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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Yuvaan talking to Yuvani over phone about their school project. Suhani comes. Yuvaan asks her to come and have food, I will make you rid of all worries. He tells about his school project about Himalayas. She asks what. He says its biggest mountain, its very strong and bears snow, storm and winds, no one can bend or break it. She asks how did you know it. He says I read it on internet. Soumya makes sandwiches. Golu sits to have.


Menka rushes to Bhavna and asks her how did you feel Soumya’s game, she changed tables and no one doubted, Sharad would have taken your help to prove himself right, why did he take Soumya’s help, you are innocent, Soumya is fooling you. Bhavna sees Golu eating sandwich and liking it. He asks Soumya to teach making such sandwich to mumma. Soumya says why, I will make it for you always, keep this a secret. Bhavna looks on.

Sambhav asks Lata about Suhani. She says she would be in room, don’t worry. He says she is not there, she goes here and there without telling us. Yuvaan says Suhani went to meet veg vendor. Sambhav goes to see her. Suhani meets a man and tells him that his son’s watch has a bomb, I can’t inform police, can you do this work, I read about you in paper. He says don’t worry, I will do your work. She says fine, go to my home after half an hour. The man goes. Sambhav does not find Suhani in market and gets angry. He then sees Suhani talking to some lady and goes to her. He asks where were you. She shows vegetable bag and says I came to take vegs there, I went that side to get fresh vegs. He says don’t go anywhere without telling me next time.

Pratima talks to Sharad about his relation going through weak phase. Sharad says yes. Yuvraaj comes and asks what is Pratima saying. Sharad asks him not to make fun of this. Yuvraaj asks what did she say, you and Soumya…. Pratima says you will know if you stay at home. Sharad asks why are you busy and not being at home. Yuvraaj says because of Suhani. Dadi hears them.

Sambhav and Suhani are at park. He says I got samosas for you, have it. Lata calls Suhani and asks did you call plumber. Suhani says yes, Yuvaan knows the tap and will show. Lata says fine, no need to come soon, I will manage everything. Suhani says okay and ends call. She tells Sambhav that mummy asked them to spend time outside. Sambhav feeds her samosa and eats it, saying our life will set if we spend time this way, if you make Yuvraaj out of your life, I will stop troubling you. She gets away.

Yuvraaj says don’t know what happened to her, she stopped coming here and does not send Yuvaan, she promised we will always be friends and now she does not want my friendship. Dadi thinks when will that girl leave my grandson, and what does he see in her that he stays worried for her. Pratima says Suhani is married. He says I know. She says your friendship won’t be right now, she will be worried for her husband’s thinking, when Sambhav sees you, he will see you as her ex husband, not her friend, so keep some distance, I think you should value Sambhav’s opinion. Sharad says no, I know Sambhav well, he won’t have problem with Yuvraaj and Suhani’s friendship. Dadi comes and says even if person is good, if wife focuses on someone else, he won’t feel good.

Suhani thinks why did that man not call till now. Sambhav holds her and says we will go on holiday. She says Yuvaan has school. He says we will go without him, he will stay at Birla house, we did not go on honeymoon after marriage, you change your heart about me. She gets some message. He says if this is Yuvraaj’s message, check whose message it is. He reads message about saree sale and she gets relieved. He says you wanted saree, I would have bought it for you. She says I will go and have icecream. He says I will get it. She says you got samosas, I will get icecream. He says fine and sits smiling. She replies to that man, asking him to stay there, she is coming.

Dadi says Yuvraaj, I know you got cheated, I m sorry on behalf of my sister. He says no need. She says Suhani went ahead in life, if you interfere in her life like this, it won’t be good. Pratima agrees. He says its not like you are thinking. Dadi says I m understanding you, you also try to understand me. He says fine and goes. Dadi asks Sharad to explain Yuvraaj not to interfere in Suhani’s life, how is Sambhav. Sharad says he is good. She says we have to get Yuvraaj’s life on track and goes.

Suhani meets the man and asks what happened, is everything fine. Sambhav comes there and shoots the man. Suhani gets shocked. Sambhav asks Suhani to sit. He makes her sit with him. He asks don’t you have habit to lose, what did you do, why did you get this man in between, see he died. She cries seeing the man fallen dead. Sambhav rests in her lap and says you would like to know how I got to know this, I won’t say else you will show more smartness next time, I feel like you could not understand me, you feel because I love you, I will not hurt Yuvaan, its not like that, I can do anything to get you, you were always adamant, you want to know why I killed this man, so that I can show you my limits, you understand this. He says I hope …. She gets scared seeing gun. He says sorry and keeps gun. He says I hope you understood and I don’t have to serve you again. He smiles and she sits crying.

Lata feeds Yuvaan. He gets itching near the watch. Lata asks what happened. He says its itching a lot. She asks him to remove the watch. He says yes. She says I will remove it. Suhani comes home with Sambhav. Yuvaan runs to her and hugs. Lata asks Suhani why is she crying. Sambhav says nothing, a dog came under our car, she cried seeing the blood. Lata says forget it, it was an accident. Suhani hugs Lata and cries.

Sambhav and Suhani argue. He says I will not kill Yuvaan so easily. Yuvraaj comes there and looks on.

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