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Swara: My True Love (One Shot)

Swara: My True Love (One Shot)

I brought myself a cup of coffee and sat down on the chair placed in my balcony. I always sit here at around this time. It gives me immense peace to see the sunset. My mind flashed back through the several memories as usual.


I was standing at the sunset point with my best friend and was watching the sunset. “You know it’s immense peace to stand here and watch the sunset”, I said. My best friend nodded his head in agreement. “Isn’t it quite obvious? You come here everyday”, he said. “It’s even more better with you Sanskaar”, I said. Sanskaar looked at me and smiled. Sanskaar and me were best friends since childhood. We were in the same school and then in the same college. We shared a great bond and always used to share each and everything with each other. But, the people around us always thought it was something more than friendship and, to some extent it was true. I did develop feelings for Sanskaar during our college. But, I always kept them suppressed. The reason was that Sanskaar may not think of me in that way. Or may be the other reason was that Sanskaar never denied me and if I cried my heart out he might not reject my proposal. I never believed in forced relations. I feel relations should always be built up on trust and love.

I came out of my thoughts as I heard people giggling around me. I saw many couples sitting near the banks of river Ganga and expressing their love for each other. My mind flashed through numerous other memories.

I received a text message from Sanskaar saying he wanted to give me a surprise. I love surprises and especially the ones planned by Sanskaar are my favourite ones. I quickly dressed up in a jeans and top and went to the address written by Sanskaar. I reached there and Sanskaar said, “I’m hell nervous. After all I’m going to propose my lady love.” My eyes brightened up as he said this but, soon I realised I wasn’t the lucky one. Maybe fate had planned something different. Sanskaar proposed her lady love, Sia in front of me and I was too happy for him. He had finally got the love of his life. I was about to leave but turned back and said, “Bye Sanskaar. See you soon. I love you, but only as a friend. I hope I don’t need to tell you any further.” He gave me a bone crushing hug and said, “Ofcourse not. I love you too.” That was the happiest moment of my life. I hugged him back and after some time we pulled back. I left the place and wondered within myself that maybe it was our last meet.

My thoughts came to an end as someone patted my shoulder. I turned around and she said, “Mumma, can I make a call from your phone?” “Can you please call from the cordless? I might receive calls from the office”, I replied back to my 10 year old daughter. She nodded her head and went to the hall. As I saw her going to the hall, I again flashed back through some memories.

I didn’t have any contact with Sanskaar since that day. I heard the news of his marriage with Sia and my happiness knew no bounds. One day I was roaming around in a mall when suddenly Sanskaar came and hugged me. I hugged him back and after sometime I pulled back. He showed me his daughter named Aisha who was just a year old. I took her in my arms and asked, “How’s Sia?” I could see the tears in his eyes. He turned his face, wiped his tears and said, “Sia passed away when Aisha was born. She had complications in her pregnancy.” “I’m so sorry. I seriously didn’t know about it”, I replied. “It’s alright. Anyways, you forgot your best friend”, said Sanskaar. “No, it isn’t like that. I was just too focused on my career for the past years”, I replied. He smiled and we continued talking. After about an hour, we left to our respective homes.
After about a year, I heard the news of Sanskaar’s death in an accident. I felt as if the world had come to an end. I kept on crying the entire night that day but, I made myself strong thinking about Sanskaar’s mother. The next day, I went to there home to console aunty. I went to their home and consoled aunty. She told, “Can you do me a favour?”, asked Aunty. I nodded my head.

I came out of my thoughts as my phone rang. I wiped my tears and picked up the call. “Ms. Swara Bose speaking. Who’s this speaking?”, I said. I heard the reply and called out my daughter. She came to me and I said, “Aisha, your friend.” She took the phone and went to the room.

I chose to stay unmarried for my entire life after aunty told me to raise Aisha as she couldn’t financially support her needs. I accepted her as my daughter and now, she’s the reason why I live my life now. I find my happiness in her achievements.

My mother always told me that true love is not about achieving something but, it’s always about giving. But I feel true love is not even just about giving. It’s about finding happiness in your loved one’s happiness (achievements). When you can sacrifice anything and everything for that person. Sanskaar was and will always stay my true love and I’m proud to say that. Maybe it was only one sided but, I loved him from the bottom of my heart. “Mumma, your phone”, said Aisha. I took the phone and kissed her forehead. I said, “Come, let’s go. You need to finish your homework sweetheart.”
Hey all! I’m back with another OS. Well, this was also a TwiNj OS. Anyways, thanks to everyone who commented on my previous one shot.

Do drop down your valuable comments below whether it’s positive or negative. Will be eagerly waiting to read them. Also, I’m sorry if I wasted your time.?

Love you all loads. Bye! Take care. ?

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