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SwaRagini Fan Fiction.. Part 21

Hey guys Heer here. Do you remember my fanfiction. If yes then tell me I will continue otherwise i will continue it in wattpad.

So here is next part. Read it and give your feedback ?


Priest entering in baadi.

‘Shona , laado come fast and take blessings from the priest.’ said dadisa as she entered in the house with priest.

All came there including Shekhar and Samistha. Dadi sa guided them to take blessings from priest. Priest blessed the couple of Shekhar and Samistha and then he kept his hands on SwaRagini’s head and closed his eyes as if examining something.

Suddenly the calm expression of the priest changed into that of  fear and he said in a horrifying voice , ‘ These girls have bad luck related to their husbands. They will not get the happiness of married life’

They all got shocked listening bitter words of priest. Shekhar got angry and stood at once saying , ‘How dare you say this to my daughters. I will take the life out of you .’

Dadi backed the priest and said we have seen that their married life had stuck in problems. And then she turned to the priest folding her hands and said , ‘ Is there anything that we can do about the fate of these two. ‘

‘ Yes there is one way. They both have to keep the fast today without even taking water and then in evening they have to eqt the porridge made by their husbands and yes the porridge should be made from these rice only as i have purified them with the worship. ‘ said the priest.

‘ But tomorrow is their marriage, how can they do such tuff fast today’ said Shekhar.

‘They will do this for their husbands’ said dadi in authorative voice.

SwaRagini nodded in yes.

The priest told them they have to do havan before keeping fast and asked them to call their would be grooms.

Dadi called Maheshwari Mansion and asked SanLak to come for rituals.

The pooja started with the four sitting around the pious fire with the garodia family surrounding them.

After havan priest gave some water as prashad to SwaRagini and asked them to have it and then take one round of the fire and take your fast.

SwaRagini took the prashad and stood to take the round of fire.

Swara felt giddy and was about to fall on ybe fire just then Sanskar held her.

The family got panicked and they called the doctor.

Doctor examined Swara and told her bp has come down so much and advised her to eat lot of salty things along withthe medicine.

‘But she have to keep fast today ‘ said dafi expressing her concern to the doctor.

‘ No she cannot take it. Her body is not supporting her right now. Make sure she takes a proper diet. For now I havegiven injection but if she don’t eat food the situation may worsen.’ said doctor.

After the doctor left dadi asked the priest again that what will happen now.

The priest said , ‘ One way is there, if the negative power is stopping Swara to take fast then his would be groom can take it and she will cook porridge for him night . ‘

‘ No I will keep fast ‘ said Swara in a weak voice while failing in her attempt to sit.

‘ Yes, you are not even able to sit properly and you will keep fast. If this is an important ritual I will keep fast for my shona ‘ said Sanskar eyeing lovingly to Swara.

‘ But Sanskar I..’ Swara said but cut by Sanskar.

‘ No more argument Swara. Pandit ji tell me the way. I will kerp the fast ‘ said Sanskar and went to Pandit ji.

Sumi sat beside Swara rubbing her haid and said , ‘ Shona you are very lucky to get him.

‘ Yes I am ‘ said Swara with a big smile.

Night Time

‘Do it fast Swara . I am hungry from morning ‘ said Sanskar umpteenth time tapping his hands anxiously on table.

Swara passed another giggle.

Ragini and Sanskar were waiting for their porridge to be served at the dining table while Swara qnd laksh were preparing porridge for them.

‘Swara don’t.  You are not allowed to taste it. Its for them ‘ said lakshya as Swara was going to taste the porridge made by them both.

‘ Swara you are just a kid. Now go and serve this to both of them . They have not eaten anything from morning ‘ said dadi.

She nodded her head in yes and SwaLak took the bowl of porridge outside where the duo were waiting.

Sorry for being this superlate guys.

Next part on the way.
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