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Swaragini: a new baby OS


Ragini and Laksh are sitting beside each other. They are in bridal attire. Their marriage was just finished. Laksh announces,
“So, in three months my group exams will be there. Till then I would like to take couching. So, I will be in Delhi.”
Ragini: so, am I coming with you?
Laksh: no ragini, we are not going to stay together until I finish my exams. I have to gain government job and it’s my one and only one aim…!
Ragini looks on…


Laksh: is it ok for you? Just, 3 months….
Ragini: your success is my success. I can wait for you any until many years…
Laksh smiles….
He leaves for Delhi. Ragini stays with her parents in baadi.

………..after 3 months……….

Ragini and Laksh get down from a car. There is a beautiful house shown. There is a baby in Ragini’s hand. That cute baby is sleeping peacefully.
Laksh: haa, my darling…! This is our palace. Your husband’s office has allotted this accommodation for us. This is our house up to my retirement… aww, and that takes many years….
He says and puts his hand on her shoulder. She pushes his hand. She is angry mood.
Laksh: Ragini, I know you are angry on me…but please act outside at least.
Then watch man comes near them and wishes them… “good morning officer…!”
Laksh: come on ramu kaka, I’m not a police. I’m just the deputy collector…
Ramu: what ever it is sir, it is great to come up to here…
Ragini: kaka, bring a good cradle and some baby milk bottles. Laksh, give him money…
She is going inside…
Ramu kaka: sir, who is that baby?
Laksh: he is our son…
Ramu: but, you were married just three months back know sir…
Laksh: oh ramu kaka…what is the relation between marriage and having kid??
Ramu kaka shocks. Ragini turns back and looks angrily at Laksh. Laksh smirks… and gives her a flying kiss… she goes inside with anger.
Kaka is in shock still…
Laksh: don’t think about it much…
He says and comes inside with luggage…
Ragini is making that baby sleep on bed slowly. She puts pillows around him without falling. She looks at Laksh. She closes the door and drags Laksh into other room holding his collar.

Ragini angrily: what is the need to tell him like that??
Laksh: then, he shouldn’t understand that chotu is not our kid.
Ragini: are you going to ruin my name like this?
Laksh: even my name ruins. We already took oath that we shall bear any risks for this kid…
They goes into flash back….


Laksh completes his couching and gets a good rank in group 1. He is appointed as deputy collector. While whole family is celebrating his success, Ragini is sitting calmly in her room. Laksh comes near her…
Laksh: hey my darling, your husband has returned with a great success. And you are calm here? Are you feeling shy??
He puts hands on her shoulders, but she pushes his hands.
Ragini: after 3 months did you remembered your wife?
Laksh: but, you said that you will wait for me years…
Ragini: of course, I will wait. But, what did you do? In these 3 months did you talk with me once? I have called you many times to talk to you…did you ever lift my phone…? Ok, I can understand that you might be busy. But, at least once, just for a minute, didn’t you ever felt to even ask me, “how are you?”
Ragini is in tears.
Laksh: I’m sorry darling, I never thought you would miss me like this?
Ragini: how wouldn’t I miss you?? You are my husband!! But, you didn’t remember me as wife right…! You got the time to talk with your parents and even my parents. But, as soon as I say ‘hello’, you used to cut the call…! Why??? Do you hate me? Why did you marry me if you hate me??

Laksh: darling, I didn’t talk with you because I thought I may get distracted. You were already coming in my dreams. If I talk with you, I will be lost in your world. that’s why I have avoided you, to gain my aim. It doesn’t mean I hate you…

Ragini: aim, aim..! only you have aim in this world?? did you know how I waited to listen your voice??
Laksh: you too never understand how I waited for you….
Ragini: enough Laksh ji…! You gave me three months of torture… you too face it. I’m not talking with you for three months…!!!
Laksh looks shocked….

They sit in the train, to go to the town where Laksh supposed to do job. She is not talking with him. Laksh keeps doing his silly tricks to make her talk. Hmm… but, she is too stubborn…!!!

Ragini goes to wash room. When she comes out, she listen a baby crying. That baby was alone in a seat. “who are this baby’s parents??” she shouts… with her shout Laksh also comes there.
Then a woman there tells. “we don’t know beta. Just now, some one left this baby here and ran away…”
Ragini looks at the letter draped in baby’s sweater. She reads it, ‘we can’t take care of this baby. Anyone with nice heart join him in orphanage…”

That baby keeps crying. Ragini takes him into hands and starts pampering him. ‘oh my baby. Don’t cry…’ she says.
Ragini: if they don’t have guts to take care, why they give birth??
Laksh: we can’t blame their situations. Let’s give this baby to orphanage in next station.
Ragini: have you gone mad?? How could someone leave such innocent baby like that? Do you think he can survive in orphanage without parents??
Laksh: why we have to care about this??
Ragini: because, we are humans. And my heart is not agreeing to throw him away. I will be his mother from today. You may or may not support me. I can fight for myself.

