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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suhani saying Sambhav wants guarantee that we will be together. Yuvraaj says what can I say, I don’t know… She says I know, don’t make me weak, we have to get watch off Yuvaan’s hands, I will do this, how is everyone there. He recalls Dadi’s words and says everything is fine. She says they will be annoyed with me. He says they will understand when time comes. They thank each other for support.


Sambhav comes to his room at night, and sees Suhani wearing the red nightie which he gifted her. She says you wanted guarantee, so this is a sign, is this fine. He smiles. She leaves her phone there. He says I m very happy today Suhani. She says if I keep my wife’s Dharm good, everything will be fine right. He says yes. She says I forgot to get milk glass

and leaves. Yuvraaj calls her. Sambhav answers the call.

Yuvraaj says Suhani, I will not leave you, you rejected me for Sambhav. Sambhav asks what will you do, the result won’t be good, if you threaten my wife, I will get you arrested. Yuvraaj says do anything, I m Yuvraaj Birla, you can’t do anything. Suhani adds some tablet in milk and gets it. Yuvraaj hopes their plan works. She asks Sambhav why is he angry. Sambhav says Yuvraaj called and was threatening to ruin you for choosing me and rejecting him. Suhani calms down Sambhav and gives the milk. He drinks it and says I m Sambhav, if he is Yuvraaj Birla. He falls asleep.

Yuvraaj waits for Suhani outside her house. She comes to meet him. He cheers her and says hats off to you Suhani, you are doing great for Yuvaan, I will tell him what all you did to save him. She cries and says I m scared, will everything get fine. He stops himself from wiping her tears. He asks her not to worry, everything will get fine. She says our plan is working. He says yes, you know what you have to do tomorrow. She says yes. He asks her to go and sleep. She thanks him. He asks why, you are doing all this. She says yes, but I could not do this without your support. She goes.

Yuvani tells Dadi that mumma never gets angry without reason. Dadi says humans are not right always, just Lord is right. Yuvani says it means she did mistake and can be forgiven. Dadi says yes, but your mumma has done many mistakes, your dad is a nice man and forgives her always, if anyone misbehaves with you, will your dad talk to such person. Yuvani says no, even I won’t talk. Dadi says then if anyone insults your father, will you get friendly with such person. Yuvani says no. Dadi makes her sleep. Pratima hears them and worries.

Its morning, Sambhav wakes up and holds his head. He sees roses beside the bed. He gets up and sees his clothes ready, and breakfast kept. He gets the note from the roses bunch. He says good morning note….. breakfast, oh God, Suhani did all this. He says how am I without tshirt. Suhani comes with tea and greets him. He asks last night… She says we are married…. He wears tshirt. She says I wish our marriage happened in right situation, we both did mistake to keep marriage wrong way, you tried to get my love by wrong way, we made a start for keeping this relation, I will keep it with honesty. He says then I should also do my duty. She says we should not threaten each other, our relation can break. He agrees and says I will think to remove Yuvaan’s watch and tell my decision. He thanks her and goes. She thinks I felt he will agree, he said he will just think.

Suhani calls and tells Yuvraaj that Sambhav said he will think of removing the watch. He asks her not to worry. Yuvani comes to Yuvraaj. He asks her to call Krishna. She says I m on your side, I hate mumma and I will be always with you. She goes. Yuvraaj asks Pratima what happened to her. Pratima says its Dadi’s words. He says don’t worry, I will make things fine. Rags worries and says I will not return money to Dadi now, I have to do something. Menka comes and asks Rags to come to parlor for facial. Menka asks Rags not to take tension, Krishna is an orphan. Rags gets some idea and smiles.

Suhani gets Yuvaan’s book and talks to Sambhav. He says even I want to talk, I don’t remember about last night. She asks what. He says I mean whatever happened. She reminds Yuvraaj called and you got angry, I calmed you down and gave milk glass. He says yes I remember, why don’t we do something special tonight. He asks her what does she want to say. She shows school note and says Yuvaan is not permitted to wear watch. He says don’t worry, I will talk to his school teacher.

Yuvraaj comes there. She asks him why did she come here. Yuvraaj asks her to go with Sambhav, but take everything with you, I don’t want anything that reminds me of you. He gets Snoopi. Suhani asks snoopi? He signs her. He shouts on her that Snoopi is your responsibility, take care of him and drop him on road, I want all my gifts back. She says I did not keep that safe, I have thrown half and burnt other half, leave from here. Yuvraaj leaves. Sambhav holds Suhani and says we will plan our suhaagraat, Yuvraaj’s chapter closes and our story starts.

Suhani goes to her room and sees the decorations. Sambhav shows the gift and makes her wear the necklace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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