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Star cross love (episode 7) part-1

Hi guys sorry for late update.I have exams plus I thought that many don’t like my ff.but when I saw some comment I really felt very happy I want to thank everyone who support me.this is for my new friends n Di’s I got here.let’s go to story.

Abhi woke up early. he was getting ready to meet pragya. He was very happy that pragya accepted his proposal n thought pragya for all sufferings n pain I promise you that I will keep you happy forever. Abhi went to pragya home to pick up her to college.but our heroine was still sleeping.abhi climbed up through pipe to reach pragya room.he then opened the balcony door(actually it was not locked).then slowly like a cat he tiptoed n went inside n saw pragya sleeping he admired her.pragya then woke up n was shocked to see abhi but thought it was her imagination. She said daily you come n sit here n come close to kiss me n then just disappear.abhi replied but this time I won’t. Pragya was shocked n understood abhi was there she slowly tried to get off her bed.but abhi got quick hold of her hand.suddenly someone knocked pragya door it was her father rajesh calling beti get ready soon she said OK pappa n asked him to go soon n told him that they would meet at busstand.abhi said OK I want a gift as I climbed this pipe just to see you n came near her but she pushed him n bolted balcony door. Abhi said sure I will get my gift n went.here pragya smiles then she goes to get ready. Abhi n pragya went to college in abhi SUV. Then both went to class. Class passed so soon.
In a small village a few miles away we can see a small hut where a girl was pestering a woman no no a witch to tell about the couple she described as born to be each others at icecream shop.slowly the old woman laughed ha ha ha oh my little anny(imaginary character)you wanna know about them she said yesssss pls tell me .slowly the wind blows candles glow brighter the witch was none other than …..


Any guess guys.pls share your guess

Precap: anamika’s story of love.

Guys I wanna depict a tragedy love story of two lovers who r born to be each other again.
Times flies away people change external features change but true love never changes……
Pls comment guys next epi coming now make your guesses then read the next part.with love n care
Your princess.thanks for reading my ff n my bakbak too.bye

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