She goes with the baby and sits in her seat. Laksh sits beside her.
Laksh: if you want to be his mother, then I’m ready to be his father….
Ragini smiles amazingly.
Laksh: let’s be parents for this poor innocent kid.
Ragini gets happy and she kiss his cheek. Laksh amazes and puts hand on his cheek. “dear, you said that you will not talk with me for 3 months. But, this baby made us unite…” he thinks and takes baby to his hands. the baby starts smiling.

Ragini: I’m naming him Chotu…
Laksh: we are not going to tell anyone that we found him.
Ragini: of course, we have to tell that he is our son. Even chotu also shouldn’t know.

Fb ends….

Laksh: that’s why, I said him like that. No one believes us if we have 6 months kid when we are married 3 months back. So, we have did before marriage…
Ragini bends her head and goes near the baby.
Ragini: I never thought that we have to bear this rumor. But, anything for chotu… how shall we convince our parents??
Laksh: we can make them understand later….

They are shocked to see Ramu kaka there and he listened their conversation.
Ramu: don’t worry mam, sir. Even, I won’t tell anyone. You are doing a great thing. You pair has a sweet heart…
They both smile….

Little chotu will wake up and raglak starts playing with him. Laksh puts hand on her shoulder. She removes his hand.
Laksh: darling, we became friends know…
Ragini: I said, I can’t excuse you for three months.
Laksh: but, you kissed me yesterday…
Ragini: ok, I will take it back.
Laksh kisses on her cheek. “here it is. Take it…”
Ragini shouts on him. Chotu keeps laughing.

Next morning, Ragini is still sleeping. Chotu is beside her, sleeping. Laksh who is sleeping in couch wakes up.
Laksh: hello darling madam, will you wake up and prepare something to eat?
Ragini yawning: this chotu didn’t let me sleep all the night. I was awake looking after him. He slept just now, let me sleep too…
She says everything closing her eyes.

Laksh after one hour comes near her and tells in her ears, “breakfast is ready. I have boiled the milk bottles. Milk is also ready. I’m going to office now. close the door and sleep again….” He says and kisses on her cheek.
Ragini smiles unknowingly and suddenly wakes. Laksh at the door, waves his hand. She comes and closes the door. She blushes remembering what he did.

She looks at all preparations made by Laksh. She gets happy. “No… I shouldn’t get down to him. These men, do our favor things till they want something. After getting that, they make us slaves…!” she thinks.

Ragini opens internet and sees how to look after a baby. She calls her mother and starts asking all baby questions.
Shomi: beta, there is lot of time for you to ask this. you didn’t give birth to anyone still…
Rag: maa…what I’m asking what you are telling??? Bye…!

Ragini prepares luke warm water. She wakes chotu slowly, he starts crying. “shh… uuu…don’t cry beta…don’t cry…see it’s a funny face….” Ragini struggles a lot to make him stop crying.
She starts giving bath placing him on her legs. “I’m feeling very weird. Till yesterday I was beta to my mom and suddenly I’m calling one as beta…!” she smiles.

After some time, Laksh calls to Ragini.
Laksh: hey darling…what are you doing??
Ragini: don’t you have work at office? Why did you call me?
Laksh: this is my office and also, I’m free now…
Ragini: if you are free fly kites. Don’t disturb me…
Laksh: why are you busy?
Ragini: yes! Me and chotu came for shopping.
Laksh: why? If you want anything kaka will bring know…
Ragini: kaka doesn’t understand everything. Chotu needs cloths, diapers, milk bottles, cerelak, etc etc…even you don’t understand. Right chotu???
She puts phone near chotu…. Laksh listens his cute voice… ‘am..a..mm..’ he feels happy.
Ragini: ok bye…we are busy…

She buys lot of things and becomes difficult to carry the luggage and chotu. Then someone comes and takes covers in her hands.
Ragini: laksh….
Laksh: yaa..me… I know, you are taking trouble in making this. next time, call me before you go..!!!
Ragini: ok sir…!!!
They both laugh.

Because of Chotu, even Raglak becomes close. But the whole town starts speaking about them. “they have a kid before marriage… how shame..!!’
But, they both are busy in looking after him. Once, Laksh gives him bath, sometimes Ragini. They feed him, whoever gets chance. They totally forget the truth that they are not his parents. They went into a trance chotu as their real son.

