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*”*”*”*”*”*”*SWARA U r ADDICTION n NEED of MY BREATH (episode 1)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Introduction :


SANSKAR MAHESHWARI :’The one n only Rich owner of so much widely spread SM ENTERPRISES’

He’s very much Handsome n having dashing n so hot personality.

He’s so much rude in his behavior, so much addicted 2 his office work,in short just a workaholic person, who knows only dedicateness 2wards his work nothing is there in his lyf other dan disdis 4 words ‘WORK’.

He’s alone in dis lyf,doesn’t know d meaning of family, unaware about ‘GF’ word also.., knows only 2 bow down his head ,his precious lyf in front of work only.

His work is his heartbeat, brain controlling nerve n breath of his lyf.

Nt addicted 2 any of thing other dan work nt only single girl also,not habitual of alcohol,cigarette smoking, any kind of drug also…,

Not having passion n crazyness abt any other thing dan work,lyk doing some adventures things,singing, dancing nothing

Just a robot having human brain n heart wid name SANSKAR MAHESHWARI – THE GREAT BUSINESSMAN TYCOON OF UNIVERSE having 1st n last priority only ‘work’.

Knows only 2 break all limits 2 reach success, having itself unique work-style,no 1 has capability 2 just think abt his success only,having 1st count in d list of d most rich personality of universe.

Doesn’t know d meaning of ‘FAILURE’ n ‘FEELINGS’ also..,

SWARA :- Middle-class girl,but very n sooo much rich in her angel beauty itself.


Just beyond this universe beauty,most beautiful princess made by nature.

Just very very much fairy wid soooo much pinkish, milky n softer dan cotton skin c

Her fairy pinkish beyond universe beauty having ability 2 make froze n dead any1 at d moment only..,

Her rosy ,glossy, pinkish lips just every1 wants 2hve at least once in their lyf.

In short ‘The most beautiful,very s*xy,modern n so hot girl in dis whole universe, every guy wants 2 have His every n whole nyt wid her only 2 eagerly having feeling of sucking her beyond infinity beauty’.

Very much crazy n mad abt enjoying each n every moment of lyf,bubbly in nature, having ability 2 spread happiness only wid very much pure n kind hearted delicate fairy beauty girl.

SPARSH :- So innocent, simple in nature, good looking middle class person

Having awareness of his parentsparent’s struggle in their lyf 2 make him stand on his own feet.

Having seriousness 2wards his lyf 2 make it so much comfortable only..

Just wants 2 fulfill all wishes of his parents.

Just having comfort lyf 4 him n his parents.

Having so much of luv in his heart 2 his little sister Ruhana.

Doing so much struggle in SM ENTERPRISES 4 achieving promotion n also wants 2 have his boss heed so dat he’ll also will b able 2 achieve at least some height in his lyf.

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI :- ‘ No 1 having dare 2 reach his success in dis whole universe’

SWARA :- ‘No 1 is there 2 compete wid her beyond universe beauty’

SPARSH :- ‘Having so much dedicateness 2wards his n his parents lyf 2 make dese lives comfort’.

Precap:- sanskar, swara n sparsh lifelife struggle.

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