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strangers or lovers…??? chapter 12

Halllloooooo lovely people….??…..

————–❤ CHAPTER 12 ❤—————-


Twinkle’s pov…..

It is the day of the promotion of our movie….
My first movie and that to with my love…. m soo excited as well as hell nervous but he managed me to calm myself down…..

In some time press conference will be started and here i m sweating….??….

“Twinkle come… all the preparations are done and we are been called” kunj came calling me….

I m hell nervous but i dont want to show it to kunj as he already did more than he can to make me feel good….

We were going outside when kunj held my hand and stopped me from going out….
I was confused and looked him in confusion…..
He made me sit on the couch and sat beside me…

Passed me a glass of water nd held my hand in his
“I know twinkle u r nervous no need to hide ur emotions from me.” I jst looked towards him astonished…

“Dont get shocked…i m ur husband and i know u better than u know urself” he said nd later encouraged me….
I was soo happy to get him as my life partner and i thanked my parents who chose kunj for me….

We then went downstairs and saw the presss…..
I m not facing them first time…. but the thing id this is completely different situation…..

Kunj held my hand and we both sat down to answer there questions….
after a long long time there questions came to and end…..
“I have something important to tell u all…”kunj said smilingly… all were confused at his statement as none know wat is cooking in his head…

“I wanted u all to meet the best person of my life… who completed me…. who made me feel happy… the one gave me much more love than i deserve… my second half my wife…” he paused while i was shocked and people get engaged into lot of gossips…

While kunj came towards me nd held me from my waist
“TWINKLE GUPTA my wife, my life ” he said….
And i was blushing hard…. nd i saw many eyes were ready to come out of the sockets…i felt extreme happinesss deeep inside my heart…
The way he said i m his…. his wife Nd his life….
I felt tears brimming my eyes….

Then he answered many questions of the reporters while i was just looking to his face and his eyes while he was ignoring my glance…. but jst tightened his grip on my waist….

All congratulated us… nd we left the place….
Kunj drove us to our house….

I entered inside the house and was hell shocked to seee the house decorated like a bride and a mandap set in the middle of the hall… i looked towards kunj for the answer….

“I know twinkle u r confused but we were married forcefully without our wishes by our parents nd we never considered this relation as marriage.. but today i want to make our relation more strong and bounded by a strong knot of our love… will u marry me again…??” He said….

I without thinking much hugged him tight…. nd he picked me up in bridal style and we moved towards mandap….
He enlightened it ….nd started taking rounds around it speaking some of the promises and i was repeating them…

Then he put me down and tied the holy thread (mangalsutra) around my neck nd then put vermillion in my hair line….
I was all time shedding happy tears but he wiped them off…. nd asked me to smile….

I hugged him immedialtely and he hugged me back stroking my hairs…..
We parted apart and joined our forheads…..

———❤ to be continued ❤————

I bid a bie here…do tell me how was the epi in ur comments
Will be back soon with the epilogue till then take care…????

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