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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.co.in


The Episode starts with Golu telling Sharad that he did not eat cake, as the cake was faulty. Sharad asks Bhavna to get cake for Golu. Soumya comes and says I will make cake for Golu tomorrow, Sharad helped me and Krishna is very happy today, if Sharad can make Krishna happy, why can’t I make Golu happy. Sharad says fine Soumya, make the cake. Golu thanks Soumya. Soumya smiles and leaves. Bhavna asks what was this. Sharad says sit, I will tell you.

Dadi asks Rags how much money you need to open parlor, 25 lakhs. Rags says yes. Dadi says its stupid idea, you think I will give so much money to waste, you don’t have business sense, you won’t get any money. Rags says I will ask Saurabh, I have right on this house. Dadi scolds her. Rags says I decided to do business. Dadi asks her to ask from her mum. Rags says Menka and I will get on strike. Dadi says fine.

Sambhav lights candles in the room. Suhani comes there wearing the nightie he gifted her. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He says why, you are my wife and have duties towards me. She says I m doing my duty, I don’t love you, why did you get such clothes. He says trust me, agree to me once, I promise your face will have smile in morning. She sits with him. He falls down sofa and his dream breaks.

Suhani comes wearing the nightie, and a shirt over it. She says I have worn this as Yuvaan insisted, he is a kid. He says fine, you can change clothes if you want. She checks cupboard and says where did my clothes go, go and see outside, no Lata will doubt, why did you get such clothes. He says we are husband and wife, you don’t love me, but I love you, I thought to give chance to our relation. She says I don’t want to, I just married you for Yuvaan’s sake. He says its okay, I married you after you cleared everything, I need to understand. He takes pillow to leave from room. She says no need to go anywhere, sleep on the bed, I will sleep on ground.

Pratima talks to Yuvraaj about Suhani. He says I did not talk to her about the gift. He keeps pillow lines. She asks why do you still do this. He says I got habitual, don’t talk about my marriage again. She says fine. He says Sambahv got the cake, I doubt on him. She says Sambhav will never hurt Suhani. He says something was wrong, I can feel it. She says I know you are not happy with their marriage. He says nothing like that, I genuinely felt so. She asks him not to tell Suhani, else she will be worried, Sambhav loves Suhani a lot, he will not harm her, sleep now, you have to get Ganesh idol in morning. He says tell Saurabh, I m feeling sleepy. She goes.

Its morning, Sharad, Bhavna and Pratima get shocked seeing Rags and Menka in plain clothes. Menka says its out hunger strike. Golu laughs and calls Yuvani and Krishna. Yuvani says these dresses are bad, how will you win fancy dress. Rags says we are protesting for our rights, I want to open my parlor, no one is giving me money, I want money. Dadi comes and says you won’t get anything. Saurabh comes and Rags asks him to support her. Dadi says Saurabh is going to get idol. Yuvraaj asks whats happening. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to get idol. He says but Saurabh was going, why did Rags and Menka become sanyasi. Sharad says they both are on hunger strike. Yuvraaj asks what, fine I will get idols. Yuvani says we will come along, will Yuvaan come. Pratima says he will come later. Golu asks why can’t he come now.

Suhani finds all her clothes kept on table and drenched. Lata asks why did you wear this shirt, its Yuvraaj’s shirt, it was left here when he stayed here to take you after patphere. She goes to get clothes for Suhani. Sambhav thinks till when will Yuvraaj come in between us, I have to move him off. She gets message and says Yuvani is ill, I have to rush to Birla house. Yuvani has sent message and says now Yuvaan will come. Krishna asks why did you lie. Yuvani says this is not lie, Dadi says rich people can do anything.

Suhani comes and asks for Yuvani. Menka says we are on hunger strike. Suhani says I came to see Yuvani, she is ill. Rags asks what, she is fine. Suhani says Yuvraaj messaged. Menka says maybe he made reason to meet you, call Yuvani and see if I m lying. Suhani asks Yuvani are you fine. Krishna says Yuvani has sent that message, we wanted Yuvaan to come with us and buy idol. Yuvaan says why did you lie, mumma says lying is bad, mumma would have got me here, Yuvani says Dadi says its easy to get things done by lie, then why is truth needed. Suhani says its not like that. Dadi comes and stops Suhani.

The goons dig a big valley. Sambhav says now the idol trolley will fall here and my wife will come back to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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