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On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters will be starting from today’s post till 48th post and only 2 characters you all can vote for and only once.


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Ragini – 5
Sanskar – 4
Swara – 2
Laksh- 1
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SwaRaj get to the hostel and then to the lawn in the girls hostel.
“ Raj , I am sure , warden Ma’am won’t let us in….” Swara says sadly.
“ why , Drama queen , put your magic on , I am sure , she’ll melt seeing this puppy face…..” Raj said teasing her.
“ Raj…..” Swara again said sadly “ I have to make my project….”
“ Alright , lets go to some night coffee shop , we’ll buy the material for your project from any shop around and then make it there , remember our vada pav party……” Raj said with a smile.
“ Wow , Raj , you have a solution to everything , I love you yaar…..” swara said as she jumped up to go.
Raj smiled seeing her smile and they started walking up to the way (Shops are close to the collage and hostel).

Ragini is sitting in her room with a lot of papers and pictures around her.
“ I need to find out about second princess , something must be there in newspapers , Its about royal family….” She said as she hurridly searched through those papers.
Suddenly her eyes fell on an open album of her childhood kept there, it had a picture of her and Aniket.
“ Bhaiyaa……………………….Oh God , how can I forget Raksha bandan is coming , Infact it is on the day of my crowning……” She thought as she realized it seeing the album.
She stared at the picture for some time , her eyes turning moist and then suddenly kept it aside , “ When bhaiyaa doesn’t care about me , I also don’t want to care about him….” she said to herself while now tear drops actually started felling down her eyes.

“ My only sister is lost , I don’t know anything about her , not even her name and my bhaiyaa who is near me……………..” She pauses as she thinks about what all Aniket did to her.
“ I have nothing , a broken family where I am the reason for my Dadisa to stay away from her son and daughter in-law , my kidnapped sister , My dead parents , My Bhaiyaa who hates me …..and now I am gonna be the one to handle Rajgarh , how can a broken person like me handle a whole kingdom…..”
She kept all the things aside and went to Rajmata’s room , Rajmata was sleeping , she came near Rajmata and stared at her standing at a distance , “ I have only you Dadisa , I won’t upset you , I promise , I will find my sister , your second Princess….” She said.
She then saw her photo kept at the side table and thought , “ Dadisa , next time , there will be two photos….” She walked out of the room switching off the lights.
SwaRaj are sitting in a coffee shop while working with some charts.
Swara is drawing something while Raj is holding the chart paper , he is concentrating on the chart paper when suddenly he lifts his eyes to stare at Swara , her hair have messed up from the whole day’s work and some of the strands seem to come in front of her eyes making her irritated, Raj smiles as he stares at her continuously trying to draw and at the same time trying to pin her hair back.
Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara
“ Raj , what are you doing , hold the chart paper nicely na……” Swara said as she tried to correct him but Raj was continuously staring at her in a trance.
She stares at him and then at his eyes which are still , she moves her hand in front of of his eyes , Raj suddenly comes out of his trance , “ What…..” Swara says staring at him.
She puts her hand on his forehead and then holds his arm , “ I don’t think you have fever….then what happened….”
Raj sees her embarrassed and then gets free from her hold , “ What , I am fine , what will happen to me…..”

“No, the way you were behaving , I thought you got fever , I and Ragini played a lot of ghost house with you today na…..” Swara said with a mischivious smile.
She stares at him with a smile while her hair strands are still blowing , Raj again keeps staring at her and smiles…
O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara
“ Now , hold this chart properly…..” Swara says in her cute bossy way while Raj nods smiling.
Ragini is roaming in her room , she remembers how when she was staring at her own picture , she took up the keys kept behind the picture and then checked Rajmata’s work room for some files , she succeeded in finding that the kidnapper of second princess is in some jail of Kolkata but not anything else.

“ Kolkata , How to go to Kolkata……and I don’t even know anything about Kolkata then……” She thought confused when suddenly something popped in her mind , “ Devgarh is near Kolkata , infact a person can reach there by bus , I can contact Laksh, he can help me……” She thought as a smile climbed up her lips now.
After some time:
Ragini’s room is completely messed up , “ Laksh’s number , oh God , it isn’t anywhere ………..wait a second , how can it be in my old records , Laksh didn’t had phone 15 years back…..” She thought hitting her head.
(TOO innocent to handle)
“Then who can have his numbe……………………….SANSKAR………..Oh God , Bhagwanji , Now I need to call Him……” Ragini thought tensed.
(Maan me toh ladoo phot rahe honge na Ladoo ke)
She dialled his number without any delay (Lovely action Ragini , raat ke 2:30 baje sanskar ke phone ki ghanti baje…)
Sanskar who was sleeping in his room hears the ringtone , “ Now , this time who is calling….” Sanskar thought angrily as he picked up the call without seeing the called ID.
“ Kaun……???(Who…???)”
“ Ragini…….”
“ Kaun Ragini……..( Who Ragini….)” Sanskar asked still in sleep.
Ragini almost opened her mouth as large as a ladoo and thought angrily yet sadly , “ he doesn’t remember me…….Sanskar…..”

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaun
Jo tu karde ishara
Sanskar slowly coming out of the sleep and recongnizing her voice , “ RAGESHWARI…………”
“ Yes…..” Ragini said with her golu-molu cheeks totally forming a ballon.
“ Arre , tumhe hi toh sapne meh dekh raha tha aur tumne call bhi kardi…………………( Oh , I was seeing you only in dream and you called also….)”
Sanskar realized what he said , a long silence…….Ragini had a small smile on her lips.
Kahi kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
Teri khushbu se takraun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwab tu..

