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Swaragini 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Laksh coming to meet Sanskar in his car…He gets down the car and looks at Sanskar, who is sitting there and waiting for him. Laksh feels pity on him, and says this is your value…you are drinking tea alone at street tea stall, no family all alone. He says this is your punishment and called Karma for your deeds. He says it is good that your real face came infront of me, else I would have been fooled by you all my life. Sanskar gets up angrily. Laksh asks do you think that you can go from here easily…you have to answer for the sufferings of mine. He says when I heard Chachi saying the same, then I realized your blood is bad. Sanskar slaps him hard.

Ragini meets Swara and says we are meeting for last time. Swara says fine. She asks her to answer for her 3 questions

and says till then their relation can’t break. Ragini says everything is finished. Swara questions her that if Adarsh knows about their real face then why did he let Laksh in jail and got beaten up in jail. She says my second question, and says Adarsh paid 5 lakh rupees for Durga Prasad’s treatment and ill treated them like a servant. She says they risked his life. She then asks why do Dadi haven’t taken you and Laksh home, after giving you money. Ragini says what do you want to say. Swara says it is their conspiracy to break our relation. Durga Prasad comes there and hears her, and says it is really a conspiracy.

Laksh slaps Sanskar. Sanskar says you are not in your senses and doesn’t know what you are doing. Laksh slaps him and says I was not in my senses before. Sanskar says your anger is because of Adarsh and Parineeta, asks him to control his anger else he will repent surely. Laksh says I am repenting, not because of them, but because of you. Sanskar asks him not to force him and holds his hand. Laksh holds his collar and asks him to calls Chachi…and says if you beg me…I will give you 20 crores. Sanskar warns him not to call his maa. Laksh says you have learnt everything from her.

Swara says you also think naa it is a conspiracy…I know why you will think us wrong. She says I am sure that Adarsh and Parineeta have forced you to do this. She asks them to tell Ragini about their conspiracy which is forcing them to support Adarsh and Parineeta. Durga prasad tells Swara that he will tell Ragini, but not about Adarsh and Parineeta, but your and Sanskar’s conspiracy. He says conspiracy is done by you both…and says I don’t want to have relation with you, asks her to go. Annapurna asks Durga Prasad not to believe her and says it is her habit to talk sweetly and trap everyone. Swara cries and asks why? Durga Prasad says I don’t want to hear anything and calls guards. Swara snatches gun from a guard and keeps on her head. She says if you think that we are liars, then I will give my life here and prove our innocence. She says we don’t want money, but just our family. If you think that we are lying, then let me die here. I want to live with family else no. She is about to pull the trigger….everyone is shocked.

Laksh and Sanskar beat each other….and fight on the road. Ragini gets concerned for Swara. Swara closes her eyes. Ragini says seriously swara, you have earned 10 crores with so much hardwork, will you let the money go in Sanskar’s hand alone. She says what do you think that we will be trapped my you. She asks her to go somewhere and threaten them with fake warning. Swara is about to shoot herself. Durga Prasad and Annapurna are shocked. Swara shoots, but Durga prasad holds her hand and makes the bullet go up in air. Everyone is shocked. Laksh beats Sanskar. Sanskar falls on the road and his feet get stuck on the iron strings..Laksh sees fast speedy truck coming towards Sanskar. However he saves Sanskar and frees his feet from the strings. He then pulls him to safety and looks at the truck as it goes. Everyone is shocked seeing Durga Prasad saving Swara. Swara says you have proved today that I am not wrong in your eyes. She says I am sure now that my way is right. Parineeta is angry. Adarsh signs at Durga Prasad.

Durga Prasad says this is your misunderstanding, and says I have saved you as I don’t want anyone to commit suicide at my doorstep. He asks her to go and stop the drama. He asks Annapurna to come with him. Swara cries. Ragini asks Swara to go from there and says it is enough of your drama. She is about to go. Swara calls her and says I accept that our blood is not same, but we have lived our relation more than real sisters. She asks her to answer for her questions, and if we are proved wrong then I will never face you, and will accept the crimes wherever you ask me to confess. She says now I will not come to you. You will come to me to prove me right and if you don’t come then I will think that our relation is ended for sure, and you have done shradh from your heart. Swaragini plays…….

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that whatever they are doing is not right, the way Adarsh is forcing them to lie and support him. Ragini hears him. Later Dadi meets Adarsh and Parineeta and tells that she was the mastermind for all the happenings in Swara and Ragini’s life, starting from all the conspiracies and also accepts that she made Laksh arrested by police and got beaten up. Ragini hears her and is shocked. Later Sumi tells Swara that she is with her in her fight to defeat the guilty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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