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Super Spoilers — 20th September 2016

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar has come to talk to Prem about Anjali. She is worried for Anjali’s future and asks Prem to support her. Prem does not agree to support Simar. He tells Simar that he will not let her stand with him in any situation. He says you also know what court will decide, no one can separate me from my daughter. Simar tells the same to Prem, and explains how she came to do settlement, but now she leaves everything on court.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste:

Suman and Shravan got married. Suman’s Grahpravesh happens as per all the rituals. Shravan asks his family why did they do all these arrangements, as Sumo does not like rituals. Suman happily does the rituals and takes elder’s blessings. Shravan is happy that he has married Suman. They did court marriage, while Suman wanted to marry with all rituals. Shravan shows attitude to her. Their nok jhok will be seen. Their misunderstanding will get cleared gradually.

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