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STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 22

sorry for the late update from today you will get an update daily for sure but for now forgive me as i was busy
Episode no 22
The episode starts with Abhigya along with girls are leaving for UK in car Ganga and Kaustu are slept
Pragya: I didn’t got one thing
Abhi: and what is that?
Pragya: Delhi trip was for five days and now Uttarakhand trip for one month and that also by road why is it so?
Abhi: I was fed up living in Mumbai yr that’s why and by the car so that we will be able to watch some greenery view there
Pragya: What do you mean by that! (in a stern voice)
Abhi: I mean to say that I thought for a holiday that it and by the way trip is for only 15 days not for one month and I chose 15 days because here some festival is there they will celebrate it so when we get time we will go there
Pragya: is it necessary!
Abhi being irked: silly nothing is necessary for you in this world
Pragya: I am just asking
Abhi: Oh silly if we will not go there then again these two will complaint that we went for a trip but didn’t went anywhere for outing that’s why I decided that work will also get done and we will do outing too moreover I will spend time with you too (whispered to himself)
Pragya: what did you said just now!
Abhi: Nothing we are going to reach our destination that’s all I said
Pragya: are you sure
Abhi: 100% sure
Pragya: Okay then

They reached UK and headed towards the guest house as they reached there Kaustuki and Ganga jumped over the bed and said
Kaustuki: Finally we are here and now I will complete my left over sleep
And she lay down on bed Abhi lifted her and said
Abhi: This is not the time to sleep go and get fresh n up then we have to eat our dinner too as after five hours we have found that address after landing here now I am hungry go and get fresh n up now
Ganga: Now, now go now I will bath
Abhi: yes, yes Ganga will have a bath and didi too go with you go fast Kaustu
Kaustuki being lazy: Please papa not start your alarm here
Pragya: should I start my alarm then!
Kaustuki: NO definitely no who said I m sleeping he has habit of blabbering don’t listen to him see I am awake and I am going too come Danga
Abhi: Danga! I think her name is Ganga
Kaustuki: I Have kept her nick name that is Danga (riot) as she is the reason that mummy always scolds me that’s why Danga come Dangu we will go
They both left from there and Pragya laughed on her silly daughters antics Abhi was about to lay down on bed
Pragya: ahm ahm someone was saying that he is hungry and sent children to get fresh n up to do this
Abhi giving a wired smile: wo.. wo I was tired na sweet heart that’s why
Pragya: What! Stop calling me that
Abhi: what? Sweet heart?
Pragya: Okay I think you have started again I must leave from here
Abhi: where sweet heart
Pragya giving an irked expression: Maro siyappa
She left from there and Abhi burst out into laughter imagining her face again and again
Time spent and after having dinner all drifted into sleep as all were tired

Next morning
Kaustuki and Ganga were still sleeping
Abhi: Basu I have a plan I will go there for my work and why not you go with these two to that fair which is taking place nearby
Pragya: Why would I go alone and by the way area is new for me you come back soon we will go together
Abhi: arey just listen what I am saying I am saying that you go and enjoy there I will join you later
Pragya: You listen what I am saying I said that we will go together that’s it
Abhi: Now you are becoming stubborn Basu
Pragya: whatever it is I am not going alone.
Abhi rolled off her eyes in disbelief: so you will not listen to me
Pragya: My decision is final
Abhi: Ok Darlo
Pragya: What you said just now!
Abhi: I said as you wish Darlo!
Pragya: Don’t call me by that name
Abhi; then get agree upon what I am saying
Pragya: No I will not
Abhi: then it is okay Darlo
Pragya: No.. please
Abhi: then
Pragya cuts him off: Okay I will go but don’t you dare call me that
Abhi passed a victorious smile: Okay then take car with you I have hired a car I will take that and meet you at fair
Pragya giving a sigh of irritation: Okay I will but be there on time
Abhi: For sure madam now I am going meet you there
Pragya: fine
Abhi: Bye Darlo
She was keeping glass there and hearing that she left the glass as he said that suddenly with surprise He laughed at that and left from there

After sometime Pragya Kaustuki and Ganga left for the fair here Abhi reached residence of retired officers cantonment he started inquiring about some officers and did so here Pragya and the girls were in fair now but to their luck it started raining there and the fair was about to close first it was raining lightly so they decided to roam around the area they looked the valleys and Pragya snapped some photographs through her mobile of both the daughters then it started raining heavily so they left for the guest house here the screen shifts towards Abhi, He was leaving from there but in mid it started raining heavily so he stopped somewhere in the car in front of a home there as he was stood there from past one hours one man came out of the house under the umbrella he knocked his car window
Person: What happened young man why you are stopped infront of my house are you here to rob something then I am telling you that leave the thought because my home is fully secured with CCTV cameras don’t think about that okay just try it once and then the alarm will ring then you will be arrested for sure understood
Abhi: oh ho hold on sir it I am not here to rob something I have stopped my car here as it is heavily raining and difficult to view something that’s it I am not a thief
Person: Oh I am so sorry actually your car is her since past one hour so I thought that you are stalking out my home anyways you can wait inside as till how much time you will stay here
Abhi: NO its okay sir no need of that
Person: Listen this rain will not stop for next one hour for sure so better wait inside don’t worry I am not kidnapping you
Abhi: no its nothing like that I am coming
He left with him and in the way

