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Star cross love (episode 9)

Hi guys my exam is over on 23 after that I will update regularly I am studying 11n day after tomorrow is my math exam pls wish me luck. Enough of my bakbak.
Abhi after biding bye to pragya went to his papa n told him about purbul love n got his permission. He asked him not to tell anything to chandran(purab) about this.he went to his room n saw chandran (purab) dreaming.he called bhaiya .purab asked tell me aditya(abhi)what abhi told bhaiya sahab has arranged your marriage with rajput princess. You know bhaiya my bhabhi is so beautiful n kind too .tears welled in purab’s eyes. He reminisced about his moments with bulbul (anandhi) n cried abhi thought bhaiya tomorrow you will be the happiest person but this is my punishment for hiding your love .next morning both woke up freshed up n was ready as sahab wanna meet them. After they went sahab told them to take seat.he asked chakradev will he give his daughter’s hand (anandhi)to his son purab he too accepted purab beamed with joy.he saw abhi n understood his whole plan n smiled. Abhi said I am going out n went to meet pragya. Pragya was waiting after he came they disguised them n went to fair pragya n abhi went many rides n enjoyed it very much n while passing by pragya saw a beautiful earring she wanna buy that but she didn’t have enough money as she had already spent in eating laddoo,puri,dokhlas with abhi. Abhi looked her staring n understood he told pragya to wait in a place till he returns. Abhi saw a archery competition he won the competition n received prize of 30 pounds he bought earring worth 10pounds for

pragya n also bought an anklet for her.he thought he shouldn’t delay in proposing pragya. He went to her n dragged her to a corner he went to his knees n said I love you pragya you’re the queen of my heart now n always. Pragya was overjoyed she too kneeled n hugged him n said I too loooove youuu abhi.abhi made her wear the earring n anklet too here two souls joined were in joy not aware of evil eyes on them.pragya made abhi wear a bracelet.the bracelet started to glitter n joined with bracelet in pragya hand completing heart shape.abhi asked what how who gave you this.she told my dadi gave this she told me you must wear on the hand of the person you love if it joins with bracelet in your hand he will be your true soulmate abhi felt happy as his pragya told him as soulmate he hugged pragya n said I will keep you always happy screen freezes over their happy face .


Precap bala damayanthi drama tanu evil plan to marry abhi…
Basanthi (tanu n bala mom)asks abhi to be nalan n tanu to be damayanthi just for skit………..everyone to understand love blossom BTW abhi n pragya……..pragya ia in damayanthis place covered in a veil……

How pragya came there what is tanu evil plan???n how everyone will react to abhigya love will they accept or not to know wait for next episode
Pls drop your valuable comments will try to post next part..
Till then bye everyone good night sweet dreams

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