After somedays, Shomi happened to visit Ragini’s place. She is shocked to see the kid. Raglak explains her everything. Shomi tries to explain Ragini about the problem, but we know, Ragini is stubborn…

Shomi: ok… then how about your relation with Laksh?
Ragini: he is nice one. I’m talking with him. But, we are sleeping separately.
Shomi amazes.
Shomi: ragu beta, he is your husband.
Ragini: but, I don’t like him.
Shomi: but, he loves you a lot. Did he at least call you by name? he always calls you darling…
Ragini remains silent.
Shomi: u have to express ur love to ur husband. Come on, go and tell him now. start your new life…

Ragini blushes and goes near Laksh. He is busy in reading newspaper. Chotu is sleeping in cradle. Ragini stands before Laksh, but his eyes are buried in paper.
Shomi is looking from side. Suddenly, chotu wakes and starts crying. Both Raglak runs near him and start playing with him.
Shomi understands that baby is the wall for their love life….

She goes out and listens to people too talking about them badly. She decides to do something.

Once, Ragini is drying the cloths outside, chotu is in cradle, playing with a doll. She suddenly, hears his cries and followed by a lady voice.
“sweet heart, don’t cry. Your mom has come. My baby, don’t cry…”

Ragini shocks and looks at that side. A lady (she is Swara) holding the baby. Ragini shouts, “hey who are you? Leave my son..!”
When she is about to go near her, two police stand in between her and Swara. Then a man comes(he is Sanskar)
Sanskar: see lady, that baby is our kid.

Ragini: no…! he is my son…!
She is about to go near chotu, but police stops her. “who the hell are you? Laksh..! come here…!’ she shouts. Laksh comes out.

Laksh: what’s going on??
Sanskar: oh…mr. deputy collector. We are real parents of this kid. If you give us permission, we can take him…
Laksh: how can you prove that??
Sanskar: see mr. Laksh. I’m the son of this state’s CM.
Raglak amazes.
Sanskar: someone has kidnapped our son and left him in train. We traced out and we found him near you. Please give him back, he is our only heir.

Laksh remains silent. Ragini runs near Laksh. “why are you silent Laksh? Chotu is our son…try to explain them…”
Laksh: no dear, they are his real parents…
Ragini slaps him. Laksh looks at her teary.
Ragini in tears: liars..! you all are liars…! He is my son… give him back…
She is about to go near chotu, but Laksh holds her.
Laksh: sir, please go away soon…

Sanskar nods his head and takes Swara. Chotu in Swara’s hands keeps crying. They sit in car and go away.

Ragini falls down and keeps crying, “chotu…” laksh consoles her.

Evening, Laksh brings near her something to eat.
Lak: ragini, you did not eat from morning….eat something now…
She nods no…
Laksh tries to change her mind, but she is in other world.

Night time, she is sleeping on bed, but her eyes aren’t closed. Laksh comes and sleeps beside her. he wipes her tears. He puts his hand on her cheek. She looks at him.

Lak: dear, forget chotu as your dream. Ragini, I can’t console you…but, I’m sure I can make you happy…
Ragini cries and moves her face close to his chest and cries a lot hugging him. She shows her love and pain at a time… his shirt gets wet with her tears. Laksh gently pats her shoulders and she sleeps.

Next morning, Laksh wakes and Ragini isn’t beside him. She is cooking something in kitchen. She seemed to be happy.
Laksh: what are you doing??
Ragini: what? Preparing breakfast…
Laksh understands that she is acting to be happy.
Laksh comes near her and holds her hand. “is it ok ragini??”
Then tears escapes from her eyes. Laksh hugs her and gives her forehead kiss.

She wipes her tears, “no, I’m not crying…see, I’m happy…”

The door bell suddenly rings. They go and open the door. CM, Sanskar and Swara with chotu in her hands are waiting at door.
Laksh: sir, what a pleasant surprise..! please come…
They take their seat. So many people are around their house.
CM: what have you done isn’t a small help. You have saved our heir. Our enemies intentionally did this crime. My grandson is really lucky.

Ragini’s sight is on chotu only. Swara comes near her and gives her chotu. Ragini holds chotu for a while and thinks something.

Ragini: yes sir. Chotu is really lucky. he got nice parents and grandfather… chotu, don’t trouble your parents…
She says and kisses chotu and gives him to Swara. Laksh keeps looking at Ragini.

They leave the place. Ragini happily waves her hand.

Laksh: is really it is ok dear??
Ragini: yes Laksh. I thought for a while, I was too sad when chotu was leaving me? Then I just imagined how Swara would have felt all these days without him…. That’s it… I have changed my mind….

Laksh looking her eyes, “are you really sure…??”
Ragini: yes sir…!!!

Laksh smiles and hugs her.
…………..after one year Ragini is blessed with cute baby girl………………….

The end……………………….

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