Person: By the way who are you and how do you came from this way you doesn’t seems that you live here
Abhi: Yes I am not from here I am from Mumbai came here along with my family for some assignments and vacations too and what about you sir how do you came to know that I am not from here
Person: Mr I am living here from past 20 years I know it very well who is from here and who is not and more over your lifestyle doesn’t seems familiar with this place that’s it
Abhi: Great catching power sir by the way may I know your name
Person: Retired General Prabhas Mehra
Abhi: Oh I heard your name in cantonment wished to meet you but you wasn’t there but see my faith I found you here by the way sir I am sorry to ask but why you didn’t use to live in cantonment
Prabhas: because I use to live here with my brother and sister and I don’t want to live there as I cant live with those false personalities who use to say outsiders as civilians
Abhi: Great Mentality sir
Prabhas: Yeah I know by the way take some hot drinks you will feel better
Abhi: oh sure
Prabhas: oh this time I am alone here otherwise I would have make you meet with my sister and brother they have left for some fair here
Abhi: Oh God I also promised my wife and kids that I will be there I totally forgot about that I am sorry for that sir I have to leave now otherwise my daughter will kill me out
Prabhas: Oh this much scared from your daughter young man people use to scare from their wives and you are scared of your daughters strange!
Abhi smiled: she won’t complaint from me until I haven’t done something which make her scare but actually I am scared with my daughters because they don’t like to break promises okay sir I will tell you the rest someday else as I have work from you too but right now I have to leave
Abhi left from there and Prabhas was stood little bit emotional said to himself: same thoughts as his thoughts

Here screen shifts to Pragya she was back at guest house now and again and again was trying to contact Abhi but his phone wasn’t reachable she was getting tensed here girls were getting bored so they decided to watch TV and as they switched the TV on the news was flashing on PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING FROM LANDSLIDES DUE TO HEAVY RAIN
Kaustuki: Mummy see what they are showing
Pragya: not now Kaustu let me talk with him first
Kaustuki: Mummy they are showing that landslides are taking place in various places
Pragya: don’t look at such news just switch off the TV
She said that and asked Kaustu to do something else but from inside she was feared as the news was showing that many people are stuck there and some are injured too
Pragya was feared as hell thinking about the consequences she was wandering here and there it was 6 at evening now surrounding was turning into dark so she decided to go in search of him as he wasn’t picking up phone too she called Kaustuki
Kaustuki: Yes mummy was you calling me
Pragya handed over her one mobile: Look I am going to see that where is your papa you just keep this and if he returns here just call me okay and be here with Ganga I have asked Ramjas ji (care taker) he will take care of you both be a good girl okay
Kaustuki: But where are you going?

Pragya cupped her cheek with one hand: I will be back don’t take tension just do as I say
Kaustuki agreed with it as tension was clearly visible from her face saying this Pragya took car keys and went from there asking Ramjas ji to take care of girls she was driving the car having full tension she looked all the possible spots where Abhi told her that he will be but she didn’t found him there and from some places she got to know that he left from there by mid afternoon now she was extremely tensed as he never informed her too that where is he going she again started to drive off she went through every possible way but didn’t found him it was already two hours spent she was searching for him just then she received the call it was Kaustuki
Pragya being tensed: What happened is he back!
Kaustu: No he is not but tell me one thing where are you now both of you are not here I am scared and light is also not here please come back na
Pragya: I am coming beta just wait for sometime okay I will be there just be brave and call me if he is back there
Kaustu: but…

She was about to say something but Pragya hanged the call without listening her fully she again started the car and started searching him at one point she saw rush at the side of the road and after asking from people she came to know that an accident took place there she was scared now more than enough she went ahead gathering courage and give a sigh of relief that it was an accident of a car which a lady was driving and now she was safe as people took her to hospital but now the question was where was he so without wasting a minute there she again started to search him but in a mid way she was stopped by police as the way was filled with the landslides so she turned back and took another way and when she was going it started to rain again heavily she saw in a way someone was standing near the car it seems that the car was break down she stopped the car and decided to look who was that as she was feeling as he was there she was scared but managed to gather courage she took umbrella and got down of car with full fear and went ahead and give a sigh of relief as the person was none other than Abhi but she was anger on him to an extent now as he never informed about this problem to her and he was stood there looking at the scenario she patted his back and he turned back looking shocked to see her there she was staring at him and he was shocking looking at her she gave him a staring look and said
Pragya with anger in voice: Just get inside the car now

what will happen now silly is angry will she forgive him or we will see an angry face of silly this time just wait for next update that is tomorrow for sure

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