’t close it. What will family members think about us ‘ said Ragini shying.

‘ They will think that two couples who are deep in love are making love ‘ Lakshya said with a wink.

‘ Lakshhhyyaa’ Ragini said and closed her eyes.

‘ Romance will be after dinner ‘ said lakshya teasing Ragini.

Ragini opened her eyes and looked at Lakshya smiling. ‘ I love you Lakshya ‘ she said with a smile covering her face.

‘ I know that but first open your mouth and have this ‘ said Lakshya while moving the spoon towards her mouth.

She compiled and allowed the porridge flow through her mouth down to the stomach.

‘Its very tasty Lakshya ‘ she chirped happily.

Lakshya smiled meanwhile feeding her some more of porridge.

‘ You know Ragini ‘ lakshya continued talking while feeding her. ‘ The day I came to know about your betrayal,  I was shattered ‘

‘ I am sorry lakshya ‘ said Ragni with teary eyes.

‘ Don’t be sorry darling ‘ said he and cupped her face. ‘ And when everything seemed to be right and I thought I will get Swara , I came to know that Swara loves bhai. I was angry at myself but then I realised its not my fault.’

‘Lakshhh’ she said in a teary voice.

‘Sushh baby..let me complete ‘ he stopped her.

‘Then I realised there are only two persons at fault. You and  Sanskar. You have done all this mess by your dirty drama and bhai who was villian of my story has become hero of my girl . And then I decided to be the villian of their love life and be the hero of my Swara ‘ Lakshya said with a smirk.

‘ Please don’t joke lak…’ Ragini said and felt her throat choking in mid way. She held her throat and looked at Lakshya who was smirking behind.
‘Helpp…chok…me…chok…lak..laksya..chok.. I……ahh…ammm…suff..ocating ‘ said Ragini in a weak and pleading voice.

‘Haha..I have helped you b***c by feeding you this poisonous rice. Bhai will also die like you and you know the most interesting part doctors will only find it a case of food poisoning. I have planned everything like you. And then I will win Swara someday for sure.’ said lakshya leaning over Ragini’s face who was suffocating badly and yearning to be saved from the devil.
‘Lak…sh…pl..ease…do..don’t..please..’ she pleaded again.

‘ Baby you are not gonna die this soon . This poison will work slowly. Till then be the partner of my secret. I will tell yoy hoa and when I planned everything.  Till then Sanskar will also get a painful death’ said Lakshya with an angry grin.

Ragini collasped on floor. Holding her throat unable to speak anything. Tears of helplessness flew out of her eyes.

‘ So where were we. Yes that day when..’ lakshya continued.

Here it is guys.

Tell me what you feel for the track. So that I may improve it further.

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Love u all.

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