Ragini suddenly realized for what she had called him and , “ Sanskar , stop wasting my balance , tell me Laksh’s number….”
“ Oh , I waste you balance , I won’t give you his number……………….wait a second why are you asking for it…..?????” Sanskar said like a cute baby now sitting up on his bed.
“ You shouldn’t care , tell me his number or…………” Ragini too joined him.
“ Or……”
“ Or ………………… I’ll tell Dadisa how you behaved with me on my first day of collage”
(Ragini perfect reaction to sanskar’s action)
“ 942*******” Sanskar spoke in a breath , he is too afraid of Dadisa.
Ragini smiled and cut the call.
Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu.

“ Ragini , Ragini…..” Sanskar said as he heard the beep.
“ Meri toh yahan kisi ko kadar hi nahi ( No one cares for me here….)” Sanskar said as he again fell back to sleep.
O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara
O tere sang yara
Khush rang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena ganvara

In laksh’s room :
“ Suwarna , I am coming to find you…..” Laksh says as he is seen packing his bags with a smile.
Maine chhode hai baki saare rastein
Bas aaya hun tere paas re
Meri ankhon me tera naam hai
Pehchaan le..

Yeh , he is going to Kolkata.
Suddenly his phone rings , he stares at the number , “ seriously , these companies started to call at this time also…..” He thought angrily.
He picked up the call and on speaker , he threw the phone on bed while he continued packing.
“ Hello….”

“ Hello , Laksh I am Ragini……”
“ Oh , these girls , how did she got my number and didn’t anybody told her that I am now a one woman man ….” Laksh murmered to himself as he stared at the poster of Swara………….HIS SHONA pasted on his cupboard.
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaane le..

“Remember me………..” Ragini was saying when she was cut in the middle , “ Yes , i must have met you somewhere , but I don’t remember and I guess , you should not try on me , I know I am smart , handsome , cute but please……………” Laksh continued speaking while Ragini’s mouth was widening with his every word.
“ Dono bhai ek jaise hi hain , self obsessed ……( Both brother are same , self obsessed )” Ragini thought as she heard him.
“ I am Rageshwari…..”
“ Oh , first you said you are Ragini , Now Rageshwari , I don’t care you are Rageshwari or Wageshwar………………………..RAGESHWARI………….” Laksh said shocked.
“ Ji Laksh….Rageshwari…..” Ragini said angrily.
(Laksh , you should see before you speak , alright I mean listen…..)
“ Leave it , I’ll see you once I meet you , for the time you tell me about………..”
“ No , I won’t tell you anything , what do you mean to say that you’ll see , I am not afraid of you……” Laksh said cutting her.
“ Laksh , listen to me……” Ragini was speaking when she was again cut in the middle.
“ and yaa , I am elder to you , by whole 1 Year , don’t scare me haan…..”
“ Laksh , chup hojaye warna phone ke andar aake dekhenge hum apko…..( Laksh keep quite or else I’ll scold you coming inside the phone”
Laksh was quite , “ Abb samajh aaya bhai bhegi billi kaise ban gaye….( Now i understood how bhai became bhegi billi)” Laksh murmered to himself which Ragini easily heard.
“ Laksh…………..Leave it………………….. I want to talk to you about second princess……..” Ragini said angrily.
“ SECOND PRINCESS…….what about her???”
“ Her kidnapper is in Kolkata and I want to search her, Devgarh is near Kolkata , will you help me….???”
“ You also want to search her , I am going to Kolkata tomorrow only to meet her kidnapper to get some information”
“ You also , Laksh , then we can work together……………….wait , no I am angry with you……..” Ragini said.
“ Alright , I am also angry…..” Laksh replied back.
Swara’s project is almost at the end , “ Raj , it should be like this……”
“ No swara , like this , see I know it , I also submitted it yesterday only , not like you , Late Latteff…”
“ You late latteff , I was na busy” They both start fighting over this when all Swara’s charts start flying away.
“ Oh God , Raj………………………..” “ Swara……………” they both run behind the charts and start trying to hold them.
Suddenly one chart flies outside the shop , “ Fish Man…..” Swara runs behind the chart to pick it up , she picks up and takes a breath of relief , then she enters back when suddenly her leg hits a stone , “Raj……………………” Swara shouts when suddenly Raj holds her.
The chart is in front of Swara’s face when suddenly she removes it , their eyes meet , they keep staring at each other.
O karam khudaya hai
Tera pyaar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

(you both would have completed it earlier if you didn’t romance)
“ Ok , I am sorry Rago…..” “ Ok, I am sorry Laksh…..” Both RagLak together speak up after a whole of 5 mintues silence.
“ I said sorry first……”
“ No , I did , you are arrogant just like your bhaiyaa……”
“ Rago………………I want to find her…………..” Laksh says tired of their fights, he has a different kind of restlessness in his words which Ragini senses easily.
O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

“ Laksh , I want to come to Kolkata , Will you help me…..” Ragini asked.
“ Off course , You just come here , rest I will handle , you know ek se bhale do ……..and Laksh and Ragini’s pair always rocks….”
“ Thank you laksh……”
“ No , its for my benefit too…..” Laksh says with a smile.
They both cut the call.
Laksh smiles as he thinks about suwarna , “ Rago also helping me, now I will ind you for sure…” He says.
“ Thank you and Sorry Sanskar….” Ragini thinks as she smiles , the happiness of coming near her destination.
SwaRaj suddenly change their eyes and get up , “ Ok , we’ll do it your way….” Swara says while Raj smiles and nods.
The episode ends at sleeping face of Sanskar , smiling face of Ragini and Laksh , and Swaraj working while the song plays…..
O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Main behta musafir
Tu tehra kinara…….

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