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HELLO GUYS!!! how are you all? long time ….sorry actually my health was not in good condition and am just becoming better….and the reason why i left without you i am nothing in half is because i fainted in middle and asked my sister to submit the article….so sorry for that, even though let it be a surprise…..so the next post will be only after 19th…i have exams…..so stopping my blabbers here….please to forgive me for my grammar mistakes…i tried to add some romantic element …please do say how it is……so here we go

Nesam left soon after marriage as they have to board the flight within 5 hours. Ardhika send them off. Arjun went to give dakshina to panditji. Radhika went to mandir and prayed to god. Suddenly she felt warm behind her. Before she could figure out what is happening, she was hugged from behind. Radhika could know it was arjun. She too didn’t say anything and stood there for some time.

Arjun then moved her hair to one side and started to kiss her on her neck nape. Radhika suddenly realised their surroundings, and pushed arjun. Arjun got shocked seeing her action and had confused look. Radhika then pointed him at the surroundings. HE THEN REALISED WHAT SHE MEANT. Arjun smiled and thought to joke…

Arjun: what if we are in the temple. I have permission to spend time with my wife whenever I want and wherever I want. No one can stop me from those rights

Radhika: yes, it may be true mr. arjun mehra. But Mrs Mehra has some status which she doesn’t want to damage.

Arjun: really?

Radhika: yes

Arjun: then chalo lets go home and start. I don’t want my wife’s so called status to be damaged.
He then held her wrist and started to walk. But radhika didn’t move. Arjun turned back and gave her a questioning look.

Radhika: I want to talk to you.
Sensing seriousness in her tone, he turned to her completely and cupped her face and looked at eyes.

Radhika: arjun..We will not consummate our marriage until we patch up with my father. We have to win his heart. Only after he accepts us whole heartedly we will consummate our marriage.
She said these in one go. She then looked at arjun who had a shocked face.

Arjun couldn’t register what she told. He was bewildered. He then thought “maybe she is telling the fact. I have promised her to stand by her side.” Arjun gave her a soft smile and caressed her hair and said “I will always stand by ur side. And I promise you that we will not consummate our marriage till we win Ur fathers heart.

Radhika had tears in her eyes and thanked god for giving her a husband who understands her very well. Seeing her arjun joked “but I am not sure we will consummate our marriage this birth, as far as I know ur father is not that soft hearted to bend easily. And you can’t stop me from kissing you.

Radhika: ur becoming shameless arjun.

Arjun: when I have a hot wife like this how can I stop being shameless.

Radhika: u r impossible
Come let’s go know or are you planning to spend here tonight?

Arjun: of course not…we have some work to finish na…said naughtily

Radhika blushed hearing this. Then they left for home. As they reached home radhika opened the door and went inside. Arjun closed the door quickly and held her wrist. Radhika could sense what would happen now. Her heart started to beat faster. She tried to free her hand from him, but his hold was so strong.

Arjun turned her towards him and pushed her closer to him by holding her waist. There was no space between them. They then had a romantic eye lock which only lasted for one minute. Then his gaze turned to her lips. Radhika was becoming nervous. Arjun lost himself in her beautiful juicy lips. He slowly bends towards her lips. Now there was only a 0.0000000000000000001 gap between them.

As he was about to kiss, radhika pushed him and ran away. When she reached the bedroom door, she peeped from it and shouted “MR. SHAMELESS GO AND CHANGE YOUR DRESS” saying this she struck out her tongue towards him and closed the door. Arjun smiled at her antics and went to change. While he came back from washroom he saw his pretty wife in front of dressing table combing her wet hair. She was wearing pink t shirt and black tracks pant.
He slowly walked to her. She saw him coming. He was not wearing his shirt and she could see his well-toned body, his perfect abs. he really is hot and any girl would wish to have him as her husband. Radhika felt so lucky. Seeing him half naked she started to blush. Her cheeks turned light red. Arjun noticed it and smiled at it. This was not the first time. There were many intimate scenes which happened between them and he could see her cheeks turn red. He loved that. He loved the way she gets affected by him. He loves her the most.

He then slowly hugged her from behind. She closed her eyes and started to melt in his body’s warmness. The comb in her hand slowly fell down unnoticed. They stood there like this for a long time feeling each other’s presence. Arjun then slowly moved her hair to one side and started to kiss. She started to have tingling sensations in her stomach. She started to breathe heavily. Here arjun was busy in sucking her neck then her earlobe. She could not control anymore and turned towards him. Arjun stared at her and could see her coloured face. She then hugged him tightly and rested her head on his chest.

Arjun rested his head on her head and they stayed there for some time. Radhika then broke the hug. Arjun then turned towards bed as he couldn’t control his emotion. He wanted to make love with her now and make her his. But the promise given to her came as wall between them.

Suddenly arjun was turned by radhika. She then said “arjun kiss me”
Arjun was shocked to listen to her command. He became numb and couldn’t believe what she asked.
He stared at her and asked her to repeat what she said. Radhika got irritated because she with much difficulty opened up her heart. She without saying anything came near him and stood on his toe to match the length. Arjun held her by looping his hand on her waist. The next thing shocked him to the core. Radhika kissed him on his lips. Arjun then realised that what he heard was true and started to kiss her with such an intense. She couldn’t match him but responded. He then pushed her on the bed and came on top of her and started to kiss her like a hungry lion that has not eaten anything for nearly 10 days.

Their kiss lasted for 5 minutes. When they were loss in breathe, they broke their kiss. Arjun lay next to her. Both were breathing heavily. Once their breathing rate came to normal. Arjun turned to her. She was feeling shy and could not see his face. He smiled seeing her shyness. He then kissed her forehead, both the cheeks and gave a soft kiss on her lips and got up from the bed. He then went near his cupboard and took out his guitar. He then started to sing TENU ITNA MEIN PYAAR from airlift.

Hearing his voice, radhika slowly got up from the bed and sat straight. Arjun sat beside her. She kept her head on his shoulders and looped her left hand with his right hand and closed her eyes to feel the song. By the time song finished, she slept. Arjun kept his guitar on nearby table and made her sleep. He then kept his guitar in his cupboard and went to
sleep next to her. He switched off the light and pulled radhika towards him and covered them both with blanket. Soon he fell asleep.


Mala and her husband were sleeping. But mala couldn’t sleep as all the incidents of today played in her mind. But due to tiredness she fell asleep. Around midnight dilip woke up to drink water. Finding no water, he went to kitchen to drink water. While he was returning he looked at the left side of the house where radhika’s room is. He then with slow stride walked to the room.

He felt emptiness in the room without his lively daughter, who makes the house lively. With her gone the house became like a library. He sat on her bed and took the photo in which she was smiling beautifully, which was lying on the table. He then gently caressed her face. Tears started to flow from his eyes. Here mala not finding her husband came out of the room to check. Finding light in radhika’s room she quietly went and stood near the door. She really couldn’t believe seeing her husband there. She knew he was too hurt to send her out of house. She had tears in her eyes. She quietly came back to her room and laid down peacefully and had hope that he would forgive them and their family will become happy family again.

Dilip then moved towards balcony. There were full of plants grown by her. He started to stoke them gently. He then found out that it was not watered, so watered it and promised to never let it dry as it was his daughters favourite. He then closed the balcony door and went and back to her bed and fell asleep….TO BE CONTINUED.



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