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Swaragini 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Laksh taking the parcel. Ragini comes and asks what you are doing? Laksh puts the parcel down and hides it. Ragini asks him not to do anything wrong. Laksh says he is fine and asks her not to worry, he says we will have breakfast and asks her to come. Sanskar’s boss gives him 2 lakh rupees and asks him to give it to someone. Sanskar gives the money to someone without checking, and sends 2 lakhs receipt to boss. Boss thinks money was 2, 80000. And thinks Adarsh was right. Sujata finds the parcel and thinks it is bomb. She shouts and says it is planted by the Adarsh and Parineeta. Swara asks her to relax and says is about to open the parcel. Laksh comes and asks her to stop. He asks why did you interfere. He then apologizes to her and says it was his friend’s parcel. Sujata


says why didn’t you tell before. Ragini asks if you are hiding something. Laksh says everything is fine and asks her not to worry. Swara asks Ragini to come. She tells her that Laksh became irritated as Annapurna and Durga Prasad are not at home. Ragini says what to do? Laksh seals the packet again.

Annapurna puts wet cloth on Durga Prasad’s head to lower his fever. Durga Prasad thinks about Adarsh’s words. Annapurna asks him not to worry and says nobody can break our family. She shows their family pic which she managed to save. She promises him that they will hang family pic again on their wall. Parineeta comes and says it is an emotional drama. She says I will see how your sons manage to free you from our clutch and says it is our promise. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that everything will be fine.

Sumi’s baby starts crying. Dadi comes out of house and asks why your son is crying? She talks to her badly and asks why did you give birth when you can’t handle him. Ragini comes out angrily, gives cotton in Dadi’s hands and asks her to keep it in her ears if she is troubled because of small baby’s cries. She asks how can you raise finger on a mum. Neighbor says Ragini is right, and says everyone is fond of baby. Old neighbor says Shekhar used to cry a lot and you couldn’t keep him calm. Dadi gets angry and goes back to room. Sanskar returns 80000 to Boss and says you asked me to give 2 lakhs to that man. He says I thought you have added extra money so I am returning it. Boss gets happy seeing his honesty and thinks Adarsh was wrong, he did this because of enmity. Adarsh calls Dadi and asks her to peep in Sanskar’s house. He tells that Sanskar’s job is gone. Dadi checks and says Sanskar and Swara are looking happy. Adarsh says how can this be happen and says I have given him prove. He goes to Sanskar’s boss and asks why didn’t you kick Sanskar out. Boss says he is honest. Adarsh says it is his trick and says if you give him responsibility again, then he will do fraud. He shares idea with him. Mr. Chatterjee gives 20 Lakhs rupees to Sanskar and asks him to deposit in bank. Sanskar asks can I go to bank in office car. Boss says okay. Adarsh calls goons and asks them to do as he said.

Sanskar catches goon red handed. Goon tells Boss that Sanskar gave him money and asked to steal money. Boss fires Sanskar from job. Sanskar is shocked. Later Swara and Ragini reach Maheshwari house with women organization, and show them how Annapurna is forced to do servant’s work. Annapurna is sweeping the house. Parineeta shouts at Swara and Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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